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What Obama Means by 'CHANGE'

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Subject: [frameup] What Obama means by "Change"
The United Nations Local Agenda 21(LA21) Programme was adopted by all member  nations at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

This international plan to rebuild the entire world under the pretense for Sustainable  Development was NEVER voted on by the common citizens in ANY of these nations.

This plan to rebuild the world into a communitarian system is the actual (and verifiable)  blueprint for the New World Order. Opposition to the emerging global government is being  misled into thinking it's a conspiracy "theory."

It doesn't matter who's at the top of the ruling elites, you couldn't touch them even if you  did know who they are. What nobody seems to want us to know is that we hold ALL the  power over our local officials at the local levels where the UN "local" plans are being  discussed and adopted into law, quietly, behind all our backs.

These plans exist in every community in the world. A simple 2 minute google search will  provide millions of returns. Put in "Local Agenda 21" or "sustainable development" with  your country, state, county, borough, parish or town. The results could amaze you.

Few local, global citizens have ever heard of their plan and many people in the US still  don't "believe" they have a plan, even as thousands of these plans are underway already.  The US Congress supports it. Every state legislature writes laws to implement it. Bush I,  Clinton, Bush II and now Obama ALL endorse this plan. Leaders from every religion in the  world embrace this plan. Presidents and dicatators across the world are enforcing this plan  on their citizens.

LA21 is the structure for rebuilding the Middle East. It's the format behind free trade  agreements and new regional governments (like the proposed Canadian-US-Mexico  region). The European Union is the "model" for all the new LA21 unions. Every continent is  experiencing this; in Africa it was just announced there are plans to create a United States  of Africa.

The communitarian system incorporates (balances) all economic theories, which explains the broader interpretations of "captialism", "communism" and "socialism". This is the Third  Way, it's the perfect middle ground between all opposing ideology.

Local government agencies influenced by or under the direct supervision of UN LA21  facilitators includes (this is a very short, abbreviated list for the USA with more coming  soon):

US Dept of Homeland Security


US Dept of Agriculture/Forestry

Enviromental Protection Agency

Faith-Based Initiative

Community Oriented Policing

Community Development

Regional Land Use Management

For a longer introduction to UN LA21 and direct links to many government agencies and

other opposition research, visit the Anti Communitarian League website:

There IS a philosophy for the NWO.

There IS a legal system for the NWO.

There IS a bureacracy for the NWO.

There IS a blueprint, a vision, and a matrix.

And, THIS is what Obama means by "change."