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EXPOSURE OF HIDDEN INSTITUTIONS (PEHI--Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutons)

Joël van der Reijden

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The purpose of the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) is to put together the entire spectrum of highly influential but low-profile organizations which appear to shape the world from behind the scenes. It's a grass-roots effort carried out by a person with absolutely zero 'inside' sources. Although information will continue to be gathered on such organizations as Le Cercle, the 1001 Club, and the Pilgrims Society, in the future focus will shift to more loose networks and other, related topics.EHI


Important organizations worldwide

List of low-profile institutions that need be studied more in depth

People studying the permanent government should at least be aware of the institutes listed on this page, even though they vary greatly in purpose and influence. They have been collected by the author of this site over the course of more than two years. Several hundred other organizations, for practical reasons, have been omitted from this list.

Interestingly, back in early 2004 this author was unable to find more than six or seven of the organizations below on one website or in one book (looked for it all over the place). Even that amount was rare and in those cases groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission were mixed in with "the Illuminati", "the Freemasons" and "the New World Order". Tiny bits of information on such groups as the Pilgrims Society, Le Cercle, the 1001 Club, the JASON Group, the Sun Valley Meetings and others were scattered all over the place and often not freely accessible. Information on the permanent government of mainland Europe was especially scarce.

As you will see, things have changed.

  1. Existence known, albeit in (very) small circles
  2. Existence known, although it can be (and usually is) denied
  3. Existence uncertain and possibly made up
  4. The classic secret societies
  5. UFO-related groups

Existence known

It's hard to categorize a lot of the organizations below, because visitors usually come from many different countries or represent different power blocks. Generally, I tend to look at the country the institute was founded in and who has been heading it. British and American representatives can be found in all of the institutions, except in many listed under the heading 'Vatican-Paneuropa network', which is a term created by this author after continually noticing the close relationship between radical elements in the Vatican and the Paneuropa concept of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his successor Otto von Habsburg.

Great Britain United States
1001 club Alfalfa Dinners
Anglo-Arab Organization American Assembly
British Invisibles (IFSL) America-China Society (numerous similar societies)
Central Selling Organization Americas Society
Chatham House (RIIA) Army and Navy Club, Washington
Corps of Commissionaires Asia Society
Crown Agents Bohemian Grove
Economic League (gone) Business Roundtable
Fabian Society Center for Security Policy
Foreign Affairs Research Institute (gone) Center for Strategic and International Studies
Grillion's Club Cosmos Club
Hakluyt Council for National Policy
International Institute for Strategic Studies Council on Foreign Relations
Interpol Forty Committee (Special Group; renamed; NSPG?)
Livery Companies Japan Society
Monday Club JASON Group
Multinational Chairman's Group Kroll Associates
Naval and Military Club ("In & Out") Metropolitan Club
Order of the Garter Military Order of the Carabao
Order of St. John of Jerusalem MITRE Corporation
Other Club National Endowment for Democracy
Pilgrims of Great Britain National Security Planning Group (gone?)
Privy Council Pilgrims of the United States
Rhodes Society/Milner Group/Cecil Bloc RAND Corporation
Roxburghe Club Renaissance Weekend
Society of Knights of the Round Table Spec Ops Planning and Advisory Group
United Grand Lodge Sun Valley meetings
U.K. Intelligence community Task Force 157 (gone)
White's Club University Club
  U.S. Council on International Business
Other EU and-or Anglo-US interests U.S. Global Strategy Council (gone)
Association Monetary Union Europe U.S.-Russia Business Council
Atlantic Councils U.S. Intelligence community
Atlantic Institute for International Affairs US-China Business Council
Atlantik-Brücke US-USSR Trade and Economic Council
Bilderberg Washington Institute for Near East Policy
British-American Project (BAP) Williamsburg meetings
Centre for European Reform  
China-EU Business Summit Vatican-Paneuropa network
Club of Rome Académie Europeenne des Sciences Politiques
Common Purpose Centre Européen de Documen. et d'Information
Dartmouth Conferences Centre d'Observation du Mouvement des Idées
DAVOS Cercle de Lorraine (new Cercle des Nations)
Ditchley Foundation (UK; CA; US) Cercle Pinay (at least historically part of V-P netw.)
EU-Japan Business Dialogue Coundenhove-Kalergi Foundation
EU-Russia Industrialists' Roundtable Hanns Seidel Foundation
European Round Table Knights of Malta
European Business Summit Mouvement d'Action pour l'Union de l'Europe
European Financial Services Round Table Institut Européen pour la Paix et la Sécurité
European Institute l'Institut Europeen de Developpement
Europa Nostra Opus Dei
Forum Europe Ordre du Rouvre
Financial Services Forum Paneuropa Union
Friends of Europe Razon Espanola (Balmes Foundation)
Group of Thirty Société Internationale de Wilton Park
Industrieclub (Germany and abroad) Society of Jesus (supposedly less reactionary)
Institute for International Economics  
International Chamber of Commerce Questioned fraternities
Mont Pelerin Society Cambridge Apostles
Oil Club Harvard - Porcellian Club
Open Russia Foundation Oxford - Rhodes Scholars
Pacific Basin Economic Council Princeton - Cap & Gown
Pugwash Conferences Princeton - Ivy Club
Safari Club (shut down 25 years ago) Yale - Scroll & Key
Stay-Behind networks (gone since '91) Yale - Skull & Bones
Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue Yale - Wolf's Head
Trilateral Commission  
TUCETU Muslim world
UNICE Muslim Brotherhood
  Other religious
Israel/Zionist International Dragon Court (several)
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Scientology
AIPAC Unification Church/Moonies
B'nai B'rith Masonry - Grand Orient
CPMAJO Masonry - Scottish Rite (1-33)
Herzliya Conference (IPS) Masonry - Memphis Misraim (34-99)
Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) Masonry - Martinist and Synarchist Order
Jonathan Institute Masonry - Illuminati (of old; mainly linked with above 2)
World Jewish Congress  
Washington Institute for Near East Policy Other (Freemasonry linked)
Israeli Intelligence community Rotary International
  Lions Club International
  Marnixring (Dutch-Flemish counterpart of the above)

Addition: worldwide institutes of international affairs

Full name of the institute abbreviation established
Royal Institute of International Affairs – Chatham House RIIA 1920
Council on Foreign Relations CFR 1921
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations CCFR 1922
Institute of Pacific Relations (shut down in 1961) IPR 1925
Canadian Institute of International Affairs CIIA 1928
Australian Institute of International Affairs AIIA 1933
South African Institute of International Affairs SAIIA 1934
Swedish Institute of International Affairs SIIA 1938
Institute of Jewish Affairs (now Inst. for Jewish Policy Res.) IJA / JPR 1941
Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO 1944
Royal Institute for International Relations (Belgium) IRRI-KIIB 1947
Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs CPIFA 1949
German Council on Foreign Relations DGAP 1955
Prague Institute of International Relations IIR 1957
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs NUPI 1959
Japan Institute of International Affairs JIIA 1959
Finnish Institute of International Affairs UPI 1961
Atlantic Institute for International Affairs (Paris-based) ---- 1961
Institute of International Affairs, Rome IAI 1965
French Institute for International Relations IFRI 1979
Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael 1983
National Democratic Institute For International Affairs NDI 1983
Danish Institute of International Affairs DUPI 1993
Pacific Council on International Policy PCIP 1995
European Council on Foreign Relations (co-funded by Soros) ECFR 2007

New World Order

An example showing how a few groups have absorbed the leadership of (almost) all the other organizations. Important note: the author is not saying that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Windsor families are in control of this planet. It's only that almost every important player in the globalist process is connected to one or more of these aristocratic families, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly through shared directorships or membership.

Existence known, although it can be (and usually is) denied

"The black network"   On July 29, 1991, Time Magazine reported in great detail how the corrupt BCCI bank had been controlled by what senior officers termed the "black network", which had ties to many Western intelligence agencies (including the CIA, DIA and Mossad), arms merchants and dictators around the world. This hugely powerful conglomerate was involved in drug running, arms trafficking, gold smuggling, assassinations and bribing government officials. In fact, it's quite obvious that the BCCI was not just working with the CIA, but that it was actually controlled by it. July 29, 1991, Time Magazine, 'The Dirtiest Bank of All':

"B.C.C.I. is more than just a criminal bank. From interviews with sources close to B.C.C.I., TIME has pieced together a portrait of a clandestine division of the bank called the "black network," which functions as a global intelligence operation and a Mafia-like enforcement squad. Operating primarily out of the bank's offices in Karachi, Pakistan, the 1,500-employee black network has used sophisticated spy equipment and techniques, along with bribery, extortion, kidnapping and even, by some accounts, murder. The black network -- so named by its own members -- stops at almost nothing to further the bank's aims the world over."

"The more conventional departments of B.C.C.I. handled such services as laundering money for the drug trade and helping dictators loot their national treasuries. The black network, which is still functioning, operates a lucrative arms-trade business and transports drugs and gold. According to investigators and participants in those operations, it often works with Western and Middle Eastern intelligence agencies. The strange and still murky ties between B.C.C.I. and the intelligence agencies of several countries are so pervasive that even the White House has become entangled. As TIME reported earlier this month, the National Security Council used B.C.C.I. to funnel money for the Iran-contra deals, and the CIA maintained accounts in B.C.C.I. for covert operations. Moreover, investigators have told TIME that the Defense Intelligence Agency has maintained a slush-fund account with B.C.C.I., apparently to pay for clandestine activities..."

"U.S. agents collaborated with the black network in several operations, according to a B.C.C.I. black-network "officer" who is now a secret U.S. government witness. Sources have told investigators that B.C.C.I. worked closely with Israel's spy agencies and other Western intelligence groups as well, especially in arms deals. The bank also maintained cozy relationships with international terrorists, say investigators who discovered suspected terrorist accounts for Libya, Syria and the Palestine Liberation Organization in B.C.C.I.'s London offices..."

"The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the resulting strategic importance of neighboring Pakistan accelerated the growth of B.C.C.I.'s geopolitical power and its unbridled use of the black network..."

"The bank was in a unique position to operate an intelligence- gathering unit because it dealt with such figures as Noriega, Saddam, Marcos, Peruvian President Alan Garcia, Daniel Ortega, contra leader Adolfo Calero and arms dealers like Adnan Khashoggi. Its original purpose was to pay bribes, intimidate authorities and quash investigations. But according to a former operative, sometime in the early 1980s the black network began running its own drugs, weapons and currency deals."

"I was recruited by the black network in the early 1980s," says an Arab- born employee who has ties to a ruling family in the Middle East and has told U.S. authorities of his role in running one of the black units. "They came to me while I was in school in the U.S.; they spoke my language, knew all of my friends and gave me money. They told me they wanted me to join the organization, and described its wealth and political power, but at first they never said exactly what the organization did."

"This operative -- call him Mustafa -- underwent a year of training that began with education in psychology and the principles of leadership and proceeded into spycraft, with lessons in electronic surveillance, breaking and entering, and interrogation techniques. "Then the nature of our advisers changed," says Mustafa. "The pleasantness was gone, and we moved to Pakistan, where we trained with firearms." Mustafa's first operational assignment took him to London. "They gave us passports and identification, and we moved a shipment of ((unidentified)) goods. In England they had more I.D. waiting for us, because customs and immigration are strict, but when we moved many places, into India or China or Latin America, matters were taken care of, and we just slipped through borders. We would be met. It was always all arranged.""

"A typical operation took place in April 1989, when a container ship from Colombia docked during the night at Karachi, Pakistan. Black-unit operatives met the ship after paying $100,000 in bribes to Pakistani customs officials. The band unloaded large wooden crates from several containers. "They were so heavy we had to use a crane rather than a forklift," says a participant. The crates were trucked to a "secure airport" and loaded aboard an unmarked 707 jet, where an American, believed by the black-unit members to be a CIA agent, supervised the frantic activity..."

"The black network was the bank's deepest secret, but rumors of its activities filtered through the bank's managerial level with chilling effectiveness. Senior bankers voice fears that they will be financially ruined or physically maimed -- even killed -- if they are found talking about B.C.C.I.'s activities... Businessmen who pursued shady deals with B.C.C.I. are just as frightened. 'Look,' says an arms dealer, 'these people work hand in hand with the drug cartels; they can have anybody killed.'... Currently the black units have focused their scrutiny and intimidation on investigators. 'Our own people have been staked out or followed, and we suspect tapped telephones,' says a New York law-enforcement officer."

"The Octopus"   Term that was created by the murdered journalist Danny Casolaro to describe the global, criminal, intelligence-controlled conglomerate he was investigating. Although it isn't known if this term was also used by people involved in this network, his work was becoming a serious expansion on the Secret Team and a whole range of scandals which different researchers of the time had begun to link together. Casolaro's work also fits in perfectly with the CIA-controlled fascist stay-behind networks, exposed in the early 1990s, the above "black network", and PEHI's article on the Cercle Pinay network.

The problem with Casolaro apparently was that he had begun to dig too deep and was increasingly able to back up his statements with facts. Before he was suicided, he already had received numerous warnings and death threats. As for me, I fully agree with Casolaro's take on the subject. 2004 (Revised Edition of 1996 original), Kenn Thomass and Jim Keith, 'The Octopus; Secret government and the death of Danny Casolaro', p. 69, 73:

"Although Danny Casolaro does not state it explicitly in his notes, he apparently conceived the Octopus starting as an anti- Communist response to Philby's betrayel [found out about in 1963]; a conclave of OSS/CIA veterans, dispersing and coalescing in what Casolaro called "tag team compartments" and reaping huge profits through assassinations, arms sales, the control of governments, international drug trafficking, and the promotion of international fascism...

Danny Casolaro believed the Octopus responsible for criminal conspiracies which, linked, formed a virtual history of intelligence double dealing from 1950 to the present. These events, in Casolaro's view, included the ousters of US President Richard Nixon, Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, the Shah of Iran, and the murders of Chilean President Allende, and, of course, of President John F. Kennedy. Casolaro saw the Octopus' tentacles entwined throughout the creation of the Golden Triangle and Latin America drug trade, the Cuban Bay of Pigs debacle, the October Surprise, the BCCI banking scandal, and, almost as an afterthought, the theft of the PROMIS software. Casolaro found a "Secret Team," a high cabal of players operating a clandestine, parallel government, identified previously by other writers. The cabal had operated beyond the control or scrutiny of the elected government, financed by drug- running from Southeast Asia and the Americas... Casolaro believed the crimes could best be identified by linking them to a small network of named individuals that made up his Octopus. He outlined their hierarchy and provided specific detail about their behind-the-scenes role in contemporary political history.

Casolaro named people both familiar and unfamiliar to other researchers. He deemed the "first level" operatives to be Richard Helms, George Pender, John Philip Nichols, and Ray Cline [see Cline's close relationship to Cercle activities in the article on Le Cercle]. The second level included Robert Chasen, E. Howard Hunt, Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines, and Ted Shackley [Shackley and the "secret team" (Wilson; Clines; etc.) he controlled also at the very least had a close connection to the Cercle]. Working backward from the PROMIS theft, Casolaro saw them in a new relationship, a nearly organic entity that impacted on both past and then current events..."

The Octopus', p. 71, interview with investigative reporter Virginia McCullough: "Danny would say that he couldn't believe the government would do drugs for arms. He was God, motherhood, and apple pie. I would say, 'Look Danny, let's get real, we're living in the 20th century.'"

Fascist underground, ran

by US intelligence

  See the last portion of the Bormann Organization/Group below.

Existence uncertain and possibly made up

Black Rose Organization (probably made up) 2004 (Revised Edition of 1996 original), Kenn Thomass and Jim Keith, 'The Octopus; Secret government and the death of Danny Casolaro', p. 77 (this aspect is Thomass' work): "The anonymous Com-12 briefing refers to the Black Rose Organization, which runs the "Black World Order" using drug monies from the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent. According to this anonymous but intriguing report, the current chairman and co-founder of the Black Rose is alleged to be George [H.W.] Bush (known in underworld circles as the White Rose). Bush is alleged to have developed a heroin shipment ring while ambassador in China, and to run cocaine from Panama through his offshore oil rigs."

Bush and the CIA's involvement in general in massive heroin and cocaine imports from Asia and South America has been quite well established by such authors as Alfred W. McCoy, Col. Bo Gritz, Daniel Sheehan, Rodney Stich, Cele Castillo, Gary Webb (suicide), and others. Journalist Danny Casolaro, who was following numerous leads, had come to the same conclusions some time before his death in 1991 (suicide). However, none of them mentioned a "Black Rose" group; only this anonymous Com-12 briefing did, which first surfaced one year after Casolaro's death and basically mentioned the same things Casolaro was after. Can we trust the Com-12 briefing? No, we can't, as it adds a number of extremely speculative comments to the text which normally would require a lot of additional explanation. The existence of a number of secret organizations like the "Black Rose" group or the "Marine Corps Black Beret Guard-Special Operations Units" would be one example of this. A struggle between the "ONI group" and "the Enterprise"/the Aquarius/Fourth Reich/Order of the Rose/Whatever-it's-called" is another example. If we strip away Casolaro's work, which is about 95%, this COM-12 briefing begins to remind one of John Lear's and Bill Cooper's bizarre disinformation campaign on the UFO/Alien topic of the late 1980s. Coincidentally, Dulce and the Aquarius term resurface in a slightly different context in the Com-12 briefing (also interesting, Cooper stole his book title 'Behold, a pale horse' from Casolaro's far more sane unpublished manuscript).

Anyway, the basic conclusion here is that there's no evidence at all that the Black Rose ever existed.

Bormann Organization / Group
Martin Bormann was Hitler's most trusted aide after Hess' failed trip to Scotland. He has never been captured. Some believe he oversaw the transfer of most of the Nazi capital into some 750 corporations in Germany, South-America, and the U.S. He received help from individuals as Allen Dulles (SMOM; OSS chief; Paperclip & Sunrise involvement; Pilgrims Society; CIA director), Frank Wisner (CIA; OPC; Paperclip & Bloodstone involvement; Mockingbird) Otto Skorzeny (famous SS commando; friend and associate of Fascist Gladio agents as Prince Valerio Borghese and Stefano Delle Chiaie), and Hjalmar Schacht (German banker who helped Hitler to power; very close friend of British and US bankers of the Pilgrims Society). The purpose was to establish a future 4th Reich. It's quite obvious that this is linked with the Ratlines and the recruitment of Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen (involved with Cercle leadership) in the aftermath of WWII. I suggest you check Paul Manning's 1981 book 'Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile.' It seems that Paul Manning and his publisher have been punished severely for putting out the book. La Arana and ODESSA were subsidiaries of the Bormann organization, according to Manning. At the very least, there's no doubt there existed a post-war, CIA-supported, anti-communist fascist underground. Examples of individuals involved in this network: general Reinhard Gehlen, general Walter Dornberger, general Walter Schreiber, Otto Skorzeny, Klaus Barbie, Franz Six, Emil Augsburg, Willi Krichbaum, Walter Rauff, Kurt Blome, Heinrich Rupp, Prince Valerio Borghese, Stephano Delle Chiaie, and many others. In Belgium you had Jean-Francis Calmette, Francis Dossogne, Paul Latinus, Marcel Barbier, Eric Lammers, and others, which all were ultimately controlled by the aristrocratic and fascist CEPIC/Cercle des Nations leadership (Opus Dei and SMOM-linked) consisting of such men as Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vankerkhoven, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Bernard Mercier, etc.
Club of the Isles
The only (vague) information about this group comes from EIR. It is not to be confused with the 1001 Club. November 1994, Executive Intelligence Review, 'The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor', p. 9-11:

"But the power of the House of Windsor also derives from Queen Elizabeth IPs status as the "chief executive officer" of an informal body known to some as the Club of the Isles, which combines the political and financial clout of a far more extensive combine of intermarried European royal and princely families that extends from Scandinavia to Greece. The estimated combined financial worth of the Club of the Isles is greater than $1 trillion and the holdings in which the club has controlling interest are believed to exceed $9 trillion. The world petroleum supply is dominated by the British royal household, as is much of the world's supply of precious metals and raw materials, through such "Crown jewels" as Rio Tinto Zinc, Lonrho, and DeBeers Anglo American Corp. The Royal Consort, Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, plays a similar role in his capacity as "chief operations officer" for the Club of the Isles, and as the head of the World Wide Fund for Nature. What's more, Prince Philip is the principal public spokesman for the number one priority policy of the club: to reduce the population of the world to below 1 billion people within several generations... Through the Club of the Isles (see p. 9), the Windsor Dynasty functions as primus inter pares for an extended royal family that claims the thrones of Russia, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, and scores of smaller principalities." I asked them about the club, but they don't seem to have that much additional info either.

Committee of 26
This group is mentioned in Simon Regan's book 'Who killed Diana?'. The author was informed about this group through his intelligence contacts, including the one who advised him to look into Le Cercle. I quote from his book:

"My own security contacts, including the Baroness, had also told me about a highly mysterious organization called the Committee of 26, which is apparently based in Bristol, in England’s West Country. I have never heard of this and can find no other official reference in any file. But it is apparently a super-secret "liaison desk" between the highest echelons of British and American agencies and has the "co-operation" of the French. I was told it was "Old Guard" and worked unilaterally. That is, it was a kind of uncontrolled "super-agency" which answered to no one. I cannot show that this agency even exists... I trust the Baroness, but she was unable to give me any feasible further "chapter and verse."

Committee of 300 or The Olympians (probably made up)
The group former MI6 agent John Coleman talked about back in 1992. It's interesting if you compare the name with the Committee of 26 from a different source. I read chunks of the book, looking for evidence of the committee's existence, but couldn't find it. Virtually all of the information could be found in the work of EIR (without the Committee of 300 term) and Eustace Mullins, and most of the names he mentions have at least once visited Bilderberg. Especially since Coleman gathered so many names of this alleged Committee of 300, you'd guess he could at least point you in the right direction for proof of its existence. Instead, he's more worried about copyrights on a book that doesn't back up any of its claims. Personally, I'm quite convinced that Colemen made up the Committee of 300 story, for whatever reason.
"Republican committee of 100" Daniel Hopsicker, 'Inside Richard Mellon Scaife's Conspiracy':

"I first met Matriciana one clear winter day early last December at the redwood-beamed Mission Inn in Riverside California. I was there because, as reported by Salon magazine, he had amassed a $3 million plus war chest from sales of the Clinton Chronicles video, a hugely-successful propaganda vehicle, whatever the merits or lack of them of the film itself, in which drug smuggling and allegations about Vincent Foster’s death are prominently featured. I was having lunch with the slightly-oily likes of Pat Matriciana because I needed to persuade him to part with a tiny portion of his $3 million war-chest to help promote video sales of a 2-hour TV special I had just produced, "The Secret Heartbeat of America." I needed to sell it straight-to-video because when we took it to our big dog friend in Hollywood, he came back with a pained expression. "This show will not air while Clinton's President," he informed us sadly. "That’s just the way it is." And immediately I understood that he was right. Only your true friends in Hollywood will ever give you the bad news straight. So I went to Matriciana looking for salvation, the same kind he had gotten from Jerry Falwell, who had hawked the Clinton Chronicles on evangelistic television until it was as well-known as the Jerry Springer show. Instead, what I found was a glimpse into an especially dark rabbit hole... "So I finished high school outside of Berkeley," I told him. "Now, Pat, my turn: mind if I ask you a question?" "Sure," he answered confidently, scanning the menu, smiling at someone he knew across the room. I shot it at him: "Are you Agency?" I meant, of course, was he from the Company. The good ‘ol bad ‘ol CIA. But this is, apparently, not considered a polite question, though god knows why not… because before he answered he coughed, and looked surprised. Maybe he’s just not all that used to direct address. But at the end of the meal he said to me that for some reason he’d told me a lot more than he was planning to, so I guess it was a successful tactic. "I’ve been to Berkeley, too," his reply began "I was 'detailed' to Berkeley in 1965, to establish a countervailing force to Mario Savio's Free Speech Movement. While there I founded the Campus Crusade for Christ. And then it was his turn to grin: "I invented," he told me proudly, "Jesus freaks."... Matriciana told me was that there was one deal-breaker for him, should he decide to help to fund the marketing of "The Secret Heartbeat of America." "I belong to an exclusive Republican committee of one hundred," Matriciana said. That must be where they decided to play the ‘sleaze’ card. But he gave me to understand that he saw, in these meetings, the widow of former CIA Director Bill Casey, a ‘dear’ friend. And he would have no part of any project that implicated Casey in drug smuggling…even if it were true."

I trust Daniel Hopsicker to a large extent, but not Matriciana, who was part of the Scaife-funded "get-Clinton" campaign of the late 1990s. This committee might exist, it might not.

Group 13 Said to be an assassination team from Britain. You can find some information about it here. The supposed head of Group 13 turned out to be someone whose background could not be fully traced, not even by the British Parliament. This person and his allies had also infiltrated the boards of arms companies. Apparently, when these companies aren't useful anymore, they are run into the ground. This group, which appears to have close ties to the Pinay Cercle leadership, will be slightly more expanded on in the future.
Knight's Templar (CIA)
In his 1977 book 'The Night Watch', former CIA officer David Atlee Phillips wrote on page 123 (according to Lobster): "...that small circle of well-bred, highly educated adventurers who were known to some in the CIA as the 'Knights Templars' - Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Kermit Roosevelt, Tracey Barnes, Dick Bissell, and kindred spirits. Other CIA veterans have confirmed the existence of similar associations within the agency, with names like the "Century group" and the "Gold Key group".
Synarchist Movement of Empire 1969, William L. Shirer, 'The Collapse of the Third Republic', p. 218-219: "Later Coutrot would be generally credited with being the man behind a technocratic movement called Synarchie, which to this day, despite many studies of it, remains - at least to this writer, who has pondered most of them - somewhat of a mystery... That some Synarchists organized as far back as 1922 a secret society with revolutionary aims has been established. It was called "Le Mouvement Synarchique d'Empire," or MSE, and its secret "Pact," containing "Thirteen Fundamental Points and 598 Propositions" for the Synarchist revolution, was discovered by the Vichy police in 1941 and published after the war... so far as one can make out from reading the lengthy document the movement would set up a sort of super monopoly capitalism, with competition abolished and endless plans drawn up for production and distribution, the whole - as well as the government - to be run by knowledgeable technocrats... That at one time the MSE was linked to the terrorist Cagoule [CSAR] also seems clear... this secret society of technocrats never got close to staging a revolution." A number of other authors disagree with that last notion. You can find more on the SME and the Synarchie in note 3 of the article on Le Cercle.

For the EIR perspective on the Synarchie, I suggest you first read the following article of Steinberg. When you're done with that, try this one or do a google search. For more in depth information you might want to read the following books by Pierre Beaudry of EIR (have permission to post them). These draft versions detail the history of the Synarchist movement in about 800+ pages. It's not an easy read though.

Synarchy Movement of Empire - Book I

Synarchy Movement of Empire - Book II

Synarchy Movement of Empire - Book III

Synarchy Movement of Empire - Book IV

Here's a quick timeline compiled from the work of Roger Mennevée in Les Documents Politiques, Diplomatiques et Financiers, which was published from 1946 to 1962. This is the part that was sent to me by Pierre Beaudry and it is included in book IV.

1922 The SME is born in Europe and its membership slowly rises over the years.
1932 The SME controls the Theosophy Society [it is known that Saint Yves d'Alveydre with his Synarchie concept was a significant influence on Blavatsky] and other dissident branches.
February 1934 Jean Coutrot begins his intense recruitment. He creates organizations like the CPEE, PCES, CEPH, CHPS, etc. At that moment, the SME has about 300 members, which will start to rise more rapidly from this point on.
1934 The SME controls the leadership of the Cagoule, a fascist organization which worked to undermine the French republic.
1934 The SME tries to take over the French government through La Cagoule. Fails.
1935 The SME has quietly penetrated the Council of the Order of the Grand Orient of France and the Federal Council of the Grand Lodge of France.
1937 The SME, again, tries to take over the French government through its military wing, the SCRA. Fails.
July 1940 After the Germans have conquered France, the SME ascends to power. The SME in France becomes the Vichy government.
Post WWII The movement is said to have survived. Jean Violet, who was a member of the CSAR, becomes part of Otto von Habsburg's (and Kalergi's) Vatican-Paneuropa network. Both become primary founders of Le Cercle, one of the most important branches of this Vatican-Paneuropa network. Virtually nothing is known about the Synarchist and Martinist movement today.
Tavistock Network
EIR began claiming it was a worldwide mind-control network (which, if true, would have been heavily compartmented). Haven't studied it and don't really have an opinion about it either. Guess it's entirely possible that a MK-ULTRA type operation could also have been going on in the United Kingdom. The Tavistock Institute is located in London. You saw it in July 2005 when a bomb on a London bus splattered blood and debris on its facade. According to the official history of the Tavistock Institute: "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a novel, interdisciplinary, action orientated research organisation, was founded in London in 1946 with the aid of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. It was set up for the specific purpose of actively relating the psychological and social sciences to the needs and concerns of society..."

March 2006: Reaction to a PEHI email to the head of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust (today different from the Tavistock Institute):

1. The Tavistock Clinic was set up in 1920, as a direct consequence of the human catastrophe of the 1914 1918 War. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was established in 1946 when the Tavistock Clinic entered the National Health Service. It was planned to be the academic arm of the Tavistock Clinic but eventually became quite separate from the Clinic and moved out of the Tavistock Centre building in 1994. The Tavistock Clinic remains part of the NHS and together with the Portman Clinic now forms the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. The Institute remains a separate organization, registered as a charity. It has headquarters in Tabernacle Street. There is now very little joint work between the Tavistock Clinic and the Tavistock Institute.

2. I don't believe the 11th Duke of Bedford [Marquess of Tavistock] funded the setting up of the initial Tavistock Clinic. He may have given a donation, as did many distinguished people.

3. The Clinic was planned in 1919 and set up in 1920, largely through the effort of Dr Hugh Crichton Miller, a successful physician who was motivated by the experience of the emotional trauma of patients in the First World War and inspired by psychoanalytic ideas emerging from Vienna. He was effective in raising funds from many society people.

Dr J R Rees [John Rawlings Rees] took over as Medical Director after ten years, in 1933. He later played an important role as director of military psychiatry in the Second World War and many new ideas of group psychotherapy and institutional understanding came from the work of army psychiatrists, which were influential in the Clinic after the War. He was never given a knighthood.

Can I suggest you look up the Tavistock and Portman Trust website for further information? The address is

January 2006: Another person's email to the head of the Tavistock NHS Trust. Talks about the founding of the original clinic in 1920:

.... Doctors who had worked with shell shock patients using psychotherapy wanted this to be more widely available. They had been influenced by Freud’s work.

It was supported by charitable funds and small donations from patients. The charity that set it up was called the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology and is still in existence. Crichton Miller, the original Director, had many society connections which enabled him to raise funds.

John Rawlings Rees was a doctor of the original staff of the Tavistock Institute for Medical Psychology, became deputy-director in 1926 and full-director in 1933. British delegate to the first International Congress On Mental Hygiene in Washington in May 1930 and was received with his delegation at the White House. Consulting psychiatrist to the British Army in 1939-1945. Medical doctor for Rudolf Hess since 1941. October 24, 1969, R.T. Rees in The Times: "My brother, the late Brigadier J.R. Rees, who had the supervision of Hess in England... has often told me that his continued imprisonment was shameful. Can we not - for once - defy the Russians to the extent of letting him out on parole?" British delegate to the Nuremberg trial to discuss medical aspects of the trial. Commander of the British Empire since 1946. Founding president and director of the World Federation for Mental Health 1948-1963, which acts as a consultant to the United Nations. Died April 11, 1969.

The Brotherhood, The Firm and-or The Joint
Mentioned by Kay Griggs, wife of marine colonel George Griggs. According to Kay, her husband usually referred to the loose network he was part of as 'the Brotherhood' or 'the Firm'. She was also talking about a Zionist clique centered in New York City, which had the unofficial name 'the Joint'. Kay describes how there is a network of transnational criminals involved in all kinds of nasty stuff. This includes drug running, illegal arms trade, sexual perversion, mind control, assassinations, and carrying out terrorism. The names she mentioned and her son's connections are interesting to say the least.
Unauthorized Foreign Ops Section (UFOS) According to a person writing under the name of Oswald LeWinter, this is one of the most secret intelligence groups on the planet and is under the direct control of the DCI (CIA director). It has only 20 members of which Oswald LeWinter, who claims to have been a Brigadier-General, was a member once. Today LeWinter is a poet living in Portugal, after having been severely persecuted in the late 1990s. He has written down some very interesting information and seems to be a friend of the famous author Joseph Trento.

Did you notice that almost every single group we don't know that much about is related to intelligence? We can only guess how much more has been hidden from the public completely.

The classic secret societies

Mainly Christian conspiracy theorists have been talking about a modern-day "Illuminati" forever, even though they never provided any evidence for its existence. Nevertheless, the Illuminati is an important aspect of conspiracy history, because it appears to have been one of a number of influential politically active, secret, occult groups of the past few centuries. The Illuminati appears to have considerable overlap with such groups as the Martinist and Synarchist Order and the Memphis Misraim Rite (for some reason never mentioned by conspiracy researchers, except by EIR, and in that case only the former), all of them practicing so-called esoteric freemasonry or Egyptian freemasonry.


EIR has written how Venice did a lot of manipulating between the Vatican and the

British Empire (or Catholicism and the Reformation, if you will) through secret

societies as Martinism (they actually didn't mention Memphis Misraim, although that

was set up by one of their prime Martinist suspects together with a Venetian ambassador).

They also wrote how Venetian merchants transferred a large portion of their assets to

Holland and especially the UK from where the manipulation continued. It's an interesting

theory, which deserves to be investigated more thoroughly. Very little has been written

about historic clandestine politicking (in part via private interests) between Venice, the

Netherlands, the UK and in relation to the Vatican. Maybe not a total surprize, as even

today the people are not told about the "realpolitik" concept of politics. -- According to

the histories of Memphis Misraim and Martinism, the Vatican's Knights of Malta is an

occult group at its core. Although it is known that SMOM has been inspired by the

esoteric Knights Templar and there are rumors about its Rosicrucian teachings (also

inspired by the Templars), if true, they've been able to hide this fact quite well. Two

things are for sure, the ranks of SMOM knights are filled with the most (anti-democratic)

aristocratic families of Europe, and not a decent English-language investigative article appears

to have ever been written about it. As for Belgium, a serious number of prestigious Opus

Dei and SMOM members have been implicated in ritual abuse and Satanist practices like

sadistic pedophilia, vampirism and cannibalism. Is there a connection? There might well be.

Above you can see a picture in which some of the known occult orders have been depicted. They were all inspired by teachings that came from Ancient Egypt and the Middle East, and were mixed in with the Kabbalah and a number of classical Greek writings, like those of Plato and Aristoteles. Both in alternative research circles and apparently in the original Egyptian accounts, these spiritual teachings came from even older civilizations which were destroyed by cataclysms. Atlantis, as written down by Plato, has been a favorite.

Occult groups like the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Golden Dawn, Thelema and the Theosophical Society (including the Lucis Trust) have all been inspired by one or more of the organizations above. Interestingly, the OTO in turn inspired the famous Scientology cult. As for important historical events, it would be especially interesting to research how these groups inspired the Thule Society, which became Hitler's NSDAP Nazi party, and how they were an inspiration to the Synarchist Movement of Empire, an apparently powerful fascist group which tried to undermine the French Republic for the coming Nazi invasion.

Some additional information on the overlaps between Martinism, Synarchism, Memphis Misraim, the Illuminati and Luciferianism can be found in PEHI's 'Beyond the Dutroux Affair', note 318.

After reading this section on the classic secret societies, don't think the author believes occult groups rule the world from behind the scenes. All we know today is that occult groups have played a significant (but overlooked) role in our history and that there might exist occult groups, or cells within them, that for some reason interact with the globalist group or privatized aspects of the intelligence world. Le Cercle, and the Vatican- Paneuropa network it is part of, would be a prime example of the latter, just as the stuff Steven Greer and his Disclosure Project have been talking about.

UFO organizations

If someone thinks the UFO phenomenon is a non-issue, I suggest you take a look at some of the mainstream newspaper articles that have been gathered here. Whatever is behind it, the phenomenon is real and it is very likely that secret groups have been set up to study it.

IPU stands for the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, which, supposedly, was set up after the February 1942 Battle of Los Angeles incident. In a 1980 document released through a FOIA request, the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit was part of the Scientific and Technical Branch of the Counterintelligence Directorate. It was dissolved during the late 1950s and allegedly never reactivated. Their files were surrendered to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). You can find scanned documents and a lot of additional info on
JPL Oversight Committee March 29, 2000, NASA Administrator (head) Daniel S. Goldin at JPL, 'When The Best Must Do Even Better' (speech published at NASA website): "I'd also like to acknowledge Admiral Inman, head of the JPL Oversight Committee at Cal Tech." The problem here is that nobody knew (and still doesn't know) about the existence of a JPL Oversight Committee at Caltech. The speech and the brief revelation about Inman came in the aftermath of two failed Mars missions. In September 1999, a Mars Polar Lander companion probe had been destroyed when a navigation error sent it skimming too deeply into the atmosphere of Mars. In December 1999, the Mars Polar Lander itself was lost. JPL, manager of NASA's Mars missions, was blamed for the failures and in response Goldin moved responsibility to JPL's rival, NASA-Ames Research Center. Goldin had been vice president and general manager at TRW before George H.W. Bush appointed him head of NASA in 1992. Goldin retired in November 2001 and Sean O'Keefe became his follow-up. Inman, considered a superman of the black world, has been tied to the most secret UFO-related research in the past and has been head of ONI, the DIA, the NSA and was deputy director of the CIA. He later became a director of SAIC, also tied to the most secret UFO-related research.
MJ-12 is said to be a highly secret intelligence agency set up for the purpose of investigating the UFO phenomenon. At the same time it kept all the information from the public. The project was started after the July 1947 UFO wave, followed by a crash in Roswell. Together with the birth of MJ-12 the National Security State was born. Almost anyone who has claimed to have inside information on the group has said that MJ-12 still exists today, although it has changed its name at times. Many have also added that the group has been privatized, which is a subject that sounds very familiar. There is a large amount of documentation on Majestic 12, although these documents won't be accepted, simply because they are too extraordinary to believe. According to Stanton Friedman, some of the later documents are proven fakes, but the earlier ones stand up to careful scrutiny. You can find scanned documents and a lot of additional info on Bill Moore thinks that MJ-12 was a real group, but quite possibly had nothing to do with UFOs. Friedman is open to this possibility also.
PI-40 Greer said he was told the name of the MJ-12 group, at least in the 1990s, was PI-40.
MAJI Control Said to be a highly secret department within the Office of Naval Intelligence that deals with the ET issue, today. Disclosure Project testimony of A.H. of Boeing: "The NSA also collaborates back and forth with the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Organization, regarding tracking and intercepts, along with NORAD, the Air Force and the Army. They are all in on it and it’s all connected with the top secret group called MAJI Control."

Greer: "What did he tell you about MAJI Control and how that operates?"

AH: "MAJI Control is controlled by the Office of Naval Intelligence. It’s a top secret collection group, like the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA. In fact, the ONI is just like the CIA. It’s a top secret organization within the Navy. It’s similar to the NSA and the CID. It’s all encrypted information. They have agents out in the field, just like the CIA, collecting information. It’s all very, very top secret…"

Personally, I think the other things A.H. has said have a good chance of being true. Then again, others might disagree and I could be wrong. By the way, because of A.H.'s testimony I found out about the National Security Planning Group (I know, this group had already been reported on in the 1980s).

ACIO Stands for Alien or Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization. The only reason I put this name here is because Disclosure Project witness ret. master sergeant Dan Morris mentioned it. However, I remain very sceptical, especially because Wingmakers incorporated it in their work (great story, loved reading it, food for thought, but at least half of it is probably untrue, and possibly all of it made up). Testimony of Dan Morris:

"I had a clearance 38 levels above top secret, which is cosmic top secret [strangely, that would mean it has the same name as the standard NATO top secret clearance] -it is the top of all of those clearances. It is for UFOs, and aliens, etc. No president has had that level, has ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was the closest. Well, there are several intelligence agencies- the Army had it, the Air Force had it, the Navy had it. And then there were several secret intelligence agencies. One that did not exist, it was so secret, was the NRO. You couldn’t mention NRO. It is the National Reconnaissance Organization. If you’re on that level, then there’s an organization worldwide called ACIO, that’s Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. If you pay your dues and you follow the rules, your government is allowed to benefit from that organization’s information. Now some people call it the high frontier. The Navy Intelligence refer to themselves that way sometimes. And they all work together. Air Force intelligence, Naval intelligence, and the NRO..."

Keep in mind that bogus witnesses could have been sent to the Disclosure Project to muddy the waters here and there (like Dr. Fred Bell). In an email, the Disclosure Project said none of their other witnesses have testified about an organization called the ACIO. The rest of Morris' testimony could well be true, especially his talk on Eisenhower.

Screenshot of a supposed 1954 MJ-12 manual. Given a 5-star reliability by,

in part because all of the references in the book turned out exist.


Then there are some alleged groups I won't go into, simply because they are too far out when there is a complete lack of any evidence they exist. If you're interested in the Illuminati (of today), Tamar, Moriah, the Cult of the Serpent, the Grand Druid Council, the Order of the Quest, the Keepers of the Dawn, the Labyrinth Group, or something similar like that, I suggest you do an internet search. I also skipped the Priory of Sion, because I haven't got a clue what to believe about it. When you feel yourself drawn to these organizations only, I suggest you start with the books of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Written: Joël van der Reijden

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