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Public Equity, part 1

Brother Jonathan

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So, in the last 10 days the Stock Market and the American economy have been hit hard ­ but by what? Last Friday Oct. 10, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen gave a speech and first used the term, we will buy “PUBLIC EQUITY” in the banking system. This sent another shock wave throughout the economy. And then yesterday Monday Oct. 13, the stock market soared like a bird, rising an amazing 600+ points in one day. But lets take a close look at that term “Public Equity.” Early this morning the stock market opened in the morning up about 300 points, then when Secretary Paulsen, and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bernanke spoke this morning before the market opened, I watched the market quickly drop a hundred points. And later the market continued to drop. At least some American's are getting the story that “Public Equity” is something America should not be playing with.

Unless you are a student in Macro-economics, you probably have never heard the term Public Equity, and have no idea what it means. To make it simple, the term Equity means ownership in a business. If you deposit money in a bank, the bank will pay you interest on your money, but you don't own the bank or profit from its gains, you have no “equity” in the bank. But if instead of just depositing money in the bank, you buy shares of the bank's stock, you didn't just loan money to the bank, you actually are now a part owner of the bank. If you buy enough shares of the bank, you are now a part owner, and enough shares will put you on the Board of Directors of the bank, and you can then tell the bank who to loan to, and where to invest it's money. Thus, simply Equity means -- part ownership.

So what is Public Equity? If wealthy Warren Buffet invests his billions of money in some bank, that is Private Equity. Buffet is a private person, just like any man who deposits money in the bank. But Buffet is a billionaire, so he can buy enough shares to actually take control of the bank. But if the US government buys Equity in a bank, then the government actually is on the Board of Directors and now controls the bank. And to buy Public Equity, the government actually uses taxpayer money, from the US Treasury.

Ten days ago, the US congress passed the 800 billion dollar “Bailout Bill” now called TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). This bill included broad powers for Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Then last Friday, Paulson spoke about how TARP would work, and for the first time, used the term Public Equity. On that day, the stock market continue to drop drastically, 500 or more points per day just as it had done for the previous 8 days but after Paulson's speech the market suddenly turned upward and actually closed slightly upward. What also happened at the same time was that the bank of England also said they were injecting money by buying “Public Equity.” That process of central banks around the world, all buying up public equity was seeming to happen in many nations. Not a good thing.

Then yesterday on Monday, Oct. 13, with some of the markets still closed for Columbus Day, the New York stock market did its huge climb of 600 points in one day ­ a new record. But hold on. That wasn't the first time that Public Equity was used to prop up a country's banking system.

The first time anybody had played like that with the economy and the banking system occurred in the 1920's in Italy. It was done by an audacious popular charismatic dictator named Benito Mussolini and since he was robbing the Italian taxpayers for the money to buy the banks, most Italians secretly hated him. In America, most people were divided into two camps about using 800 billion to buy Public equity in the banks. One group said, “NO” and the other group said, “Hell NO.” But in 1925 Mussolini was the dictator so Italians didn't complain too loudly. The most common comment was “... but at least he made the trains run on time.” Even though the Italians hated him for stealing their money, they did say “...but...” he did make the rail system work. So publicly they seemed to forgive him. They seemed to forgive him until they finally killed him ­ end of Benito. I suspect Sec. Paulson knows he is heading down the same path.

Mussolini saw himself as a new Caesar who would restore Italy to its old glory days as the Roman Empire of the world. He even used the ancient symbol of Rome, a bundle of sticks tied with two axes, to show the unity and power of the Roman Empire. That symbol is on the back of the US dime, indicating the strength and unity of the United States. Mussolini used the ancient Latin name for the symbol, the Fascies. And for that reason, that new Italian economy was called Fascism. Most people were then and even now are confused by what Fascism means. It simply means when the government uses taxpayer money to buy Public Equity or ownership in banks and companies. Later in the 1920's Mussolini tried to redefine Fascism by saying it simply means “corporatism.” But that was just as confusing as before. It simply means all corporations in 1920's Italy were owned by the Mussolini government.

Ten years later, that same form of government controlled economy was tried in Germany. Adolf Hitler, seeing how successful Mussolini had been in Italy using stolen tax money, called the new German system, National Socialism. This was shorted in the press to Nazism. And what was Nazism? Most people falsely believed it was a faith in Hitler as savior of Germany with a lot of Germans in Nazi uniforms giving salutes with a “heil Hitler.”

Wrong, Nazism is simply the German government owning Public Equity in German corporations. What it means is Nazism is running the businesses of Germany using stolen taxpayer money. With Hitler, in effect, on the board of directors of all corporations, he could direct bicycle factories to start making German rifles, and even the private Essen iron works to start secretly making tanks, and naval ships, all in violation of the Versailles Treaty which ended WWI. Using the rubric of Public Equity which he called Nazism, Hitler was able to secretly rebuilt Germany into a military superpower.

Barack Obama is calling for the same thing, but he uses the word “Change ­ Change you can believe in.” But the result is the same, Public Equity. To end this short history of Public Equity, I should note that it was also used in Russia in the 1930's. It took Josif Stalin only 10 years, using stolen taxpayer money to turn the USSR into a world powerhouse. But it was all a lie. The USSR was NOT an ally which helped the US, England and France to defeat the Nazis in 1945.

NO, it was a rarely heard from subgroup in Russia called Siberia which actually won WWII. Still today, Siberia is the most powerful nation in the world. Most people have never heard of it and can't find it on a map. It is filled with natural resources, and even has its own spaceport, the largest in the world. US Astronauts and Russian Cosmonauts using Russian rockets to travel the International SpaceStation, all take off from the space facilities in Siberia.

If China starts to get jiggy and starts invading its neighbors, the first to fall probably will not be Taiwan, instead it would be the lightly defended Siberia. Siberia has access to oil, wheat, diamonds, and a world-class space facility. Using those facilities, China could get to the moon, not in 20 years like the US, but in only 5 years. With a new moon station, China would then make the International SpaceStation obsolete as a world observation and control system. The US and Russia could then never compete with the power of the Chinese.

For the last 20 years I have been watching the Chinese. For the last 15 years they have secretly been eying Siberia in the West, and they have been hiding that secret by seeming to focus only in the East toward Taiwan. Won't the world be stunned when China simply walks in and takes over the Russian space facilities in Siberia. The US and Russia then would have no access to space, only the Chinese. For the last five years, I have been writing that NASA wants out of the space business. NASA is NOT the organization you thought it was. It has been taken over by the Troika, and that occurred in 1953, five years before NASA was even formed in 1958. More about that later.

So in the last two months what has been happening in the United States? Clearly not what you thought or have been told by the news media. As I explained in an earlier BroJon Digest the American news media have all been controlled by the CIA since the 1930's ­ so don't expect the truth from any newspapers or TV. Supposedly, the three main stories which are being reported are: (1) The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, (2) the lack of confidence in creditors which caused a melt down of the US economy, and (3) the formation of TARP and its method to increase economic confidence and buoy up the US economy. All three stories are absolute lies created to fool you and to turn the US into something it has never been -- a Troika Clone. Actually I already told this story in my 1999 book “Black Gold Hot Gold” still found on page one of the BroJon Gazette.

Story number one about Barack Obama has been a completely manufactured story for many years. Obama is NOT who he says he is. Many people claim Obama is a “socialist.” Wrong. He has much more in common with Mussolini and Hitler who ran governments using Public Equity. Obama himself has been selling TARP as the only way out of the economic chaos. Wrong. But as I will document in my upcoming series, “The Russian Letters,” most of Obama's political funding has come from the Soviet Union. And you may say “But, wait the soviet union disappeared in 1991 so how could that be?”

Well, in 1991, the union of states called the Soviet Union, the USSR, disappeared but the people who ran that country, the Communist Party of the USSR did not disappear. In fact, in 1990 the year before the collapse, I reported in many radio interviews, that the leader of the Soviet Union, Premier Mikael Gorbachev did not retire to the Black Sea region of southern Russia, as did all earlier Russian Tsars and potentates including all the Romanov's for the last 400 years. Instead, Gorbachev retired to Sausalito, in Marin county just north of San Francisco.

Along with Gorbachev came trillions of Soviet rubles in order to buy up American politicians ­ in fact the whole electoral system in the US. It is no accident that three high level US politicians also all come from Sausalito: Senators Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and congresswoman and now Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I remember them all when they were merely all small democratic politicians in San Francisco, but all had a strange meteoric rise to national acclaim. And that was shortly after Mikael Gorbachev's arrival in Sausalito.

Gorbachev claimed in 1990 he was moving to California to become a lobbyist for the world environment. Gorbachev even filed papers in California to register as an environmental lobbyist in California. Specifically, it was Gorbachev and the wealthy Gorbachev Foundation in New York and in the Presidio in San Francisco which funded the false “Hole in the Ozone Layer” and “Global Warming” theories which are to be fixed by spending trillions of US dollars, under the direction of ex-vice President Albert Gore, to protect the environment. Thus breaking the US economy.

In effect, Gorbachev had been given a new job by the communist Party, one which could not be done from within the Soviet Union. Gorbachev would destroy the US from within, from Sausalito California, by disrupting the US economy. One thing which Gorbachev along with Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi now have in common is a belief in a “classless society” a tenet of the old Soviet style communism. This is created by taxing the rich and giving to the poor, until there are no more rich, only poor peons. This worked so well in the USSR, and also included the genocide of 20 million middle-class blond haired and blue eyed Ukranians in 1939.

But the Russians themselves were never told THAT story, but soon will. One of the people calling for the truth in Russia is Mikael Gorbachev himself. It was in 1939 when Gorbachev was 9 years old that his father was one of the many millions of middle-class Russians sent to frozen Siberian gulags to die for the simple crime of being in the middle-class. Just months ago Gorbachev has called on Russia to reopen the investigation into the genocides of Josif Stalin. All of this is documented in my upcoming series “The Russian Letters.”

Even if the Russians won't tell that story ­ I will. And I have it from great authority, the Siberians themselves who broadcast that story on Radio Irkutsk -- The voice of Siberia, which I listened to in 1957, until the government in Moscow found out about it, and then shut down Radio Irkutsk and shut them up permanently. Now even the Siberians won't talk about it. The main part of the story was -- it was Siberia which won WWII and not the USSR in Moscow. The Russians have suppressed this story for 70 years. It is not taught in any Russian textbooks. It has also been suppressed in the US for the same amount of time. So when you hear the story from me ­ it will be for the very first time. And you certainly wont hear such truths, from Barack Obama.

Many people have wondered how it is that I seem to know so much about world politics. And I never seem to quote somebody's book or refer you to somebody's blog site. I never use those resources, since I assume most of them are in fact Troika controlled. I use my own experiences to tell the story, and that is my only source. So how did I get into the middle of so many earth shaking world events? That's also been a mystery to me. But I started to explain that story in my series “Konfessions of a Kid Koldwarrior.” Now printed in the BroJon Gazette.

I told the story of how at age 16, in 1961 I went through CIA training for the Viet Nam War. Actually, I never joined the CIA and never went to Vietnam. But the training, at Fort Ord in California, was the early equivalent of the School of the Americas which was military training of an elite corps to be personal guards for military brass working in foreign countries. The School of the Americas was then moved to Panama for several years, and the CIA hand picked graduates from the school for sniper and assassination training. But to do that the students had to leave the military. The CIA and the military equivalent, the DIA have never worked together. They are abject enemies, a story which I have been following since 1963. A story which I will explain in the near future, if I live to tell it.

I never joined the CIA, and since I was only 16, I never worked in Vietnam. Since then the School of the Americas has moved back to Fort Benning in Georgia. Many people, including Amy Goodman and Link TV, falsely claim that the School of the Americas is a CIA training program. Wrong. The School of the Americas at Ft. Benning is clearly a military program for the best of the best in the military, I trained with them at Ft. Ord in 1961 so I know them well.

They have nothing to do with the CIA until after graduation, when the CIA then offers them a salary about 100 times more than they can make in the military. How can you blame a soldier for wanting to multiply his salary by that much. In the last 10 years the private employment of School of the Americas military graduates has widely increased to include CIA, and many private armies such as BlackHawk. It was the private army of BlackHawk which flew into the Katrina disaster of New Orleans, and now does much of the fighting in Iraq. I have been following the story of private elite military-trained armies for over 10 years. I am glued to that story like white on rice. I will tell you more about them later.

The most telling story of how I know so much about world events involves China. In 1996 I needed employment. Since for years I had reported on Radio KKUP that the stories of “the Hole in the Ozone Layer” and “Global Warming” were false propaganda coming from the Soviet Union in 1971, and since I had written a letter to right-wing Radio host Rush Limbaugh in 1991 explaining the hoax. And since he had read my letter on his program in April 1991, my name has been on the “blackball” list and I was never hired at NASA nor anywhere else since then.

The only job offer I got was in June 1996 at Hewlett Packard. But it was a strange job. I was not hired as an 80 dollars an hour senior engineer -- I was hired as an 18 dollars an hour lowly technician. And the job got even more squirrelly from there. I even told my family that I sensed that the device I was building was going straight to Communist China. At that time, in the field of off-the-shelf microprocessors the fastest devices only ran at a speed of about one half a gigahertz, most were much slower. That's even among the most expensive Intel and HP microprocessors. Even today the fastest and most expensive American devices run about 2 to 3 gigahertz.

Those devices are used to build the military computers that run the electronics in space and military fighter aircraft. But if China could get devices which ran at a speed of about 20 gigahertz then they would be light years or at least 10 years ahead of American technology. So who was it that sold the Chinese such advanced technology to make microprocessors that run at 20 or more gigahertz in 1996? Who was it that put the Chinese so far ahead of the US. Actually, I know him well. To keep the story simple, it was me and me alone, but I didn't do it by choice. I was threatened with never seeing my children again and 3 years in jail, if I didn't take the job. And that's how I know so much about advanced Chinese technology and many other stories about world events. I was there at the time the event occurred, so I don't need to read about it or quote somebody's blog...