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An Oil Tycoon - a high ranking Bilderberg Mason is terminally ill in theUSA. He opened his remorseful heart to Pastor Lindsay Williams lastweek. He told him some of the plotted events coming for us all in the next year or so before the take over of the New World Order whereby we will be ruled by China, the yellow skinned race.

But of course the Real Rulers are the Illuminati Bankers who will remain in the shadows as the Chinese take over as the front stage men! This is what he said which also includes other revelations and facts given to us by the alternative media which is not masonically controlled.

1 - Strike on Iran within 2 years and will spread everywhere!

2 - US Dollar will be definitely dead by 2012 - currencies will be

worthless as THEY usher in the new One World Currency. The world as we know it now will be completely different in 2012. Disruption of

currencies plotted so pull your money out of the Banks, spend it NOW!

"China are the strong ones" - China are the New World Order

Leaders with America reduced to Third World status! Timothy Geithner of the US Treasury speaks fluent Chinese! (KEVIN RUDD SPEAKS MANDARIN ALSO. ED.) Within 2 years we will not recognize America. The Elites have altered their Time Line. After 2 years we will be so poor, we will not be able to rebel!

3 - Gold and Silver is all you can rely on - convert your assets and

cash to Gold ASAP - Urgent. Don't hang around because the Illuminati are going to crash the banks further very soon. We are entering into a depression whereby we are ALL going to be utterly poor within two years from now - peasant attitude and peasant way of life.. Don't depend on Real Estate, Assets!

4 - Crude Oil will be $150 - $200 per barrel in the next few months!

5 - Banks to orchestrate the Mortgage Banking Crisis which will be

covered by the Act passed by US Congress two weeks ago enabling Banks to take over HOMES without the Deeds. If you have a Mortgage, pay it off NOW or sell your home to enable you to pay for a home completely - even if you have to buy a shack. Make sure your humble abode is PAID for - millions will lose their homes!

6 - Obama Health Care Bill is a Control Tool written by the Banks and implemented by the Insurance Companies! It is Government Take Over - gun control, euthanasia etc hidden in this Bill.

7 - US Govt gave China the Panama Canal many years ago - a Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and Tri Lateral Commission (TriLats) strategy!

8 - China owns all the Greek Ports!

9 - China owns 90% of all Rare Earth Minerals - components for

Technology, Weapons etc.

China makes 80% of weapon components for the US Military. US is

at the Mercy of China!

10 - China is the largest extractor of Natural Mineral Resources,

worldwide. They do more than half of the mining in Australia. China is mining in Africa, US, Middle East, Canada! China has a 90% monopoly over all the Rare Earth Minerals!

11 - China is trading in all currencies, making them Flush with Cash so they can buy/sell in any currency.

12 - Russia is the biggest producer of Oil and Gas. We must watch China and Russia. American will never win a war against them because the US have moved all its' manufacturing industry to China!

13 - The Elites, Globalists want a Middle East Crisis within a few

months. Goldman Sachs Bank, the IMF and City Bank are already in Iran - they have gone in the back door so to speak in order to cripple it financially before THEY strike. It is also noteworthy to be aware that US/Europe have sold computers with worms (viruses) to Iran - a deliberate stroke. So we see Iran being set up like Iraq - preparations are under way for a STRIKE against Iran within months!

14 - The Devil's Messiah Project. The terminally ill tycoon said:

"we had to get rid of God to bring in the New World Order. He said that the Devil's Messiah means total perversion because THEY (Illuminati) cannot bring the Devil's Messiah to a Righteous People (a Godly people)! So now we know why homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, unchaste dress, witchcraft is being basically forced upon mankind - in preparation for the arrival of the Anti Christ!!!

15 - The Illuminati are pushing the system for a One World Religion.

The National Council of Churches (World Council of Churches) is

financed by these Masonic organisations - the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations. It is interesting to note that Faith Communities are a Key Factor with regard to the False Ecumenism pushed by these Councils and Foundations. Clergy Based Initiatives have taken over most of the churches in the US. The mind boggles when you reflect how the Faith Initiative At Your Word Lord was stringently pushed in parts of the US, Ireland and especially in the Westminster Archdiocese! Such Faith Initiatives only leads to an ALL INCLUSIVE Church! Enough said, folks!

16 - Ordinances (local rulings) have been passed in some Counties in the US which empowers the County Sheriffs to come and padlock a church if just ONE complaint is made against that church (pastor) for speaking out against homosexuality, dress code etc! They are bringing in these Ordinances to shut down churches outside any process of law - just like China!

17 - "We must have our own National Media to bring about the New World Order!" - which they have already - a masonically corporately owned media Civilisation is being collapsed by design. Elites control China and Russia as well as the US President and Congress. Congress are going to try and ram through the Cyber Security Act and the Carbon Tax Act. The US Taxpayer will be asked to bail out the Mortgage Backed Security Crisis which will give around 3 Trillion to the Big Banks. The Big Banks are snapping up the small banks who are trying to rescue our economies but the Big Boys, the Jewish Illuminati who are the Mega Global Exchangers are having NONE of it. The Name of the Game is CONTROL - to control your money, your home, your car - your whole life!

Order out of Chaos - to bring about a full spectrum of world dominance!

Feb. 1, 2011