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From Day One the World has been through many wars for many reasons, whether such wars were built of the total greed of some Nations which largely resulted in Colonialism, whether it was to defeat what was classed by the war mongers as an enemy, albeit Islam, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Black Radicalism, Terrorism, or similar, whereby the war mongers classed themselves as Democratic and fighting against such "ism's" on the basis of "FREEDOM".

The last two world wars being the pinnacle, as far as the free democratic society were concerned, of success against the evil of the world, in whichever way it was categorised by the war mongers. After those wars, more so the last war of 1938-1945, the world appeared calmer and countries were busy rebuilding their shattered economies. The appeared to be a feeling of collective unity, and there were certainly strong positive moves to prevent such wars from ever happening again. The question is, did this project itself as a weakness that could be exploited by the world's elite, secret societies, and the likes.

Freedom continued to project itself and barely 15 years after world war two (the late 50's onwards to the early 70's) many countries experienced a major cultural adjustment with Music (Rock & Roll, Blues, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and many others), a freedom of expression with Flower Power, Mods and Rockers, and similar. This freedom and cultural adjustment appeared to flow in different ways throughout the world depending upon National and Religious Cultures. Co0untries tended to develop in their own ways. There was a strong feeling of independence, prosperity, unity, realisation and freedom throughout the world. Yes, there were still those who held hatred and disgust for other cultures, ethnic groups, race, creed, but they appeared to be in the minority after the war, and held their feelings generally to themselves.

It wasn't long after the early 70's that worldly issues started to change, which based upon today's situation was a change for the worse. I personally noticed this shortly following the assassination of President Kennedy, which projected itself far more so at the commencement of Ronald Reagan's time as President of the USA, Margaret Thatcher's time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and President Mitterand's time  as President of France.

There was a distinct awe against the working class, the coloured population, and different cultures by the Allied Powers. You might say it started when the Arabs raised the price of their oil in the early 70's which threw the western economies into disarray for some time. It was as if that was the catalyst which has brought the world to the edge of a precipice where it stands today.

It is known that the Western Allied powers took a very dim view of the Arabs when they raised the price of oil, and it was something that the West was not going to tolerate. However, let's face facts. The oil is located on Sovereign Territories such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and it is their oil which they can sell to the West if they so wish and at a price they so desire. It is no different from the West selling, if they so wish and at a price they so desire, minerals, food and other goods that are produced within their own Sovereign Territory to other Sovereign Nations, so what is the difference. The difference is that oil is a major commodity that drives the world's economies. It drives industry, it produces electric power, it provides a variety of by-products that allow manufacturers to produce goods more economically, and so on.

The West had to have oil whatever to drive their industrialised Nations. There appeared to be very little determination by the West to develop alternatives, and even when alternatives were invented or discovered, they were quickly acquired and "Back-shelved" so as to never see the light of day. A very short sighted, short term, narrow minded view and action by the Western Nations. They wanted what a lot of Arab Nations had, and they wanted it irrespective of the cost to the world.

In addition to that fact, the West couldn't keep their dirty little fingers out of the affairs of other Nations, not then, nor even now, nor could they not stop financing and promoting certain personalities and dissident groups of other Nations, with the clear intent and purpose to overthrow Governments that were not seen as allied to the West, or, where they were initially allied to the West, using them and then discarding them like waste paper, as and when they deemed fit. The "Key" perpetrators of these actions appear to be the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Over the years the hatred, throughout the world, for these two Nations, and increasingly their allies, has increased dramatically. From North to South, East to West, wherever one goes the hatred and the tone of dissent against these Nations reverberates strongly. So much so that these Nations are now under threat, and all caused by their own ridiculous and inept actions, ideals, and quest for control over all of what others have.

As a result, these Nations have needed to "batten down the hatches" to protect themselves, whereby the people of these FREE DEMOCRATIC NATIONS are now more controlled than ever Communist China and Russia were. In fact they are more "Communist" in nature than Russian and China ever were. People's civil liberties and rights have been curtailed to an extreme degree. Whatever you do it is now recorded somewhere so that the Authorities can use it against you one day. Credit Cards (and this applies throughout the whole world) are one of the biggest spy systems available to the Authorities. No matter what you spend, where you spend, or on what you spend, using a Credit Card, the Authorities know about it. Just take Travel as another example, with Roadside Cameras, Bio-data implanted into Passports and ID cards, airline manifests being reported in before any aircraft takes off, computerised systems at Passport Control which take a photo of each and every person entering or leaving a country. The list goes on and on, and we the People get informed that it is in the interests of your own safety because of Terrorists. What they do not tell you about is the "False Flag" options that they initiate to instil FEAR of Terrorist actions into your mind, so that you will not object to these "CONTROLLED" measures, when all the time it is the very Governments of the USA, UK and their allies that want to control you, your neighbour, friends, and other Nations of the World and their People. This is their NEW WORLD ORDER with a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT over all and every country of the World, whereby each Nation and every person is totally controlled. You will have no options or choices. Your future (if that is what you can call it) is programmed, as are you and everyone else.

Does anyone honesty believe that such a NEW WORLD ORDER will bring peace to the World and to mankind. Like Hell it will. It can only result in more wars and the eventual destruction of the world as we know it.

Let me try to give you some examples of Western Interference in the Global arena. These are not based upon the reasons that were proudly presented to the world through the controlled media. They are based on geographical and economic factors that very few realise.

The 1997 Currency Crises that hit Asia. Now take a look at a map and you will see exactly why this happened in another "False Flag" operation of mainly America.

A natural barrier between Communist China and Capitalist America did not exist, leaving the doors open. Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong and Macau (all north Asia) were the only allies of the West. In the Middle…… nothing at all. To the South are Singapore and the Philippines only. Communism was present in Laos (which America has attempted, in vain, to re-instate that Laos Royal Family puppets), Vietnam (The Vietnam War), Cambodia, Burma (A country sanctioned by America and now the United Nations). Then there was the Militancy against the West which was present in Malaysia (who totally rejected financial assistance from the IMF after the currency crisis) and Indonesia (The largest muslin populated country in the World).

There was, in Military terms, a "bridgehead" for Communism to creep through. Thailand was the only country that held a reasonably strong relationship with America, and it was on its own surrounded by Communist, and Militant countries. The stage was prepared and the operatives, including George Soros, were primed. Thailand fell and ultimately became the American Ally and the barrier between Communism and Capitalism. Thailand are now courting both Burma and Cambodia, of which some would call it appeasement, and all with the dirty fingers of the America Government manipulating the strings.

The fall of Russian Communism in the early 90's

If anyone has read the whole scenario of Ambassador Leo Wanta's escapades, they will know exactly what happened here, which generally relates to American Government manipulation and interference with another Sovereign Nation, but does anyone actually understand the real reason behind all of this.

Again look at a map and you will see it jumping out at you.

The Southern part (Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia [Caspian Sea], Turkmenistan [Caspian Sea]) and North Eastern (Siberia) part of Russia are rich in Oil, Gas and other Minerals.

Boris Yeltsin was the Western "Key" in Russia. After the fall of Russian Communism it became a "Free-for-all" situation where western companies pounced, like lions to the prey, especially the Oil and Gas companies. Their internal allies (the oligarchs) literally raped the country of everything valuable. Russia became weak, vulnerable, and its people suffered. The gap between rich and poor rapidly expanded just over a few years.

The areas in the South more so that the North East of Russia were quickly aligned to the West, which in turn was blocking off the proposals of Russian Oil Pipelines to the Mediterranean Sea, The Indian Ocean and even the North West through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Now bear in mind that it is Russian Oil and Russian Gas, a commodity owned by Russia, that in a free world they should be allowed to sell and ship to any other Nation they so wish, but with the Western Barriers now in place even they were becoming partly controlled at the behest of the Western Powers, who were politically stating that Russia would not be allowed to ship its oil and gas unless it was by agreement with the Western Powers who were now controlling many former states of the old Soviet Union.

In reality, Russia's attempts to ship via pipeline or normal Oil Ports, their oil and gas through countries of the former Soviet Union and Persian oriented countries have been thwarted by the deliberate interference and military escapades of America and its allies.

There are other examples (Venezuela is another), but the two above are the most known about.

Now let's ask ourselves about this so-called NEW WORLD ORDER and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

With so much dissent and hatred in the World against America and its Allies, is just isn't possible. Just take a look around your own community and within your own mind. People have differing views, opinions, religions, political idealisms, etc, that I can guarantee that there are people within your own small community that you don't even speak to and possibly you even resent their views, opinions, religion, etc.

In the majority of cases I know what I am stating here is correct, why? Just look at the "White Man's" attitude in the U.K. A Pakistani, or Indian family buy a house next to you, you soon sell up and move out. Another Pakistani or Indian family buys your home, so other "White" families sell up and move out, and so it goes on. Eventually a different race takes over a large area of your sizeable town. They do things there way according to their culture which is not in compliance with your laws and your culture. The discrimination and hatred build up to a level whereby the White man starts to call for immigration controls send them back regulations, etc. and so it goes on and on.

Now imagine this situation in a bigger area….. The World……. A community with so many different cultures, religions, ideals, characters, and so on, which really makes the world what it is, a diverse community, which every single one of us are interested in, even for a short space of time, with our ever increasing foreign holidays.

It is just not possible; in fact it is totally and utterly impossible to bring them all together under a NEW WORLD ORDER, and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Dissent and Conflict will always be present in the world. It always has been ever since "Day One" and always will be, whether it is because of more natural factors (Law of the Jungle and Nature) or whether it is propagated (which is the prime cause of the past few decades) deliberately by the Western Nations and their Allies through greed and power hunger so that they can live like the Medieval (Evil) Masters, whereby the rest of the World live like serfs / servants to their Masters. In my view such dissent and conflict should be kept to the smallest possible area and mutually negotiated out of existence. If we are under a NEW WORLD ORDER and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, such conflicts will only incite additional conflicts somewhere else in the world and thus it escalates into a major conflict involving the whole world. An example of this is Serbia and Kosova, which the philosophy behind this independence movement, supported by the west, is now extending to Georgia

with two northern regions openly discussing declaration of their independence from Georgia.

As Nations of the World with our various cultures, characters, religions etc we can never agree (Europe is a typical example of this), however we can agree to disagree and have mutual respect for each other's independence, views, opinions, and ideals.

Just how many countries of the World would currently want to come under the wings / control of America or the U.K. at the moment, or at any time in the future …….. Good Grief, most of the countries are currently running fast in the opposite direction and disassociating themselves.

With one single NEW WORLD ORDER and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT all I can say is that the persons who propose and advocate such a system have "Nothing between their ears" and are a "Total waste of Human Skin".

It is a PREPOSTEROUS and TOTALLY INCONCEIVABLE IDEA, that should, like the very persons who propose such a scheme, be discarded in totality and never brought to light ever again.

Finally, just one other issue for thought. As home-owners, we own the land upon which our homes are situated. The same with Factories and farm land. As Landowners we decide what we do with our land. It is not the prerogative of any Government to give our land new overall title of designated country or nationality. The people of most countries elect their Government to act for and on behalf of the people. That's democracy, as they call it. That does not give any Government the "carte blanche" right to do as it pleases with us, as Human Beings, or with our property.

The way the Western Governments are leaning, they are more Communist / Fascist, in their attitudes and actions, than Communism or Fascism as we knew it or perceive it to be.

Sovereignty and Constitutions belong to the People, not Governments, and certainly not groups or secret societies.

To Hell with this NEW WORLD ORDER and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. A totally idiotic idea perpetuated by the idiots that suffer from mind distortion and mental inadequacies, and who appear to currently to be positioned in Governments throughout various regions of the World, commencing with the brainless, psychopaths that currently inhabit the US White House and other Government Authorities.

I like and cherish my independence and freedom of speech, so do many other people. Let not it be taken from us by those for which Oil, Gas, Wealth and Power mean more to them than anything else.

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question……………William Shakespeare.

Note: This article was actually composed on 16th April 2008, but was not posted on the grounds that several articles, having been posted by other persons, appeared to cover similar topics.

It is based upon the current International situation that this article is now considered worthy of posting to enable the People of the World to understand what really is going on, its reasons and its ramifications to the World.

It is also appreciated that the comments reference to Georgia, may now be considered as a prophecy or pre-knowledge. This is not the case. A long hard look and analysis of the situation in April, linked together with known information, resulted in my assessment of the situation at the time and under the circumstances or information known to me at the time. It was not anticipated that the above stated comments, reference to Georgia, were to become reality so soon afterwards. In fact, to be critical of ones' self, this was an under-estimation of analysis at the time.