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FULFORD: On the Death of Princess Diana

Benjamin Fulford

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Princess Diana was murdered at the orders of the Queen because she was pregnant with here Egyptian boyfriend’s baby, according to a close relative of the Queen. Not only that, Diana was alive after the deliberate car accident that was intended to kill her, the source says. “She arrived at the hospital alive and they could have saved her but they let her die,” the royal says. Diana’s bodyguard knows the truth and has prepared a book that will reveal all this, according to the source. The Royal family will do everything in its power to prevent publication but it is inevitable.

[NOTE:   What Benjamin Fulford has stated above is accurate, according to Hatonn.  The Queen put out a contract on Princess Diana and she was deliberately killed on the way to the hospital, because she did not die as planned in the car crash.

Diana knew too much about the Queen's evil agenda, her Reptilian shape-shifting abilities, and her One World Order plans.  Diana was about to reveal all, so she had to be stopped.  ---PHB ]