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Joim Stone

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Yesterday I posted rumors that Target, Wal Mart, Dollar general, Krogers, were all cutting back what they were going to sell in stores, that some stores will be closing completely, and today, WE HAVE THIS.

It is confirmation of what I said, and even lists the same stores. So here is the clarified scenario now:

Obviously they were told to stop sending excess shipments to their stores and close a few, because the Federal government was taking over distribution and wanted as much available to them as possible when they did. Additionally, they are going to be "providing security" at the stores that stay open, and to reduce the workload, they are going to close some.

So this is one case where rumor turned out to be true. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST IS NOT RUMOR, READ IT AND TAKE NOTE!


Spooky back side Intel-

This source is intelligence based. There will be no direct clues given. An intelligence white hat assigned to the Illuminati in Europe - (This type has a long term assignment spanning decades) has revealed that under the cover of the Coronavirus mayhem a move is being made that will allow the EU body to take any child they want away from parents without explanation or reason and perform electro convulsive therapy. This source, which is a damn good one has revealed that preparations are being made to do it on a massive scale. That is all that was stated. However, when put in context with other already established precedent, a grim picture can be reasonably painted.

It is well known that both in the United States and Europe, the "elite" hate the older generations and want them wiped out. The entire objective is to get rid of people who will oppose the New World Order. If they do this, there are too many kids who will remember mommy and daddy, and their brains need to be erased to make them completely useful, only knowing life from the moment the "therapy" stopped. ECT, if done only to the frontal lobes may dull memory but it won't predictably wipe them out. However, if the current is applied to the back of the brain, it's probably ADIOS. Perfect amnesia, perfect clean slate.

Now, there's no confirmation that this is what their objective is with this move to make parents helpless in preventing their kids from being taken away and having this done to them, this intelligence asset only stated they are using the Coronavirus mayhem to ram it through un-noticed. But anyone who can add a few variables can math out a very ominous scenario.

White women were opting to kill their babies. That created a void the NWO had to fill. So they brought in third worlders and encouraged them to reproduce exorbitantly, and now that they have enough kids, they can simply get rid of the third world parents and "old white people", reset the kids brains, and launch their "great society". Is that the plan for Coronavirus? Who knows, but they are indeed planning to go ahead and make this ECT scheme EU policy and there's not a peep about it anywhere. They fully intend to just scam it in under the radar and simply have "the world after Coronavirus" be this way.

They are accomplishing in days what took them years before this "invisible enemy" took center stage. There is an obvious motive with all of this, NO QUESTION.

Jim Stone

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