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The Fight at Standing Rock Isn't Over

Kelsey Murphy

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In his first week as president, Donald Trump signed an executive action clearing the way for the completion of the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). Sadly, his blatant disregard Native American sovereignty comes as no surprise.

BUT, just because the orange man sang doesn’t mean this fight is over.

The Army Corp of Engineers -- the agency overseeing the pipeline construction -- can still continue with the Obama Administration’s plan, find an alternative route for the pipeline, and avoid threatening the water of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and millions of people downstream.

Help us disrupt the completion of this catastrophic project by flooding their offices with public comments!

CLICK HERE to submit a comment through the Standing Rock Sioux tribe's website and let the Army Corps know that the pipeline poses grave risks to the health, safety, and sovereignty of the tribe before the February 20 deadline!

For nearly eight months, native men, women, and children, along with thousands of activists from around the country -- a.k.a. the water protectors -- have camped out along the Missouri River to fight the completion of DAPL, which will carry highly flammable crude oil under their main water supply. The pipeline would endanger the drinking water of millions downstream and threaten sacred native burial grounds.

We all rejoiced on December 4 when the Army Corps halted construction of the pipeline, requiring additional environmental review of the construction proposal, which includes evaluating alternative routes via an environmental impact statement, or EIS.(1) But President Trump’s recent executive order has the potential to make everything the water protectors endured -- the concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, and sub-zero temperatures -- have been for nothing. Now tribal leaders are asking the public to let the government know how they feel about the pipeline before the comment period closes on February 20.

We need to join together and make sure the Army Corps hears from people across the country about the dangers of this project. If enough of us bombard their offices with comments, we have a chance of helping the Standing Rock Sioux tribe keep Big Oil off of their sacred land.

Support the Standing Rock Sioux tribe by submitting comments with Army Corps via the tribe's website demanding they evaluate DAPL’s full impact.

Yours in the fight,

Kelsey, along with Annie, Brenna, Caitlin, Eddie, Emma, Raquel, Scottie, Tim and William (the Courage team)



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