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Benjamin Fulford

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Oct. 17, 2009

The Queen must go because she made a secret pact with Hitler and the Nazis

The usurpers of the British throne who call themselves Windsor but are really Nazi Germans called Battenberg had better escape back to Germany before the English people find out what they have done.

The British “Monarchy” has been part of a long term German plan to subvert and take over the British Empire. During World War 2, the so-called “Battle of Britain” ended in British “victory” only because “Queen” Elizabeth made a secret pact with Hitler, according to senior MI6 sources. It was the British royals who arranged for Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess to parachute into England and make the secret betrayal of the British people. Hitler was secreted out of Germany after the war and went to Argentina where he lived to a ripe old age and oversaw the Nazification of the United States under George Bush (Scherff) Senior.

She along with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and other Nazi Bilderbergers were also in on the 911 attacks. They were also in on the plot to kill 4 billion non-white people and microchip the rest. And yes, these people gave their servant boy Obama the Nobel “peace” prize.

These genocidal scum are still hoping to install their one-world fascist dicatorship but it will not happen according to their plan. Our suggestion is they restore their honour by committing suicide.

Instead though, their next big 911 type move, apparently, will be to announce “first contact” with aliens. They may then also roll out some of their secret flying saucer fleet and try to fool the world. Well, they will only fool the fools. Nonetheless, we must not underestimate these snakes or let our guards down even for a second until their nightmare rule ends forever.



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From: TS
To: 'Bellringer'
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 1:13 AM
Subject: Fulford Error
Hi Patrick,

Benjamin Fulford's 17 October post contains a serious error where he stated the accusation, "...the so-called 'Battle of Britain' ended in British 'victory' only because 'Queen' Elizabeth made a secret pact with Hitler, according to senior MI6 sources."

Not true. The famous Battle of Britain happened in 1940 during the reign of Elizabeth's father, King George VI. Elizabeth, born in 1926, was not destined to become the Queen of England until her father died in 1952, so she could not possibly have 'made a secret pact with Hitler' in 1940 when she was just 14 years old.

Fulford should cross-check his facts before publishing them and also take a close look at the alleged 'senior MI6 sources' who fed him this obvious sucker-information. Any genuine 'senior MI6 source' worth his salt would certainly know how old the Queen is.