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Solution to the Authority Hoax: If it isn’t simple, it isn’t accurate.

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Solution to the Authority Hoax:  If it isn’t simple, it isn’t accurate.

Part 1

“Complicated” is a characteristic of either those who do not “know” or explanations by those who do not want us to “know”. “Simple” is always gentler, smoother, and more concise; ergo, more accurate.

Think of all the subjects which we consider to be complicated; rather, that we were told are complicated:  medicine, law, religion, politics, banking, etc. Do we really need to know them? Do we even want them in our lives? They were designed for the purpose of controlling us, yet, we can be controlled only if we defer to those who claim to be able to interpret them and “simplify” them for us. From where did they get their information which allows them to know how to simplify complicated disciplines?  Now, that’s a facer, isn’t it?  It came from the “authorities” who told them that these subjects were complicated and needed interpretation by someone “in authority”.  This is tantamount to “teachers teaching teachers teaching teachers.”

In other words, we were deliberately set-up to believe that there are things we must know, yet, can’t possibly know, unless some “authority” explains it all to us. So, those of us who fell for this “authority hoax” seek out doctors, attorneys, bankers, priests, etc. in order to tell us how to run our lives because all we know are the simple aspects of life: health, love, kindness, doing what we love to do and serving our fellow man whilst doing so. There is nothing complicated about those concepts. So, we have been invited to be dependent upon those who claim to know more about something about which we neither need nor want. Also, it evidences that we are continually being conned into believing the main myth – that we are separate; not only separate but also not equal to one another. Weren’t we all born “equal”?

Since I have already exposed the societal weapons of propaganda and control (medicine, law, religion, schooling, etc.), let’s take a look at the original, deliberate deception.

For years, I refused to use the Bible for legal purposes (or for any purpose) because I knew it had been so tampered with, re-written, and altered to suit the agenda of those in control. I continued to hear, “But it is THEIR law book.”  I would respond, “Yes, it is THEIR law book, NOT mine.”  I knew the entire book was propaganda, fiction and, therefore, inaccurate because it applied to “them”. It had nothing to do with me and I wasn’t about to compromise my integrity by shoving it in their faces any more than I would bring their statutes, laws, etc. to them, in order to support my position. None of it had anything to do with my principles. Why would I make use of or refer to anything that isn’t the “truth”?

Note that both “the law” and the entire Bible (except for the first chapter –1.5 pages) are very complicated. The alleged leaders of all religions and all law societies do their best to have us believe that we must go to them for interpretation. Both “Law” and the Bible, apparently, are not understandable by people like us. The simple truth, of both these, is that true “Law” and the “word of God” are both extremely simple, straight-forward, and easy to comprehend for all of us. Those whose intent it is to complicate both “law” and “the word of God” are doing so for their own gain. All lawyers, judges, priests, ministers, rabbis, popes, etc. are in the racket of “professing to know what’s true”, strictly for profit, not for prophet. Their intent is to keep everything a big mystery, to be understood by only them and, hence, we must go to them for council. This egotistical nonsense is the biggest tip-off that whatever so-called ‘truth’ they have to tell us is, indeed, false.

Why would we ever consult anyone or anything other than our higher selves, (the collective unconscious) for information? Why would we ever think that someone knows better than we do about our health, our bodies, our spiritual evolution, our education, and how we are to conduct our lives?  Why would we defer to anyone unless, somehow, they have convinced us that: they know more about us than we do; – OR – that they have “authority” over us?

But, how can that be?!   They must have something to gain … either  “money” or power over us, or both.

KJV Holy Bible

Thanks to my friend, Robert, (, I finally grasp the true purpose of the Bible. I have resisted including the Bible as a solution to our situation, for several reasons, and Rob has set me straight. Since the Bible was both written by and edited by men, the entire book is a work of fiction. Right off the bat, we are dealing with human foibles, memories of their pasts (we now know “pasts” don’t exist, except in the mind), egos, misinterpretations, perceptions influenced by programmed beliefs and, ergo, by emotions. At the top of page one, I was stunned to be shown: “The First Book of Moses called GENESIS”. This tells me that this is a story written by a man the existence of whom we have no proof. YIKES!

But Rob says that there is some truth within the book of fiction (rather like a biographical novel) and that truth is simple, accurate, and completely uncomplicated, requiring absolutely no scholarly interpretation, whatsoever. That truth is in the first chapter, wherein the Creator is referred to as “God”. After Chapter 1, the only “God” mentioned is “Lord God”. Why the change? Weren’t we doing rather well with just “God”. Didn’t we grasp that “God” meant the one love–light–consciousness which created all? The fact that the loving, creative “God” disappeared after Genesis, chapter 1, and an unloving, punishing “Lord God” sprang up to take its place, is highly suspicious to me. I wish I hadn’t resisted the Bible so vehemently because, now, I know that I would have spotted (had I read it), the most glaring contradiction which I cannot imagine how everyone else missed.

If God created man and woman (chapter 1) why did the LORD God have to repeat the process in chapter 2, by making Adam and Eve? The answer is that they are not one and the same. God created man and woman and the LORD God created the fictions. Fictions, as we all know, now, have NAMES!  In the Bible all the fictions are spelt in uppercase, e.g.: LORD, MOSES, JESUS, just as they are in our present commercial world, because the Bible is a book about Commerce. Adam and Eve were not Capitalized, for the very reason that they belonged to, i.e.: were the property of, LORD God, who was the owner and Master over them. So, now, Christian “names” are spelt the way Adam and Eve are spelt, in order to deceive us into believing that by altering the spelling of a name, we can avoid becoming a “living thing”, as “living things” are those who have relinquished their status of “man, created by God” for a “title” which all names are, regardless of how one spells them.  We must quit identifying with the Name.

Adam and Eve were given Names. God the Creator did not ‘name’ us. He lovingly allowed us to BE and, in fact, gave us dominion over the earth and everything on it. How trusting and kind that God must be!  The “Lord God”, however, is the opposite (inverse) and, for the entire remainder of the Bible (1506 pages), the Lord God is punishing, vengeful, jealous, wrathful and, hence, must be the entity – perhaps Lucifer or the Lord of the Anunnaki  – which gave us the ego mind and began the entire world of fiction, the belief that we are separate, that there is an authority over us. The Lord God is the ego mind – the mind of fear, separation, and belief that we are not equal. This state of mind creates competition and so, what resulted from that was the Commerce Game. After all, isn’t the ego mind the aspect of us which plays games and which manifests punishing, competition, fear, belief in separation,  and unloving characteristics?  It most certainly is not the spirit mind.

So, it dawned upon me that the Bible, like everything else in existence, has two parts to it … a duality. Again, I am reminded of the page of Rules in the game, Monopoly. If we opt to play the game, we must be prepared to suspend our beliefs about what might be “true” and be prepared to get clobbered by the Banker, not to mention clobbered by our fellow man, since the name of the game is to charge our fellow man/players. The only way to win any game is if everyone else loses.

Just before we begin to play the game, we approach the board knowing we are friends, knowing that we are more powerful than the game (not vice versa), and knowing that, when we end the game, we’ll all be friends and equal, again. However, in order to play the game properly, we must forget those three things. I suspect that those of us who opt to live in love for our fellow man and maintain our dominion over “all living things” need read no further than Genesis, chapter 1. If we opt to forget who we are, play the game of commerce, and behave in unloving, fearful, competitive ways, then, the entire remainder of the Old Testament, plus the New Testament, are the laws and rules by which the commerce game is played.

Chapter 1 is about LOVE and the entire remainder of the Bible is LAW. “Where there is law, there is no love; where there is love, there is no law.”  Moses got the 10 commandments from the LORD God, not from God the Creator, as God the Creator gave us no laws. God the Creator loved us and trusted us to treat each other lovingly and as equals because it/we knew that we are all one. We knew who we were, but we forgot.

What about those of us who realize that the game (the complete description of which is the entire Bible, after chapter one) has caused nothing but sorrow, loss of self-realization, and the relinquishing of our own personal power, love, light, and energy to those who control the game. I am not saying that the remainder of the Bible isn’t valuable text; I’m saying that it applies only to those who want struggle in their lives. The game of Monopoly is a game of struggle, war against our fellow players, and the bank never loses. If there is a win, it is an empty win, because neither the winning nor the losing, of any game, has anything to do with who we are. The Bible is a great rule book for those who insist upon playing the commerce game, believe we are separate, and choose law over love, but, for those of us who are tired of it, we must remember that the only pertinent part which applies to those of us who want to remain in love and serve our fellow man from love, is that we have “dominion over all creeping things.”

Anyone reading this essay has already discovered that all who relinquish their status of “man” to that of a titled entity, e.g.: cop, teacher, judge, doctor, priest, attorney, minister, banker, CEO, etc. i.e.:  those who identify with who they believe themselves to be, as opposed to who they really are – a creation of a loving consciousness – are a “creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth”, henceforth: “creeps”.  The creeps who operate, within the laws given from Genesis, ch. 2 onward, are those over whom we have dominion. We must be sure to tell them, at every opportunity and in every situation.

So, I asked Rob, “If we were to go to Idaho, what would you bring along, in order to handle the idiocy of the titled entities, who think they know who they are, in the little houses, at the imaginary line, just south of us?”  Rob is the least resistant man I know. He seems to be very accepting of everything which appears to come his way. Maybe that is because he knows that nothing “comes his way”; rather, he knows that the situations in which he finds himself are for the benefit of his own spiritual evolution. He told me, “I would take only the KJV Holy Bible. It is their law book; it proves that I have dominion over them. That they (or the alleged titled “authorities” to whom they defer, e.g.: the Queen) have sworn a false oath upon it, proves they have agreed to it.” I suddenly felt much safer from the creeps.

What so many of us are doing – what I was doing for 13 years – is trying to find a loophole within the rules, or find the rule by which we’ll win, or find a rule which will compel the creeps to follow their own rules, or to force them to do as we say. But the game we are playing is for creeps, only. I would have to become a creep in order to win a creep’s game. Or, even if I managed to remain honourable and still win a creep’s game, my winning it would make me a creep, wouldn’t it?  This is the game the rule page of which might just as well read, in its preface: “You are all powerful, all loving, all consciousness, all energy, and all light. Are you sure you want to relinquish all that in order to experience an empty win?  How will you feel after you have defeated another aspect of your own self?  Better?  Not bloody likely!”

The entire point of any game is to pretend that: 1.  what is true and real is not true and real; and, 2.  what is not true and real is true and real. In order to play it, properly, and with the adventure and excitement we all wanted, we had to forget that we are all one consciousness and we had to believe we are separate from one another. This is what playing the commerce game is all about. The biggest problem with this game is that we all agreed to play it … we must have or we wouldn’t be here. Maybe, if I change my mind about the ostensible value of winning this game, the next time I’m offered the opportunity to come to this dimension-frequency-planet-lifetime, in order to play it, I’ll know better than to get mixed up in something which can only hurt not only me but also all other aspects of me. What a bore!  If I prove, by my daily living of life, now, that I want only to love and serve my fellow man by doing what I love to do, my guess is that my next opportunity will be to spend my life in a place-dimension-time where we all love and serve one another by doing what we love to do.”

So, the Authority Hoax can be exposed with one line from a book which all agents – those who have relinquished their status as ‘man’, in order to take on a title of ostensible authority – are required to follow or they wouldn’t be allowed to remain in the position of agent which they hold. They have, most likely, not noticed that there is very little truth in this volume of fiction and they are equally likely to be completely unaware that the one, tiny part which is true is what will cause them to lose the game, now that we have found it.

Now, do we know who we are well enough to allow them to catch on to this?  Can we do so lovingly?  At some level of their consciousness, they know that, by continuing to harm others, they are harming themselves. Can we, maybe, even bring them to the light to see that, if they were to relinquish their job and title, they would become even more powerful than they believe themselves to be, in their present (lack of) status. The creeps have been told, by those whom they believe to have authority over them, that they have authority over others. Clearly, they did not think this through or they would have seen the blatant flaw in this idiotic concept.

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities also has the power to make you commit atrocities. –Voltaire

I said to Rob, “I do know that no one has any authority over me unless and until I grant it to them.”  His comment was staggering, “Not even then. Only the Creator has any authority. You are God’s creation and only that love–light–energy–consciousness power, aka, God, can “authorize”. God is the supreme authority and author of it all. You do not have the authority you think you have (unless you live, continuously, in your spirit mind, and trust only your intuition which tells us the word of God, not to be confused with the ego mind which tells us the word of LORD God). So, if you think you have authorized someone else to have authority over you, for example, by having signed something which both of you have construed as your having granted authority, either by willingness or by coercion, it has no clout. You had no authority to give away your authority.”  YIKES!  Again, I felt safer from the creeps.

This resonates with, “You cannot sign away your rights.”  Recently, I realized that the only purpose of a “waiver” is to bring to mind the fact that we are all responsible for our own experiences. It has nothing to do with signing away any right to bring suit, if we have been “wronged” (even though all waivers read this way), because we cannot be “wronged”. All our experiences are our responsibility. Waiver or no waiver, we all have the right to contract and the right to lay claim, yet, what sort of admission to a lack of one’s personal power does this evidence?!  Making someone else responsible for our experience is as crazy as believing that the Bible is anything more than a rule book for a vicious game which appears to be justifiable solely because someone wrote a book on how to play it. The Holy Bible can be found everywhere – even in prison – because it is the propaganda of the creeps who want us to continue playing a game we can never win.

I’ve noticed that people who identify themselves as “Christian”, thereby ruling out all aspects of their true, limitless, loving nature, believe there is ‘truth’ in the Bible. They are accurate, but that truth is only the truth about the vicious game of commerce, the vicious rules, and the vicious egos that adore playing it, not the truth about the loving aspects of our true spirit selves, the loving aspects of the consciousness which created us, and the consciousness of who we really are. Not counting the first page and a half, the entire 1508 pages of the Holy Bible, are just crap! If there ever were anything of value within those pages, whoever edited it out, for King James, et al, did so, not for our benefit but for the benefit of the creeps who control us (the Vatican, the Crown, and the Banks). We live in a world of duality, a mirror image (inverse) fiction of what is real.  We live in a world of utter insanity.

We will NEVER have a solution for “commerce” because our true nature – our spirit self – does not really want it. A Course In Miracles says that the job of the ego mind is to, “seek and do not find”.  It is the desire of the ego mind to continue to dig in the same hole, year after year, and not truly want to find an answer. The spirit mind knows that the true answer – love – is outside the game. The name of that game is Chaos. What our true selves want is Peace. The creeps are keeping our focus upon the world, upon commerce, and upon finding a “solution” to both commerce and the problems of the world (the cause of which IS commerce), so that we will not find freedom where it truly is … within. Letting go of the continuous search is way too distasteful for the ego mind to contemplate.

Genesis 1, ch. 26: “Let us make man in our image; after our likeness” sounds as if WE, as the ONE love–light–energy–consciousness, are co-creators. Did we include the opposite in order to have a protagonist in our adventure?  If our creation is, indeed, a “duality”, we had to create something that is not we – a “mis-creation” … enter, the creeps. We created the creeps solely to experience the contrast … to pretend that what is, isn’t and what isn’t, is. Since we have become caught up in the game, the best way to survive it is to remember that it is a game. There is no solution to it, until we all remember that there is nothing to solve, and there is no end to it, until we all quit playing.

If we are operating in their realm, they will destroy us because, by our merely acknowledging their processes, documents, and laws, we prove that we still believe that they have authority over us. Remember the story of “what furs?” As long as he kept asking, he did not acknowledge, agree to, or accept their offer to contract on the matter of “illegal hunting” and the case was dismissed.

Now that we know we operate in a complete fiction, I feel certain that no solution TO commerce can be found IN commerce. If we want a solution based in “truth, we cannot continue to look in the fiction. We have been given the answer to the puzzle in Genesis, Chapter 1, Verses 26-28.

The only way to prevail against their viciousness is to prove that we know who we are. The only way to do that is to address them, man to man-with-title, and let the man-with-title know that we (with no title) have dominion over all things (e.g.: titles). Our use of their forms, their language, their laws, trying to “understand” them, etc. proves that we believe they exist and, as long as we think so, they do.

Both resisting and petitioning which, by giving our energy, attention, and emotion to something that is unreal, whether in the form of either fear or anger, only grant these “creeps” even more power over us. By the stunts that they are pulling, they keep our energy and focus in our first chakra – fear for our survival. This is how we are controlled. The concept of “there is no authority outside ourselves” is the hardest thing for us to learn. We cannot be controlled as long as we remain focused on love.

The creeps’ agenda are to keep us in fear - in our first chakra energy - fear for our survival. When we are at this level of frequency, they can control us. If we were to ascend into our 4th chakra - love - they would lose all control over us because this is not a frequency they can access.  If we can operate from love, be love, accept love, then they will cease to exist in our realm.  They cannot operate, be, or accept love, as this is simply out of their territory. If we are there, they have no control over us.

Since the creeps feed off our emotions, if they get fear from us, they become more powerful. As long as they can keep people in fear, they can remain in control. Those of us who opt to vibrate, oscillate, and function in love cannot be harmed because we do not fear. What if they can get only love from us?  Since “we are what we eat”, what might happen to them? Isn’t this what we want?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983, Architect, Author, and Inventor

Love is the Answer, Whatever the Question

There is no law, divine or otherwise; there is only intent. Intent is driven by fear or love. Love has no agenda or ritual; it just is. It is through our hearts that we awaken the true power of who we are and this is why so much energy is put into creating conflict.

It seems as if we are continually saying to the alleged bullies: “If you cross this line…..; alright, if you cross this line…;  alright, well, this is your last chance”, and on it goes. If we could either show them love energy or simply walk away from them, thereby removing all our energy from them, what would they do, then?  Whenever we question how to treat others, in any particular situation, the correct answer is always to treat them in the loving way.  Are we aware of what we are doing, at all times?

About every situation, Hew Lin asks, “What is it about me which brings me to this situation? This new situation is only to remind me that I am here to release connected memories.”  We all know that memories do not exist (because they are of the past and the past doesn’t exist, except in our minds which are completely unreliable) and what we believe to be true has been distorted by our perceptions which include our emotions, programming, and previous decisions. We must look at every situation as brand new; otherwise, we are allowing our programmers to run us.  So far, they are prevailing but this is due to our lack of due diligence in applying what we know, in our hearts, to be true.

“Let us make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness… and let them have dominion … over all the earth. … And God blessed them and God said unto them, … have dominion … over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” – Genesis 1:26 and 28

God is the creator. There is only one God, so who is the “our”?  It must be we as “the ONE”. We are it. We are all shards of a shattered pane of glass. I suppose we could look at one another as separate, but that would be ludicrous, now that we know we all came from the same pane. So, we made it very clear, right up-front, that we have dominion over the earth and everything upon it.

Since these few lines are our remedy, we might ask, “Why didn’t they just omit the only lines which have any truth, aka, our remedy. My friend, Ray, always said to me, “There must be a remedy or we could charge them with fraud”, to which I have always responded with, “But, since enforcement has always been the problem for us, how are we going to charge them with fraud, when they continue to change their song and dance, in order to evade us?”  Also, “Why would they care what we do, when the entire mess is ALL fraud?”

Well, within the fiction, they can do what they want and, since they must provide the remedy – somewhere, because even they operate within a duality – they hide it in plain sight … in the very beginning of their law book. The fact that most people have paid too much attention to the rest of the book (specifically the parts about the Jesus character) and overlooked the only lines in existence, wherein the truth is revealed or, in the case of some of us, completely ignored the entire book–never mind just the first chapter, or, since all the religions and law societies of the world have deliberately directed our attention to every word EXCEPT the truth, it stands to reason that we missed the only part worth knowing.

What we do to another we do to ourselves. The game is about whether we can remember who we are, before we completely collapse under the belief that we are separate from one another. If we are playing a game of “can we figure out that we are all one consciousness, before we destroy each other”, we all win; otherwise, we all lose. Yes, I consider that there are ETs, malicious beings from elsewhere, heartless beings on this planet, that our bodies and egos are, quite likely, just a computer program, run by incredibly brilliant, albeit cruel entities. Still, we, as part of the one love–light–energy–consciousness–creator–god, opted to include them in our creation, in order to get back to remembering who we are. It appears as if we have pulled out the big guns, in order to remind ourselves and, as we are still resisting the recollection that it is all “we”, we are considering starting the game all over again because we just might not get it this time around. I suspect we have done this all before.

Stay tuned for Part 2:  Love is the Currency of the 21st Century

Aug. 2009