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Rise of the Fourth Reich: Alex Jones Interviews Jim Marrs

Alex Jones

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Alex interviewed Jim Marrs on his KLBJ show on Sunday, September 21, 2008.

AJ: Ladies and gentlemen, on this radio show and on the weekday radio show you’re going to find out from the true experts what is happening with the economy. And it isn’t my opinion. As John Wayne said: “No brag, just fact.” If you go and you look at the evidence in the book I wrote back in 2002, 9/11, Descent into Tyranny, the last chapter lays out how in the next eight years, and we’re now six years into that, how they would artificially implode the debt, restrict the credit, and then “have a bailout” that basically bankrupted the people of the world to the IMF and World Bank and to the private families that own the private Federal Reserve and the IMF and World Bank.

So this is the big scam. The banks can’t trick you to take out a loan on a farm you can’t pay because what they really want is that land. The banks can’t trick you to sign away your birthright and your children’s future. But they can go buy off your government, militarize your police and military, generationally, while they get the wealth off the control they have in the earlier sets of the Ponzi scheme, and then come in and bring in total tyranny.

And this is what they have done. So this is not a bail-out you are seeing. This is mass raping of the economy. This is done by design, and they are moving in army brigades so that when you really find out what’s happening, when you riot because they’ve taken your pension fund and destroyed your future, they can use microwave guns and machine guns down the street.

Now the good news is, most of the military and police I’ve talked to are now aware of this because of people like Jim Marrs and myself and others who have been out there warning people, so they are not going to go along with it.

I wish this wasn’t the truth, but it’s really happening.

Now, it’s been said many different ways by many different historians and people of note, philosophers, that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. And if one wants to understand the present and the future, they’d have a grasp of history because humans tend to act the same; there’s nothing new under the sun, and the same scams get developed, the same ideas, the same mindsets. And if you study the Nazis and you study Fascism in Italy and Germany, and if you learn who the players were in the United States, England and Germany, who funded the fascists and the communists, and when you read books by Carroll Quigley, the top Georgetown professor and Bill Clinton’s mentor, he explains it in a 900-page book how the big banks funded the fascists and the communists, and they created a dialectic. They control the left/right. And then you think you have a choice, but it’s a controlled choice.

But they are going with the fascist model right now. They brought down the communist model in ’91. That got them some control and domesticated the population. Now they are going with the fascist model.

Now don’t think of a Nazi as a guy with a mustache. I have a picture here I drew on the front of Newsweek, “What Bush Got Right,” and I drew a little mustache on him. And you know we can joke about that all day, but he is just a puppet. But his grandfather was the head U.S. Nazi in the United States, and that was even in the New York Times 50 some years ago. So Jim Marrs, best-selling author, wrote the book Crossfire on JFK, helped write the screenplay and was the main consultant on that film. His new book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich is a New York Times best-seller, available everywhere and as well at, along with the film I made four years ago about the same subject. But he’s got 100 times more detail, and it is shocking.

And so when the Nazis were brought to the U.S. when Germany fell, they were coming back home. They were coming from where they’d sprung. And that’s why they were put in charge of not just NASA but every other major agency. And so now you’ll understand what’s really happening.

For the rest of the show, Jim, you’ve got the floor. I’ll be throwing a few questions out, but start at the beginning for us.

JM: Well, actually you could probably go back into the 1800s into the Rothschild mode of banking where they pitted the European nations against each other for profit and control. But let’s just go to the Russian Revolution of 1917. When that happened, Woodrow Wilson, who was president of the United States at the time, wrote that the bulk of financial aid to Russia at that time did not go to the Democratic Kerensky government; it went to the Bolsheviks who became the communists. So we created the communists, or Wall Street bankers and Bank of England bankers created the communists in 1917.

Lenin was not even in Russia; he was in Switzerland. He was aided in passing through war-time Germany with German intelligence and a German banker including Max Warburg. The reason Max Warburg is interesting is because his brother Paul Warburg started the Federal Reserve, had come over here, participated in the conspiracy of Jekyll Island, had created the Federal Reserve system, and was head of the Federal Reserve system at the time of WWI and in fact was in charge of funding the war effort for the U.S. in WWI. And his brother is funding the German war effort, to show you how they play both sides.

AJ: Now, hundreds of books have been written about this. It’s mainline history. It’s now declassified that the U.S. government put Mao in. But a lot of leftists are going, “What do you mean the bankers funded the communists?” Explain that to them.

JM: Well, they sent the aid to Lenin, and whoever pays you money controls it. The philosophical leader of communism was Leon Trotsky, and then in 1917 he was living on Rockefeller land and working in New York. But they put him on a boat with about $40 million, raised from Wall Street capitalists including the Schiffs, and 300 revolutionaries, and they sent him off to Russia. Now the Canadian authorities stopped him at Halifax and said, “We’ve heard your speeches and we know you’re going over into Russia and taking over and creating a communist government, and you’re going to pull Russia out of the war, and that’s going to free 1 million soldiers to come over and fight our good Canadian boys in the West. So we’re not going to let you go.”

But he got loose. How? Because Winston Churchill, who was Lord of the Admiralty at the time, said, “No, you need to let him go.” And Woodrow Wilson, through his mentor Colonel House, gave him an American passport.

So Trotsky was released, sent to Russia, and along with Lenin created communism in Russia.

Now, Alex, I think the game plan was, they were going to create a socialist East and they were going to pit it against a capitalist West for what we came to know as the Cold War. But what happened, the communists created the Internationale, and they said, Workers of the World Unite! And they created very powerful communist parties in Italy, France, Germany, Britain, the United States, so these capitalists were going, “Wait a minute, we don’t want this. If it becomes one world socialism, then we can’t play off one nation against another or one block against another.”

So they decided they had to stop the spread of communism. So to achieve that, they reached into Germany, the one country in the middle of Europe that was in a position to stop the theological and military spread of communism. They found a German army intelligence agent, who they funded and helped create the National Socialist German Workers Party, and of course that was Adolph Hitler.

Nazis, or National Socialists, are no different than communist socialists.  

And you’ve got to remember that NAZI is an acronym for National Socialist. And National Socialists are really no different than communist socialists, the only difference being that you could confine them within one national boundary, and you could keep it within Germany, within Italy. That way the bankers could continue to play off one country against another. So that led up to WWII.

AJ: That’s mainline history that the Nazi party was founded and run by German intelligence, funded by British intelligence and Lord Milner’s group. So the whole thing was run out of Britain; and Britain right up into the war was running Germany.

It’s common knowledge that the U.S. and England funded Hitler, but he was like a rock star. He was all over the newsreels, all over radio. My grandfather remembers growing up in Dallas and he was in the newspapers, on radio, what a great guy he was, right up until 1939 or so.

Jim Marrs, continue because this then connects into today, and this isn’t like, ‘Oh, there’s a few Nazis in the government.’ This is the governing system! The Nazi symbols are in the Senate, the Fascia; it’s how the government is being run, the black uniforms, the national police force, the Homeland. That’s what Hitler called it was the Reich land, which means Homeland.

Jim Marrs, please continue.

JM: Well, let me just preface by quickly pointing out to everyone that’s listening that when we say “fascists and Nazis are taking over in the United States,” we’re not talking about goose-stepping Germans. No. The Germans lost the war. We’re talking about the National Socialists that funded the Nazis, put them in power, kept them power, and then brought them over here after the war.

I’ve already rattled off some of the corporations that were supporting the Nazis prior to the war: Brown Brothers Harriman, the JF IBM. IBM produced very specialized punch cards for the German IBM equipment that allowed them to ship all the Jews and the dissidents off to the concentration camps. General Motors, Ford, they were producing war materials for the Nazis because business after all is just business.

AJ: In fact our bombers weren’t allowed to bomb those GM and Ford plants, turning off Panzers.

JM: I read an account of a German worker at the General Motors plant, said when they had a bombing raid everybody would run to the General Motors plant because they knew it was safe.

  Operation Paperclip brought Nazis to the United States.

In 1936 Time Magazine referred to Schroeder, Rockefeller and Company, investment bankers, as the “economic booster of the Rome/Berlin Axis. And their attorneys were two fellows from the New York law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles. Allen Dulles’s mentor was John J. McCloy, chairman of City National Bank which is now Citicorp, and John J. McCloy sat with Hitler in his box at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

AJ: And those guys go on to be the CIA director, and then they are tied into the assassination of Kennedy.

JM: Right. After the war, John J. McCloy gets to be the high commissioner of Germany, and he pardons about 100,000 Nazis and sends them to the United States. His protégé, Allen Dulles, was the longest serving CIA director, and through the CIA and through Operation Paperclip which went under the radar of Presidents Eisenhower and Truman, they were never made fully aware of what they were really doing. They altered and whitewashed the backgrounds of thousands of these Nazis, changing it from an ardent Nazi to not an ardent Nazi, enrolled them into the CIA.

And then on top of that we had the Gayland Organization which was General Reinhart Gayland (sp), a Nazi, who was providing us all of our early intelligence data on the Soviet Union. So no wonder we had a Cold War. We were getting all our information about Russia from an anti-communist underground filtered through a Nazi organization. And that’s when, in 1947, they began to create a National Security state here within the United States. And it started with the rocket scientists, the mind control experts, the CIA, but then it rolled into the defense industries, and then into the universities which were packed with some of these same people. Psychiatry was a big center. They brought all the German psychiatrists over here.

AJ: But for every Nazi they had others who in many cases the Nazis were actually protégés of. It’s important to add that the Nazis in many respects were the protégés of a eugenics elite already in England and the U.S.

JM: That’s exactly right. The first major eugenics study – “eugenics” being the study of heredity, of racial purity, who’s your daddy –

AJ: Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he was a student of “experts in the U.S.” That’s where he got it all.

Prescott Bush and President Eisenhower.  

JM: Exactly. In fact the first major eugenics foundation in the United States was set up by Mrs. E. F. Harriman, and it was her husband Edward Harriman who was the protector and mentor of Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush was a director of Union Banking Corporation and was a focal point for handling the money from steel magnate Fritz Tyson to Adolph Hitler. Tyson has publicly taken credit for funding Hitler to a large extent, and Prescott Bush was handling the money.

AJ: He wrote the book, I Paid Hitler.

JM: Exactly. In late 1942, Prescott Bush was even prosecuted by the federal government of the U.S. under the Trading with the Enemies Act for being nothing but a Nazi financial front man. And of course now we’ve had two of – his son George Herbert Walker Bush, former president of the U.S., and his grandson is now president of the United States. In fact, if you think about it, we’ve got the president of the United States whose grandfather was prosecuted as a Nazi front man; we’ve got the governor of the most populous state in the country Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose father was Nazi storm trooper, a party official. We’ve got Karl Rove who’s widely known as Bush’s Brain whose grandfather built concentration camps for the Nazis. And we have a pope who as a young man in Poland was a member of the Hitler Youth. It makes you wonder who really won the war.

AJ: Well, they had the giant rail cars full of diamonds, everything. That was brought into Texas, because my grandfather worked for the oil companies and he saw it. He said there were more Germans in Midland than there were Texans, and just unbelievable stories. But continue. Let’s break this down for people.

JM: Well, they began to create the military industrial complex, but more importantly –

AJ: Let’s explain. The 1947 National Security Act, COG, Continuity of Government, mirrored the Nazi set-up.

JM: Oh, exactly. And all of this fit right into Operation Eagle Flight, which was Morton Borman who was Hitler’s secretary, who survived the war, escaped to South America, was seen in the United States a few times, and towards the end of August 1945 when it became obvious that the D-Day landings were going to be successful and they wouldn’t be able to throw us off the continent, he met with Herman Schmitz, head of the I.G. Fabens Chemical Combine, which is the grandfather of all the major pharmaceutical companies today, and Dr. Abs who is head of the German Central Bank, and they instituted Operation Eagle flight. They took everything worth anything, patents, copyrights, licenses, gold, silver, precious stones, art, antiquities, scientists – everything. They took it out of Germany.

AJ: Germany had just looted Europe and parts of Russia, Eastern Europe, but they already had more industrial patents, science, A-bombs, than anybody else in the world. So that loot was contained and protected because the British royalty was really German royalty, and much of the richest families in New York were intermarried as well. So it was also a family matter.

  1937: British royals meet Hitler.

JM: Absolutely. In fact, in my book Rise of the Fourth Reich you’ll learn that as late as 2007 documents surfaced in England that showed that during the war the queen mother of England thought it was perfectly okay to have a Nazi occupation of England as long as they guaranteed the monarchy would remain intact. And why not? Because the Windsors had changed their name from Mountbatten, who’d changed their name from Battenberg. And they all were of German heritage, so why not let your relatives come in and take over?

AJ: You had the king who they say stepped down from the throne because he married an American woman. That came later. It’s mainline British history that he had to step down from being king because he had publicly backed Hitler.

JM: Exactly. The royals were very supportive of Hitler and very supportive of national socialism. That’s the thing I’m trying to get by is that what happened was, that Hitler and the Germans proved to be a little bit too effective, and they overran Europe, France, the low countries, were pushing into Russia, were threatening England. So the bankers in England and America, again they said oh my god we’ve created another Frankenstein monster!

AJ: They are masters at double-crossing.

JM: Yes. In fact I quote Churchill in my book. He wasn’t against national socialism or the Nazis. He was against Germany leading the economic system.

AJ: Germany leading the New World Order. That’s why they have all these famous Disney things making fun of cartoon Hitler’s going, "New World Order." That was the term, everybody knew ‘New World Order’ was bad. But no, it was to be an American and British, Anglo-American New World Order.

JM: Yeah. It was, (singing) ‘We Bring the World New Order, Heil Hitler…’

AJ: (impersonating) Adolph Hitler’s New World Order!

In fact, pull that up. Go to You Tube, guys! Google on You Tube, “Disney Cartoons, New World Order,” and it will be Daffy Duck getting mad as a secret agent, blowing up Nazis, and the Nazis are always going, ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, New World Order, New World Order!’ Anyways.

JM: And the song, ‘In the Fuhrer’s Face.’

AJ: That’s it, ‘In the Fuhrer’s Face.’ Is this not the land so good! We would change it if we could!

Karl Marx
1911: Cartoon by Robert Minor has Wall Street embracing Karl Marx.  

JM: So there you go. The older generations that had a better education and a more classical education than we have truly understand this. I mentioned in an earlier book of mine, Rule by Secrecy, there was a St. Louis Post Dispatch cartoon in 1911 that shows all the Wall Street bankers and John D. Rockefeller and Mellon, and they are all shaking hands with Karl Marx. They clearly understood that these guys had created them.

AJ: They would fund any movement to con serfs into killing the ruling elite, and then handing it over to the bankers. And the bankers wrote all these declassified documents on that.

[Disney cartoon plays: “The Fuhrer says this is the master race. Heil, Heil, in the Fuhrer’s face. Not your love der Fuhrer is a great disgrace. So we heil, heil, right in the Fuhrer’s face. When Herr Georbells says we own the world and space, we heil, heil, right in Herr Goerbells’ face. And Herr Goering says, they’ll never bomb this place, the heil, heil right in Herr Goering face. Is he not the superman? Aryan superman. Super Duper Superman! Is this not the land so good? Would you leave it if you could? Not this Nazi. We would leave it if we could. We bring the World New Order. Heil Hitler, New World Order. We love the Fuhrer’s face, and we bring the New World Order. Herr Goering says they’ll never bomb this place, heil, heil right in Herr Goering’s face.]

AJ: Cue that up again where they have Hirihito say ‘Adolph Hitler’s New World Order.’

Because you need to understand Hitler wrote another book called The New World Order. HG Wells wrote one called the New World Order. There was a debate about how it would work. It would be a micromanaged society controlled by social workers and paramilitary policy. And we’re going to get into so many issues – sponsored terror where the government would blow stuff up and blame it up on their enemies, a Nazi specialty. National police force, Nazi specialty. Bankrupting companies and the government, Nazi specialty. On and on and on and on. This is what we’re dealing with.

And the people that were top Nazis in the U.S. were also the people that killed Kennedy and truly brought in shadow government to full dominance through COG. And now they’re just fully butchering the nation in front of everyone. We have multi-time New York Times bestselling author with us. He of course has written the Rise of the Fourth Reich. It is currently on the New York Times best seller list, only been out a few months. It is available at discounted, out of the gates, if people want to get it. And we’ve only been giving you the history. The book gets into the present, and just so much. We’re only scratching the surface today. We’re also filming live in here for a documentary film I’m making with Jim Marrs that Jim is going to be narrating.

Jim, continue.

JM: Well, most people know about Operation Paperclip which was the way they brought in Nazis into the country, put them to work on our space program, our mind control experts working for the CIA with programs such as MK ULTRA. All that’s history. But where they began to make their move in the political arena actually was probably with the assassination of President Kennedy.

When I began to write my book the Rise of the Fourth Reich, I was looking at the historical and political situation and circumstances. It never crossed my mind that I would be considering the Kennedy assassination again. And yet the same names, the same companies, the same corporations, the same secret societies kept cropping up until I finally ended up writing a whole chapter on Kennedy and the Nazis.

AJ: Now see, that’s key, that’s key! Because in pure research – I don’t talk to you a lot and you don’t talk to me, and before we ever met we had come to the same conclusions; because if you do pure research, you come up with the same answers basically if you are correct. I mean, let’s say we’re both doing research at what temperature water boils – we’re going to find the same thing. We’re going to find the same individuals.

So explain that. That’s key. I’m making a film about the JFK assassination and you’re already in it as a consultant, and then separately I’m doing my own research before I read Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich and before your book even comes out, I say, “Jim, aren’t the same players involved in the Kennedy assassination?” You say, Yes, on the air, about six months ago. You said, “That’s actually in my upcoming book!” So now, that’s been incorporated in the JFK film. That’s how integral this is to everyday life.

Please continue.

  Warren Commission
  Members of the Warren Commission on September 23, 1964.

JM: That’s correct. Well, to begin with, two of the most powerful and influential members of the Warren Commission were John J. McCloy and Allen Dulles, two of the men who were most instrumental in supporting Hitler before, during and after the war.

And again, you have to understand, we’re not talking about that these are all Germans. These are global fascists. And let’s get that term nailed down. When I say “fascists” I use it advisedly. Look in the dictionary. The dictionary definition of fascism is “the combination of state and corporate power, usually fueled by nationalism.” Okay?

Now, Mussolini himself, who coined the term because it came from his Blackshirts, the Facistas, he said that maybe fascism isn’t the correct term. He said the more correct term is ‘corporatism, rule by the corporations.’ I think any thinking person today knows the United States is now under the control of these multinational corporations. What I’m trying to tell you is, they were either created or bought up by these displaced National Socialist Nazis after World War II, and they’ve been slowly buying up. The big fish eat the little fish, until now there’s just a handful of these corporations; and they’re all controlled by the same families, the same companies, the same bloodlines, who were connected to the rise of national socialism in Germany.

AJ: Now we’ve gotten up to 1950 or so. In the early 1950s the Bilderberg Group is set up, and that gets set up by Prince Barnhart who was a German prince who then married the queen of the Netherlands of the House of Orange. He was an SS officer. Then in the middle of the war he jumps over to the British side there with his cousins, and then Bilderberg tries to set up a world fascist state integrating the parts in together, always the same thing over and over again.

Break down the Bilderberg/Globalist connection.

JM: Well, you pretty well nailed it right there. When Prince Barnhart of the Netherlands, who had been a Nazi SS officer, jumped ship and came over to Britain, you could probably mark that as about the time that the New World Order turned against Hitler. It was not that they were against the Nazis, not that they were against national socialism. Heck, they created them. But they didn’t want Germany leading the financial world order.

AJ: His first cousin was Prince Phillip who was already married to the queen, so.

JM: Exactly. And of course the Windsors, who by the way are blood relations to the Bushes and to Al Gore and to John Kerry –

AJ: And to Barack Obama.

JM: And Barack Obama. It’s amazing, the same bloodlines. And so once they decided they had to turn on Hitler, then they began to come up with another New World Order, which was to create National Socialism in the West and continued funding communist socialism in the East until communist socialism finally collapsed in the early ‘90s under its own dead weight.

AJ: That turned out, the Rockefellers and the Armand Hammers, they owned the big aluminum plants and tractor plants. They were propping it up, and American taxpayers the whole time were paying for it.

JM: Exactly. It blew my mind being a veteran of the Vietnam war to find out that at the height of the Vietnam war when we were fighting North Vietnam and said it was just a surrogate of China and Russia, Lyndon Johnson was sending more American aid to Russia than we had during World War II when they were our allies. And they were using American tax money to build facilities in Russia like the Kama River Truck Factory, and they were cranking out war materials to send to North Vietnam to use against our own soldiers.

AJ: And the North Vietnam trucks were Fords. Ha, ha, ha!

JM: Exactly. Business is business, you know.

AJ: That’s where they make the money. They sell both sides on war, and then the bankers basically through the governments tax the people, and that’s kind of the old fashioned “bail-out.” Now they just declare an economic emergency, sucker the public or the Congress they own into paying literally everything into them.

Reichstag fire
Sept. 27, 1933: The Reichstag fire.  

JM: Right. And one of the Nazis’ biggest weapons of choice was fear. In early 1933 Germany was a democratic republic, but a few weeks later their Parliament building, the Reichstag, burned and was gutted by fire, which in those gentler days was actually as big a shock to the German people as 9/11 was to us. And Hitler, who was only the chancellor, kind of like our vice president, said, “Well, give me the power and I will go after these communist terrorists who did this!” Well now it’s pretty well acknowledged that the Nazis themselves set the fire in the Reichstag, and this was an early day false flag operation.

AJ: By the way, a big European court just three months ago did exonerate Marinas Vanderlubbe, the guy they’d set up for that, and did say it was the Nazis. What we do know is that there was another operation that was documented to have been a false flag, and that of course was Gleiwitz. People always ask, “Well, how did Hitler just out of the blue attack Poland and get the Germans to accept that?” Well, see, there was an al Qaeda attack, but it was called a Polish attack. Of course it later came out in the Nuremburg trials it was all staged. I want to tie together the Nazis’ love, the corporate fascists’ love of a false flag and psychology because they are great social architects. And the PhDs in psychology, psychiatry came out of Germany and England.

We only started with what was happening, and I want to get into current things, because that’s what really matters. I want to get into some of the history, we skipped ahead. I’m trying to get this straight – going back to the Germanic style death cults and the British East India Company tied in with the Germans, setting up Skull and Bones with all its bizarre Germanic death cult. And World War I we have the war generals, the field marshals wearing the big skull helmets like something out of Skeletor.

You’ve got the floor. Talk about that.

JM: Well of course all the Bushes, Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush, were all members of Skull and Bones, which is just the unofficial name of this secret society up on the Yale Campus. But when they did an investigation of Skull and Bones they found out its proper name is Chapter 322. Well, Chapter 322 of what? Ron Rosenbaum of the New York Times found out it connected over to a German secret society, and of course that was the Illuminati. So you’ve got the Illuminati, and then members of the Illuminati and other German aristocrats were members of the secret society called the Thule Gezelshaft, or the Thule Society, that believed that in the far distant past ETs had come to the earth and produced a super race of Aryans. And that’s where their whole Aryan superiority thing came from.

And it was the Thule Society that was headquartered in the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich that was the original big supporter of Adolph Hitler. So there is definitely this occult side to Nazism which nobody new about when I was young man. But in recent years there’s a lot of books now and even DVDs about the occult aspects of the Third Reich.

AJ: And let’s be clear, let’s be clear. We’re not saying any of this is real! And I know you’re not. What we’re saying is, this is a fact, this is mainstream information that you have this bizarre Germanic death cult that believes they are genetically engineered by extra terrestrials. This goes back hundreds of years. How did they come up with this! And Hitler is an adherent of this, as this young army officer in army intelligence setting up this Nazi death cult. You already have branches of it here in the United States with the Bushes and all of them in it. That’s why you have this international network. So we were going back. But that is a mainline fact.

  Apollo program
  NASA’s Apollo program.

JM: Right. And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in that or not or whether Alex or I believe in that or not. The fact is, they do. And that’s why they practice these rites. That’s why you have Bohemian Grove with the worship of the owl and the phony, if it is phony, sacrifices. And what I found out, and I also detail this in my book the Rise of the Fourth Reich, throughout the Apollo program, some of our major space missions, the date and times for those launches were set not on any scientific criteria but on the alignment of the constellations – in other words, by astrological alignment.

AJ: They admitted that about the Olympics this year on 8/8/8 at 8/8/8 with 8/8/8 drums. And of course who designed the modern Olympics? The first big one was 1936 in Munich. Hitler drew the rings, Hitler drew the torch. He designed all of the rituals around the different Germanic death cult societies. So that’s all this weird UFO cult having this ritual. And then was it 1980 or ’86 Olympics they had the 8/8/8 and they had fake aliens landing. This is a crazy UFO cult.

JM: That’s another whole topic, but they are conditioning us to that. The point again is, it doesn’t matter whether you want to believe in that. The point is, somebody who has the power to set dates, times, symbols for the international Olympics, for the U.S. and Russian space programs, they do believe in it. And that again points to the secret society groups that truly believe in that, which are the National Socialists, the Nazis.

AJ: Again, folks, this all sounds totally insane. We are not saying that Aryans or people from northern Europe are really these super humans. What we’re saying is, they believe this. This is even on the History Channel with Hitler and the Occult. This is mainline information. And the point is, this system came over here and dominated.

Now let’s skip ahead. Let’s get up to the ‘50s and ‘60s and the Kennedys and what happened there.

JM: Well, Kennedy was one of the few people who probably was in a position to know what was happening here. He got his start as a young man, first came to public attention writing a book called Why England Slept, and it was all about why England was going along and allowing the Nazis to gain power and prominence and going along with them. So he understood what was going on. And by the time he became president — essentially on a fluke because he was running against Richard Nixon in 1960. Richard Nixon got his start in politics with Nazi money, a Nazi by the name of Molaxa.

AJ: And he was good buddies with Prescott Bush. He was a protégé of Prescott’s.

JM: Exactly. So that was their attempt to worm their way into politics. But Kennedy got elected because he was charismatic and he had lots of money, and the youth got behind him.

AJ: And he had the mob.

JM: Exactly. And so at least that was a homegrown mob, not the Nazi mob. And he began to take steps that were thwarting the Nazi plan. He was beginning to go into joint space exploration with the Soviets, ending the Cold War. He was going to pull us out of Vietnam. He was closing the loopholes for the international corporations, and in fact in June of 1963 he ordered $6 billion issued not to through the Federal Reserve system that we have to pay interest to but through the Treasury, which we don’t have to pay interest to. So in other words, he was trying to curtail the power of the bankers. And of course in November, he’s shot in Dallas.

AJ: Now going back, we have the Continuity of Government system, the National Security State takeover at that point. He also got approached by Dulles and by Lyman Lemnitzer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about staging a terror attack, Operation Northwoods. And that’s when he really turned against them!

JM: Right. They wanted to launch attacks in Miami and in the southern United States, target U.S. citizens for assassination, hijack planes and ships, and blame it all on Castro so they could mount another Bay of Pigs type invasion of Cuba. And that was actually approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kennedy said, We don’t operate that way, and he turned them down. That was another straw that broke the camel’s back.

Well now, with Kennedy out of the way, Johnson, who could be bought, was in the seat, and he was run by his council of “wise men,” all of who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. So this is where they begin to consolidate their power. And of course the Warren Commission with John J. McCloy, Allen Dulles sitting on it, can whitewash the whole thing. They blamed it all on that snook Lee Harvey Oswald.

Then in 1972 when Bush took over, they got back on track, okay? As president, Bush wiped out the leadership of the Republican National Committee.

AJ: Let’s kick off with Nixon appointing George Herbert Walker Bush.

Reichstag fire
Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.  

JM: In 1972 President Nixon appointed George Herbert Walker Bush chairman of the Republican National Committee, and basically wiped out the Republican leadership but told them, keep Bush. So Nixon and Bush are both connected back to the same globalist fascist who created communism and the Nazis. They are National Socialists. Under Bush both as chairman of the Republican National Committee and later as vice president under Reagan, he enlarged the GOP’s ethnic committees and rolled all of the European fascists into the Republican party.

Now here’s what’s important about that. Nixon’s chief White House counsel, John Dean, had written a book recently called Broken Government and said, it’s been new on Capitol Hill since 1997 when the GOP gained control of the House and it’s been new to the White House since 2001 with the arrival of George Bush and Dick Cheney, but its roots first emerged during the Nixon presidency and began blossoming in the Reagan/Bush senior years. What was he talking about? Neoconservatism! Okay?

But you have to understand that neoconservatism is simply National Socialism.

AJ: And they followed Strauss, who was an admirer of the Nazis, and then went to the Chicago Business School. And they admit that. They say per Machiavellian, ends justify the means, killing innocent people is okay, staging terror attacks are okay. So again, it’s a ruthless mind-set. And look at it – black uniforms, Homeland Security which means Reich Security. That’s what they called it in Germany was Homeland Security, or Land Security. This is just unbelievable. And then it’s admitted – G. Gordon Liddy admits a lot of this. It came on a bunch of TV programs, came out in the hearings, with them all in the basement watching Nazi propaganda. Tell folks about that.

JM: Right. Well, that’s where it all began. And then it began to blossom in the Reagan years. And although Reagan was probably a traditional conservative, if you’ll think back during the campaign of 1980 –

AJ: They forced him to take Bush.

  Apollo program
  Reagan assassination attempt.

JM: Exactly. He had pledged that he would never allow George Herbert Walker Bush to be in his government or his administration, and yet by mechanizations and coercion they forced him into accepting Bush, and then less than two months after he took office he was shot! And if it hadn’t been for the fact that he barely survived, Bush would have been president. But he did survive, and Reagan went on. And I think Reagan understood that he was not in control because in 1985 there was a big hubbub about him going to Germany and laying wreaths in the Bitburg Cemetery where Nazi Waffen SS officers were buried. And Jewish groups and veterans organizations raised Hell about that. But he did it anyway! Why would a politician do something that was so opposed by so many people? It was because his Nazi masters told him he was going to do that.

And then we come on forward to today, and we now have the spectacle of the 2008 election. And you vote for John McCain and you’re going to get right wing socialism, or you can vote for Barack Obama and you’re going to get left wing socialism. But the National Socialists are there because socialism is what it’s all about.

AJ: Let’s explain. The big bankers want to train us and domesticate us with social engineering to pay our money to them so they can steal it. Look how the bankers right now are getting the bail-out. That’s socialism for them! That’s why it’s communism for them, not for us. Then they use our tax money to militarize the police.

Talk about that. Talk about the Nazi fascist component that came out of England and Germany with the social engineering, with the PhDs that come out of Prussia. That’s the micromanagement, the control.

JM: Well, I think most people understand about communism and bald-faced socialism. Where they’ve gotten really thrown off the track again is this infiltration of neoconservatism within the Republican party particularly and among the nation’s conservatives. Most people who consider themselves conservatives, if you really talk to them, they are constitutional conservatives. They want less government, balanced budgets, border security, family values, less government. And yet they are confused today because they keep voting for these people like the Bushes who claim to be compassionate conservatives, and all they get are more and more socialistic programs plus foreign wars of adventure –

AJ: Take John McCain. He’s for open borders, for gun control.

JM: War for 100 years.

AJ: He was part of the Keating 5, and then he claims he’s anti-corruption with Wall Street? But let’s continue. We didn’t even get into all the Nazi symbolism that’s happening.

JM: We also have not touched on the drugging down of America by Nazi methodology. I.G. Farben back in 1800 was actually marketing an antidepressant under the name heroin until finally enough people said, don’t do that. In the aftermath of WWII, a U.S. chemist named Charles Eliot Perkins was sent to Germany to try to reconstruct the I.G. Farben combine there, and he came back and wrote that the German chemist had worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass control that was submitted to and adopted by the German general staff. And this plan was to control the population of any given area through mass medication of the drinking water supplies, namely using sodium fluoride. So they put sodium fluoride in the drinking water of the concentration camps to keep the inmates passive and nonresistant.

AJ: Then in the 1950s under COG and under National Security they put fluoride in our water and called you kooks if you didn’t want it. But it’s in a Pulitzer prizewinning book, and it came out in the Nuremburg trials, that the Nazis were putting it in the water and so were the Soviets.

JM: That’s right. Today two-thirds of the water supply in this country is now fluoridated. Think about this. One of the most over-prescribed drugs today is Prozac, which is 94 percent fluoride.

AJ: It’s made out of fluoride.

JM: But to get Prozac you have to go to a licensed physician and get a prescription, and yet undocumented, unlicensed city workers are dumping fluoride into your water supply.

AJ: And not just fluoride. Sodium fluoride, which under law the term fluoride, they are allowed to take all the toxic waste, lead, mercury, that’s mixed in with it. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

JM: That’s true. And then they talk about the dumbing down of America. Well, it’s not that we’ve gotten dumber. It’s the fact that we have been drugged dumber.

AJ: Absolutely. In fact they’ve got studies in areas of Europe that have been fluoridating, England and the U.S. for over 50 years. They have maps, on average, a 20 point IQ reduction in areas where they’ve had fluoridation.

JM: That’s correct. And one of the big issues today that people are genuinely concerned about is the increase in teen suicides and school shootings. We’re all concerned about that. And yet if you go back, the only thing the mass media, the corporate media can talk about is gun control, take guns away. Well, hey, a lot of people listening here in Texas, if you’re over 40 or 50 you remember a time when we all had guns and nobody ever shot anybody. The problem is not the guns. The problem is the drugs, the Prozac, the Ritalin, the drugs –

AJ: In fact the Prozac insert says it causes depression and violence.

JM: Exactly. In fact if you go back you’ll find virtually every school shooting involves someone who’s either on these psychotropic drugs or just coming off of them, which apparently is even worse. And yet the media will not talk about that. Why? Because in 2007 the pharmaceutical corporations that can be tracked back to IG Farben and the Nazis spent $3.7 BILLION dollars on consumer advertising.

AJ: Ladies and gentlemen, it is not Alex Jones saying this. As I look at , mainstream media is quietly announcing the U.S. army is to patrol streets to deal with the American people. They actually say, “We hope we don’t have to shoot you,” in the Army Times publications. They are quietly announcing, this is marshal law. Bloomberg, the financial headline, link at : “Bush Seeks Dictatorial Power in Bail-out, All By Design.”

We got the IMF and World Bank documents. We warned you. This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a game, this isn’t a drill, this is toe-to-toe info war with the New World Order.

They’ve got control of the federal government, they’re going to claim you owe these trillions of dollars, they are going to rape you financially, and I’ve got a politico here reporting ABC News today reported that foreign banks will “be bailed out.” That means your whole future is being signed over to them. This is not a bail-out.

But it doesn’t matter. A lot of you want to keep laughing about all this. You want to giggle and smirk. You don’t know they’ve really built FEMA camps. You haven’t been to the urban warfare drills like I have where the troops are trying to take your guns. You haven’t interviewed police chiefs who Delta Force tried to secretly bribe. This is what the Nazis did in third world countries. They would go in and buy off the local governments. They’ve done that now here.

In the 8 or 9 minutes we have left with Jim Marrs I hope everybody will visit,, and get his amazing book the Rise of the Fourth Reich. We’ve probably covered 5 percent of what’s in the book. It is such an amazing book to really understand what we’re facing.

The group that put Hitler in is the group now in control, and they are using that model, minus the racial politics. They use the more divide-and-conquer British model there. In closing, the COG, Continuity of Government, National Security State, in your words, using those terms for the film, get into that, Jim, and what their end game is, the population reduction, what they’re going for once they get their world fascist government.

JM: Well, during the Ronald Reagan years probably while Reagan was recuperating from being shot, he signed a secret executive order that created a program called, innocuously enough, the National Program Office. And Rumsfeld and Cheney – Cheney had been chief of staff to Gerald Ford and Rumsfeld had been his Defense secretary. And they would slip away, and they created this Continuity of Government program which basically was how to survive a collapse in the United States or a nuclear war.

One of the awkward problems they faced was, What about Congress? And they finally decided that after some catastrophic event in the United States, it would be just too time-consuming to try to bring Congress in. So Congress was just bypassed.

AJ: And now, people always wondered how this would be introduced. In the name of the economy it’s now being done, but Bush signed John Warner Defense Authorization Act to use troops against the American people two years ago. He signed PDD51 and Congress asked to see it, and he said, No, you have no authority, when they are coequal. Can you speak about that?

JM: Well, exactly. He’s destroying the checks and balances in the federal government, and bringing everything into the Executive, which of course is again following the Nazi methodology. This is what Hitler did. He signed emergency decrees, one after another, until finally he just took total power and anybody that tried to stand up against him then was a “terrorist” against the government. And that’s important for people to understand. What the Nazis did, when they killed dissidents, when they killed homosexuals, when they killed gypsies, when they killed trade unionists, when they killed the Jews, this was all under the color of law.

AJ: And it was setting precedents because once they really got going it was about stealing the general public’s land and money, and they were like, Hey, I was with you. And they are like, No, you’re not; we’re here to predetate on you.

JM: In the ‘30s the National Socialists gained the support of the middle class Germans and middle commercial Germans because they portrayed themselves as conservatives. And they got the bulk of the commercial people behind them, and then by the time these people figured out that these are not the people we want leading, it was too late. And I see the same thing happening today.

AJ: I want to go back because the eugenics, the family planning, this was all set up by German PhDs out of areas in Germany. Then they linked up with the British eugenicists, and then that really flowered in the U.S. So all the social engineering, the human genome, the head of that just got in trouble calling blacks “subhuman” and he’s of course a Nazi basically. Break that down, what the master plan is, and speak about eugenics.

George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell.  

JM: If you want to know what the overall master plan is, all you have to do is go back and read the work of a British Fabian Socialist who wrote a book in 1947. This fellow’s name was Eric Arthur Blair, but we know him better as George Orwell. And he wrote a book called 1984. And in there I think he laid out the game plan for these global fascist socialists. And that is, to split the world into three economic blocks. He called it Oceana, Asiana and East Asiana. Today in the real world it’s the European Union, the soon-to-be North American Union, and the future Asian Union.

AJ: Of course he was British Intelligence.

JM: Oh, yes, and connected to the aristocrats. He knew what the game plan was. And so the idea is, they will have these three economic blocks. Everybody will be computer chipped, they will be followed, they will be surveilled. There will be no freedom except the freedom to go to work and pay your taxes.

AJ: And one-child policy. Through the water and food they carry out soft kill operations. Can you speak to that?

JM: Exactly. This is what they’re doing with the drugging down of America with fluoride and aspartame and other deadly –

AJ: It’s all over a 100-year-old public German plan.

JM: Exactly, which they laid out. Then what was written about in a very popular book in 1948 called 1984.

AJ: The Germans in WWI and WWII said, We’ll break off the Southwest. They taught the Mexicans about Aslan, their mythical kingdom. They attacked the U.S. in WWI and WWII, and nobody even knows Mexico on behalf of German attacked the U.S.

JM: That’s true. That’s true, because nobody knows history because our education system has been dumbed down going all the way back to the National Education Board which was created by John D. Rockefeller, one of the architects of this national fascist global system.

AJ: You do have to hand it to them though, these people really got their stuff together.

JM: Well, they’re not stupid. They are in fact very brilliant, but then brilliance, as we found out with the Nazi leaders like Albert Speer and Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler himself, just because you’re smart or just because you’re charismatic does not mean that you’re the fellow that needs to be followed.

AJ: Or that you have wisdom or that you have a soul.

JM: Exactly, or any kind of heart. They keep talking about Barack Obama. He just somehow vaguely talks about change, and all they can talk about is how charismatic he is. Well, they tend to forget because they don’t know history that Hitler was very beloved by women, children; animals loved him. He was a very charismatic person on an individual basis, and yet look what kind of disaster he led his nation into.

AJ: Getting into secret societies – and, folks, it’s mainline that the Nazis were into weird occult stuff, and Skull and Bones is real and a branch of that.

Black Sun. They don’t like us talking about that. Tell folks about Black Sun.

JM: Well, the Black Sun is one of the most sacred of the occult symbols of the Thule Gazelshaft, the Thule Society, occult society and its successor the Black Shirted SS or Schutstaffel. The Black Sun represents the black energy at the center of the universe which the German Nazis and their occult followers hoped to tap into and draw strength from. What’s amazing is, that in the heart of America in Nashville, Tennessee, right in the middle of their Centennial Park, is a huge black globe made out of onyx or some black hard material that represents the earth. And it spins on a small thin cushion of water, and when the sun comes out it’s blinding, and it is a WWII memorial that was donated by German. So it’s almost as though they planted a Black Sun in the heart of America going na, na, na, na, na, nah. Okay? It’s amazing.

And then we look around at other things. We can look at our 57 cent stamp and see the German gothic eagle. We look at our troops today who wear camouflage and flanged helmets called the fritz that are German helmets from WWII. We see our police forces who no longer wear blue and carry the word “To Serve and Protect.” Now they wear black and shields and tazers and if you get out of the free speech zone they tazer you.

AJ: Which is what Germany did: they said free speech only in these areas. What about also we see them after WWII in the Senate bringing the Fascia in? That’s a symbol of fascism, the bundle of sticks with the hatchets on top.

JM: Right. And the Fasciae goes all the way back to the Roman Empire and represents central authority.

AJ: That’s where the “heil” comes from, the Roman Empire.

JM: Hail Caesar, and they Germanized it to Heil Hitler. Exactly. So it’s the same old thing. If you go back and think about it, Alex, throughout the history of the world there’s only been two true forms of government ever attempted. Briefly, in ancient Greece and briefly in North America they tried participatory democracy, but both of those finally fell away and we went back to the one true form of government occupied that’s taken over in the whole history of the world, and that’s central authority.

AJ: Jim Marrs. The new book, New York Times best selling list – get it in stores everywhere – the Rise of the Fourth Reich, available at

Quickly give us your website.

JM: It’s

AJ: Vio con dios, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be back tomorrow. God bless you all. All we told you is the truth, nothing more. It’s up to you to do something about it.