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Rocky Montana

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The Bilderberg Group is a very large head of THE multi-head snake which serves the Anti-Christ, the Anti-God, and the adversary of mankind, none other than Satan himself who has been bound to this 3D earth plane.

One of Satan's tools for furthering his plans for the destruction of mankind is through the Bilderberg group.  The higher-ups who are not on the official attendee list of the 2011 Bilderberg meeting (2nd article below) are the emissaries of Satan's plans, those such as George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and others.  These are the cowards who want to stay unknown to society, those who cannot stand the Light of exposure.  Most of the members of the Bilderberg group are rich and powerful men and women in their own right.  Having long since been corrupted by greed and the love of money, their morals and values have been compromised by the desire to reap monetary rewards at the expense of the rest of the investing world. They have long since lost their connection with their Creator-God and now march to the satan's drumbeat.  Just as the structure within free masonry, the members know only so much of the satanic plans as to be "acceptable" to the group as a whole.  If they knew that they, themselves, and their companies were being set up for the fall, they would probably resign immediately.  The stock market is also a tool of the adversary. It is a totally rigged and manipulated Casino, the largest in the world. Market makers know your every investment and are not above to selling you out to those who want to take your money.  Every investor in the stock market, who is not an insider, should prepare to loose their money.  For those who are still playing this game, I strongly recommend getting out and staying out of the stock market.

Many know Satan as Lucifer (meaning: the bright morning star). In short: Lucifer, an errant and disloyal creation of Creator-God, wreaked so much havoc throughout the cosmos that he was restrained by the Lighted forces of Creator-God, and subsequently exiled and imprisoned to a 3D planet. Creator-God renamed Lucifer, 'Satan (meaning "profoundly evil adversary of Creator-God and humanity").  Satan was given his choice of 3D planets in which to be imprisoned upon and chose Shan (a name for the third planet in our solar system, which means "world of sorrows") a beautifully biologically and geologically diverse planet which earth-humans call "Earth".  In retaliation for Creator-God imprisoning Satan to a 3D planet, Satan sought to do war with Creator-God by destroying all of His creations on Shan (Earth) and Earth-Shan as well, and especially Creator-God's greatest of creations, human.  He has and continues to do this by corrupting the hearts and minds of men and women to disobey and forget the Laws of God and The Creation, and by brainwashing humans to forget their Divine connection and heritage with their source, Creator-God. Look around; has Satan not done a near-perfect job of this thus far?

And what have God's people done to stop and reverse this satanic tool and to reverse the corruption upon them and their planet?  Pitifully little it appears.  Only a comparative handful of people are carrying the water for the rest of humanity.  It is time for more people to recognize their God-ness and take the action step to do something for their Creator-God and their brethren.  The more human (higher Universal man) comes back into alignment with God's Laws for human conduct, the more balance will be restored to himself, to his environment and to the world as a whole.  And the more assistance (if sincerely asked for) he will receive from Creator-God and Creator-God's Lighted forces to neutralize Satan's plans and army here upon Earth-Shan.  The war continues and you, we, are in it up to our eyeballs.  What will each of us do to help neutralize this evil come upon us?

One of Creator-God's promises to His people is that in the ending times, everything secret will be revealed. 

Today, Saturday, 6-11-11, is the day of the 2011 Bilderberg meeting.  Creator-God's people in America and in all other nations can serve their fellow man and their world by doing these three things:

Arm yourselves with the Truth about this very large head of the snake by reading the 2011 Bilderberg meeting articles below.
Spread the Light of Truth about this evil cabal of men (and now women) by forwarding these articles to everyone you know.
Keep your eyes and ears open; the content of this Bilderberg meeting will be soon be exposed for all to know.
Rocky Montana / 6-11-11

Reference to Bilderberg articles below as posted on on June 11, 2011.





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