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State of the Nation

The real reason is also why the 3rd millennium has become


the season for so much war and mayhem around the globe

State of the Nation

Here’s the short story, as well as the extremely hidden back story:


Technological Singularity: When pushing the edge of the envelope will push the button on planet Earth

Very few really understand, but everything that is going on in the world today is mostly manufactured by Deep State.  Most of the most dramatic events fall into one of the following 3 categories: (i) purposeful distraction, (ii) intentional misdirection and (iii) deliberate diversion.

Nonstop “wars and rumors of wars”

The devastating wars and incessant rumors of wars, the predicted pandemics and manmade epidemics, the geoengineered droughts and deluges worldwide, the HAARP-induced monster hurricanes and tornado swarms, the looming threats of a global stock market crash and/or economic collapse, the continuous forecasts of supervolcano eruptions and mega-earthquakes are being disseminated by the Mainstream Media (MSM) like never before.

These types of articles and press releases were usually the stuff of conspiracy websites, fake news sites and extreme alternative news platforms.  No longer is that the case.  The Apocalypse and Armageddon have become standard fare in MSM news reporting.  Some of these once fringe topics are actually featured by some of largest corporate media platforms on the planet.

For what reason?

There is never just one reason to conduct such a highly coordinated campaign of synthetic chaos, confusion and commotion.  In fact, there are many purposes behind all the warmongering and false flag terror events, as well as other mayhem-producing schemes.

However, there is one reason that reigns supreme in the minds of TPTB, who are also known as the power elite, the Illuminati and the NWO globalist cabal.

The techno-scientific class, which is completely beholden to the power elite, is fast approaching technological singularity.  If and when this “zero point” moment is reached, everything changes on planet Earth.  That watershed event will catalyze a transformation of the global civilization.  And once that occurs, there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

To understand only the small tip of the iceberg of “technological singularity”, the following exposition is well worth the read.

AUTONOMOUS SUPERINTELLIGENCE: The Mad Scientists Don’t Even Know What They Don’t Know

Taking out Trump

The two leaders in the world today who really grasp the dangers associated with technological singularity are Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.  Having a truly religious orientation, both heads of state apprehend the extreme jeopardy that this high level of technological advancement will put humanity in.

Furthermore, both Trump and Putin are in the position to do more to prevent the so-called perfection of autonomous intelligence than any other world leaders.  Were they to form a compact to ban this unique marriage of advanced scientific knowhow and applied technology, the concerned unbridled research and reckless experimentation could be terminated immediately.

KEY POINT: Both Putin and Trump possess a religious orientation which predisposes them to embracing the notion of spiritual singularity, not

technological singularity. This very simple, yet crucial, common denominator

makes it quite easy for them to make common cause for world peace.  Both

leaders are also aware that the quest for techno-singularity is guaranteed to

end in disaster for humankind.

This is why Deep State is on such a serious mission to take out Trump.  And why they have worked triple time to keep him and Putin completely apart.  Yes, as we have stated, TPTB do not want their New World Order agenda terminated.  Nor do they want a USA-Russia collaboration or peace deal to shut down their perpetual war economy.  Neither does the Black Nobility of Europe want the European Union or the United States to make common cause with Russia.

New World Order: Creation of The Venetian Black Nobility and Committee of 300

However, the bottom line here is that there is truly something much, MUCH bigger that the power elites want to protect and promote at all cost—technological singularity via autonomous superintelligence.

What’s so important about technological singularity via autonomous intelligence?

There are many critical facets to this inconceivable and terrifying development.

From a purely practical standpoint, the Global Control Matrix is literally cracking up in real time.  Because of this ever-intensifying state of affairs, the true controllers of the realm can no longer administer the planetary civilization through the current crop of human and alien-human hybrids.  They require an earthbound superior intelligence that will proficiently pull the strings to keep the whole ruse going–ad infinitum.  Anything short of that and their entire multi-millennial ruse will be completely exposed.

In other words these self-proclaimed “Masters of the Universe” cannot rely on the World Shadow Government of yesteryear anymore.  They are in desperate need of a superintelligent android race who is fully accepted by the present race of humanity.  In this absence of this new paradigm defined by technological singularity, their One World Government scheme will be forever short-circuited.  And they know it.

For additional perspective on this exceedingly weighty matter, please consult the following link: The Singularity: Coming to a Planet Near You!


The world community of nations has never witnessed such a transparent and frenzied attempt to keep two men apart.  The agents of Deep State (both covert and overt) are now jumping through hoops of fire daily — while handcuffed, blindfolded and straightjacketed — in an effort to keep Trump and Putin from another meet-up.  The MSM has gone stark raving mad — in living color during prime time, no less — with fake news about “collusion with Russia” to further inflame the artificially fabricated tensions.

This desperation to prevent an accord between the 2 superpowers is tied directly to their strict timeline for mainstreaming the many ‘essential’ societal byproducts of the new technological singularity paradigm.  For their One World Government to work efficiently (and practically), they will strategically place their super-humanoids that possess autonomous intelligence in those key positions which currently run the show.

Incidentally, the command center of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) already has in operation various AI (artificial intelligence) and AS (autonomous superintelligence) entities which have kept the whole house of cards from falling down. The architecturally flawed GE&FS edifice has not crashed and burned only because of repeated AS interventions over the years.

The final point here is that such an AS-dictated regime would eventually destroy the human race as we know it.  The biosphere would also be devastated, as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.

Action Plan: The American people have no choice but to take back their government post-haste.  The current incarnation of the MSM must be terminated; the C.I.A. must be dissolved; and the U.S. Congress must be purged of all traitors to the American Republic.   Once these 3 compulsory endeavors are successfully completed, the process of reconstituting this constitutional republic can begin in earnest.  And not one moment before.

State of the Nation

July 30, 2017


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