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FULFORD: Is the Chinese Emperor ABout To Get Back His Gold?

Benjamin Fulford

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Is the Chinese emperor about to get back his gold?

The following article contains vital, hitherto secret information that I have independently confirmed from sources in Japan and in the British Royal family.

[Quote from Clear and Present Danger ] There really is still a Chinese emperor, who lives in Taiwan and has legal rights to this gold. The gold will be returned to China in exchange for Chinese financing for a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The families that own the Federal Reserve Board have been trying desperately to get the gold that is in the Philippines but it is not under their control. Instead it is under the control of a people who will be using it to help restructure the bankrupt US economy and get the US and Europe to participate in the above-mentioned campaign. It must be made very clear, the gangsters who control the Fed and were planning genocide will NEVER get any of that gold unless they totally change their ways.

As far as I can tell there is chaos and there are many factions. I have not had any involvement in killing bankers but I do think the KGP and Chinese may decide to start doing just that.

The major factions I can identify that matter are: the Queen of England who is the nominal head of the committee of 300 (think nuclear industry and fake global warming) Papa Bush and the Nazi racist knights templars (think war on terrorism and genocide), Then there is the left wing of the US intelligence Fed community (Soros, Brzezinsky, Rockefeller?) then there is the Chinese/Asian group and much of the rest of the world. You can also throw in Sarkozy and the French Rothschild Grand Orient Freemason lodge. On the surface news, the thing to watch for is what Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama and the Chinese government news site say. Caspar said Hu and Wen were being interrogated but Wen appeared on Xinxua news shaking hands with Chavez on March 8th. Hu though, accepted a bribe from Paulson and may well be headed for a death sentence. We shall see.