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FULFORD: Many Mysteries Still Surround the G20 But It Appears to be a Major Defeat for the Illuminati

Benjamin Fulford

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A careful read of the G20 statement and of comments by various world leaders seem to indicate the illuminati have suffered a major defeat. The most important point to note is the $1.1 trillion given to the IMF. It includes $250 billion worth of Special Drawing Rights meaning the ability to create a new global currency has been taken away from the Federal Reserve Board and given to an IMF that is going to be largely under the control of poor countries and non-Europeans.

The other point is the promise to lend $5 trillion to the ordinary peoples of the world. Is that $5 trillion the money the Bush/Clinton crime group stole from the rest of the world? Have they been forced to give it back; too early to tell for sure.

The other big change was the clear determination of world leaders to shut down offshore banking secret tax havens. By saying the “era of banking secrecy is over” the world leaders seem determined to bring the giant, world-controlling shadow banking system under their control.

However, there are still many unanswered questions. For example, why wasn’t a solution to the $1500 trillion derivative question offered? Also, what did Obama agree to during his secret meeting with the 13 bankers representing the 13 illuminati blood lines? What is going to happen to them and their Federal Reserve Board?

The G20 statement is also quite vague and that means it is possible many loopholes will find their way into the detailed agreements that have yet to be worked out. We still have to wait and see and keep vigilant until the beast is truly brought to heel.