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Three Microscopic Threads Are Keeping The Camps At Bay

Jim Kirwan

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The First: is the tenuous connection to the farce of an actual election. The public obviously is proceeding as though their votes will actually count, despite the massive proofs from the two previously stolen presidential elections. This desperate attempt to "keep hope alive" is being driven into the face of a Hurricane created by the total and abject failure of the Bushwhackers, at virtually every single thing they have touched over the last seven years. This record now includes the bankrupting of what's left of the economy as well. Yet the public remains hopeful, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that their investments will somehow be "protected from the coming crash."

This is possible only because so many have no clue as to what their bundled and or mutual funds are actually invested in. The 'economy' is not an abstraction that can be manipulated at will -without real consequences.

When these corporations go belly-up their stocks will flame-out along with whatever the public has invested in them. These willfully blind investors will suffer mightily when this begins to come apart-while the real damage that this represents on the ground around the world shall remain hidden from their tear-stained eyes. But the world knows that these 'investors' have made a pact with the devil for 'A Few Dollars More.' When those with war-stained eyes can see the results for themselves, there will be cheering in the streets over there ­ as these facts begin to slam into those who believe they are somehow "safe" from the coming re-distribution of wealth ­ there will indeed be "Hell to Pay!"

The Second thread: Is the fallow faith that has been placed by the public in the voting process itself. This was to be the last bastion of protection for the public in having any control whatever over the criminality and lies that have become standard today, throughout this government. The Constitution makes it abundantly clear that there can be only one remedy for this kevel of corruption and duplicity and that remedy is first of all Impeachment, where possible, and armed revolt if that Impeachment is not an option. In fact it is the duty of citizens to replace a tyranny when it is clear that this is what the US government has become. However for too many now-this situation is still not clear, so all that can be expected is more of the same: until they steal their third selection. Except that by that time it will be too late to act, and this country will have become unrecognizable in the aftermath.

The third component is the threat of the Camps. This hazy semi-myth has very real components now ready for use, just waiting for the right moment to be 'brought-on-line.' This, for many, is in the realm of Science-Fiction, and "cannot possibly exist in real life:" but that is simply not a true statement. (1)

Many have wondered frequently about the point of locking up so many hundreds of thousands of people. But there is a pilot program going on now throughout the US privatized prison system, even as this is being written.

Whenever you investor's make a plane reservation, or try and confirm a hotel accommodation, there is a good chance that a prisoner is the one taking down your credit-card information, and booking your flight or reserving your rental car. The goal of this is sustainability for American corporations ­ in their quest to keep pace with Chinese prison labor, and all the other nations that have nearly zero costs invested, in their shoddy exports that so many Americans persist in buying by the box-car load.

I doubt that there will be much of a market for these prison- produced goods and services, if this "scheme" is implemented: yet we have much of it in practice now and almost no one has objected-so why would a much larger scale not produce a backlash? That is a mystery to me, but others swear that this will happen and that this new slave-labor pool will function inside the NAU as that program becomes viable, under the terms and conditions of the New World Order.

I believe that chaos and anarchy will alter much of what the Bandits are planning for the rest of us. So much so that in fact, despite all their multiple decades of careful planning-they shall not live to see this happen.

Indeed much depends directly on when and if the public begins to finally notice the fraud within the elections-process now. Because without "The Vote" there is no real nation at stake here: Instead there will be just a place where criminals will have taken over everything that counts, and where human being shall have become merely cogs in the machine that will ultimately destroy whatever remains of that fabled "American Dream" that died-so long before it reached its full potential.

1) US FEMA Camps