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Government New World Order

FULFORD: How much evidence is there the top leadership of the planet earth is non-human? [FULL Report]

SOTN: How the Banksters and Oligarchs have doomed the New World Order agenda

SOTN:The KHAZARIAN MAFIA’s Attempted Takedown Of America (Video)

FULFORD: Fake Biden regime collapsing as Bezos bails [FULL Report]

Herr Schwab - We Have The Means To IMPOSE The State Of The World

SOTN: Who created the New World Order globalist cabal?

SOTN: Who created the New World Order globalist cabal?

The Fed Is a TOOL for Globalists to Launch The Great Reset

FULFORD KM [Khazarian Mafia] controlled G7 regimes are mathematically doomed despite increased repression [FULL Report]

FULFORD: It’s Priests and Shamans versus Satanists and Witches as Ukraine war turns esoteric [FULL Report]

Benjamin Fulford Report: Khazarian Mafia Leaders Being Systematically Rounded Up [FULL REPORT]

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Makes Shock Declaration: “Goal Of Ukraine Operation Is To End US-Dominated World Order”

French voters could strike a major blow to globalism

SORCHA FAAL: “End Of Globalization” Declared After Russian “Golden Death Star” Strikes “King Dollar”

FULFORD: Spring equinox marks turning point in battle to liberate earth [FULL REPORT]

FULFORD:As world distracted by Ukraine hysteria, big changes happened [FULL Report]

SORCHA FAAKl West Explodes In Rage After Putin Drives Stake Through Heart Of Globalism

FULFORD: Full Report: Humanity is Being Liberated as White Hat Alliance Goes on the Offensive

FULFORD: Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Turkey’s Erdogan Arrested, Canada’s Trudeau on the Run as the Dominoes Keep Falling [FULL Report]

FULFORD he Rockefeller “rules-based world order” circles the drain of history [Short Report]