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Al Gore is an Illuminati

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I thought about who in my past studies had demonstrated that he knows the TRUTH about the world. One of the people I thought about was David Ickes who has exposed the truth about the worldwide Illuminati organization.

I searched for and found an audio interview of David Ickes. David discussed the FACT that NOT all experts believe the propaganda put out by Al Gore regarding “global warming” being due to using fossil fuels. I quote an article below which disputes the Al Gore story.

People should always question anything coming from an Illuminati source: Al Gore is an Illuminati. Many Illuminati drink the blood of children as part of their rituals because they are hoping to become younger by drinking children’s blood. Al Gore carries blood with him; he carries bottles of blood in his suitcase; Al Gore is NOT a hemophiliac – he IS Illuminati.

Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton are Illuminati and also participate in ceremonial blood drinking. As are George and Laura Bush, many top people in Bush’s government, many members of Congress, and nearly all the US Supreme Court Judges – all Illuminati.

Most presidential candidates from both parties are Illuminati EXCEPT for Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich.

The Illuminati are planning to force people to keep using fossil fuels; there are other energy sources already developed, but suppressed by the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s plan is to brainwash people and restrict people’s travel by claiming they are damaging the environment if they travel using fossil fuels.

The Al Gore movie is part of the Illuminati propaganda.

There are other Illuminati actions which are harming the ionosphere. In Alaska, there is a federal government approved system called HAARP which was originally built for the US military but is used to control the weather. The HAARP system also BLOWS HOLES in the ionosphere – holes which let in more of the harmful rays from the sun.