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CIASkull and Bones

The future of America and the world will be decided at a secret meeting between President Obama and secret representatives of China and the British Empire

President Obama is scheduled to have a secret meeting with a representative of the British Empire and a Chinese gentleman of mystery either in late January or early February. Since the United States is bankrupt, they will have no viable alternative but to listen to what these people have to say. They are probably going to make certain demands on the US such as: Requesting the abolition of the Skull and Bones international network of terror and drugs. This would mean an end to Al Qaeda, the Taleban, the Mexican narcotic gangs etc. Without terrorists to fight the “white hats” in the pentagon would no longer have to engage in destructive wars in places like Afghanistan. The US could then pledge to use its considerable scientific and technological expertise to participate in a world wide campaign to do things like turn the deserts green, fill the oceans with nutrients to increase fish stocks by 10 times and otherwise help end poverty.

The United States and Israel will also have to stop behaving like renegades and participate responsibly and peacefully in international organizations. It is especially crucial that they agree to the jurisdiction of the international criminal court.

If the US government agrees to conditions of this nature, many Americans will find rewarding work in developing countries. The American people can finally begin to compensate for all the damage they have caused world-wide.


Provost Marshall

Is Obama planning a major purge and round up of the Neo-Cons?

A senior US government source tells me the Obama regime will initiate a major purge of Washington starting with the arrest of George Bush junior and hundreds of his lackeys. The Provost Marshall, who is the highest ranking military police officer has the right to arrest anybody in the military, including the commander in chief.

If this purge really takes place, the world will see shocking trials revealing stuff that will make Nuremberg seems like a tea party. If they really have the guts to arrest these people then America and the world will be waking from a very long and terrible nightmare.


There are great expectations for President elect Obama but he has drawn the unlucky number 44

The Bush administration is ending in three days and already the world has put excessive hopes on the administration of President elect Obama. Everybody wants him to bring back to good old America everybody used to love. However, it is important to remember he is just the caretaker of a bankrupt company. The hole America has dug itself into for the past 30 years is very deep. Americans will have to relearn the meaning of hard work. They will also not be able to buy luxury items as they have become used to. However, their fundamental standard of living (housing, food etc.) will remain high. Nonetheless, Asians believe the age of 44 is a year of bad luck for humans and so it is likely that being the 44th president will also mean bad luck. Beware of the reaction to excessive expectations.


European Freemasons issue what they call the first open document in Freemason history

The Italian and Mediterranean Freemasons have issued a document calling for the Freemasons of the world to unite against the “Chinese menace.”

The document provides many good insights into the state of secret negotiations over the future of the world. It also shows clearly that divisions exist between American, British and mainland European Freemasons over how to deal with the world situation. The document also reveals an ignorance of Chinese and Asian thinking. They call for an alliance of South America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe against the Chinese. What they do not seem to realize is that there is already an alliance of China, South America, most of the Middle East, India, Japan, Africa, half of Europe and half of North America against the genocidal Zionist gangsters. Hopefully, they will come to their senses over the coming days and join the festivities as we prepare for a new age (not a New World Order) of harmony.

※Notice to blog readers: The English and Japanese versions of my daily blog are not necessarily the same. The reason is that sometimes Japanese and English speaking audiences need different information (eg background information). 


The desperate, cornered Nazi/Zionist rats try to destabilize Mexico, Pakistan and other countries

The recent Pentagon report that Pakistan and Mexico may descend into chaos seems to be part of a wider trend of attempted global destabilization by the desperate, cornered Zionist Nazis. Both these countries are nexuses of CIA linked drug dealers, gangsters and terrorists who are battling legitimate governments for control. Meanwhile Israel continues to lash out and threaten to expand its Gaza genocide into Lebanon and possibly Iran. Turkey, meanwhile, has arrested over 100 senior people (academics, journalists, military men etc.) in what the government describes as a “cleaning of the intestines of the nation,” and stopping a coup attempt. Perhaps it is a long overdue purge of Sabateans. Also, of course, the threats of nuclear terrorism either in the US or in the Middle East continue to be spread.

No matter what these people try, though, they are not going to succeed in starting WW3. Why fight them militarily, where they are strongest, when you can hit their pocket book, where they are weakest. Shipping companies are now offering to ship goods to Europe and the US for free and yet still cannot find takers because other countries no longer trust their ability to pay. The people of the world no longer trust the Western secret government. They must stand back and let a new age (not a new world order) begin.


The Nazi Neo-cons are getting deperate and should not be underestimated.

Various statements leaked around by these desperate Zionist rats include the possibilities of starting a war with Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. While the majority of the US military and intelligence establishments remain opposed, we must keep our guard up.


The US dollar is under quarantine

According to a senior source in the US secret government the US dollar is being quarantined. Most of the $8.5 trillion the federal reserve board has printed since last September is not being accepted as valid international currency. Also, depending on the serial numbers, dollars issued by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and George Bush senior may also not be accepted. The announcement date for the new financial system is getting closer and for that reason we need to remain extremely vigilant. They may even resort to nuclear terrorism but not matter what, we must not give them any excuse to start World War 3.


About the Zionist lies and murder

The degenerate nature of North American mass media is far worse than I imagined. This is no more evident than in the coverage of the slaughter taking place in the Gaza strip. Israel has murdered hundreds of people (one third of them children) and yet for people who still rely on North American mass media for information the story is about the “Hamas attacks on civilians.” People here believe that Hamas is intent on destroying Israel when in fact it has already agreed to a peace agreement on the lines of the 1967 UN resolution. You can see from the UN votes how isolated the US and Israel really are. It will not be long before Israel runs out of money though, since their main patron, the United States, is bankrupt. At that point Israel will have no choice but to shed its paranoid fortress mentality and accept a peace agreement based on the 1967 UN resolution. However, expect more horrendous crimes over the coming week before their game of terror finally winds down.


Are we about to find out what happened to the $3.3 trillion the Pentagon “lost.”

President elect Obama has selected William J. Lynn as the new Deputy Secretary of Defense. Lynn was Under Secretary of Defense (in charge of the Pentagon budget) from 1997 to 2000. From September of 1999 to October of 2000 the Pentagon “misplaced” $3.3 trillion. Only time will tell if Obama re-hired Lynn in order to find out what happened to the missing money or not. It is believed the money went to a secret project know as Bluebeam designed to create a fake Armageddon. In any case, if the US government wants to get financing to recover from its impending bankruptcy, they need to tell the world exactly where those $3.3 trillion ended up.


 Discussions over new financial system are at a standstill

International discussion over the creation of a new financial system and a new international trading currency to replace the US dollar have come to a standstill. First of all, there is a split in the secret government of the West between a faction that wants to go back to strict regulation and the rule of law and the people who have benefited from financial corruption over the past 25 years. The law and order faction seem determined to imprison large swathes of the Western power elite in a big purge aimed at cleansing Western society. The Clinton/Bush types, meanwhile, are not yet willing to cede power or control willingly. The rest of the world will not get involved in Western internal power struggles but they are determined that never again will the US dollar be the world’s trading currency.