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 Updated: 12 October 2015




Today [Oct. 12, 2015], the United States are celebrating “Columbus Day”. You got to wonder, what there is to celebrate. The Jew media calling it more aptly “invasion day”, in a hypocritically feigned display of compassion with the natives, hypocritical because, when it comes to Arabs or White people, they show no way near as much, if any empathy. They hate Arabs, maybe not all Arabs, but those getting in the way of their pipe dream of a Jew-only “Greater Israel”. And they hate Whites, especially Germans, because of our track record of getting in the way of their evil plans.

The Germans got in the way of the Jews – in a big way – five times so far. First they have beaten the Mongolian Turk Huns, the ancestors of 90% of modern Jews, in two decisive battles and forced them into retreat. Then they have beaten the Moors, a coalition of Berber Jews and Arab Muslims, and stopped their conquest of Europe. Then they stopped, in a coalition with the Vikings and Russians, another wave of mass-murderous Mongolian Turk hordes lead by a coalition of Genghis Khan and his Khazar Hun allies. Then they stopped the Turks, the Jews’ allies, in Vienna, and forced them into retreat. And last, but not least, they stopped the Judeo-Bolshevik under Joseph Stalin from conquering the world by invading Russia, in anticipation of their imminent attack, shortly before they were ready, with the result that they got stuck half away.

America’s fully vaccinated, Aspartame guzzling de-facto-lobotomised Christians know exactly what there is to celebrate on Columbus Day. According to their Hebrew mind-virus induced hallucinations it is bringing the love and forgiveness of their Hebrew war god to the native pagans. Let us have a closer look at what that exactly means.


The Taino genocide (1492-1518) is where the Spanish wiped out most of the Tainos (Arawaks), the native people of the northern Caribbean (present-day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, etc). Columbus himself set it in motion and oversaw it till 1500.

According to one estimate, genocide and disease wiped out 3 million of the 3.5 million Tainos – 85%. Most were already dead when smallpox arrived in 1518.

Christopher Columbus Soldiers Chop the Hands off of Arawak Indians who Failed to Meet the Mining Quota

Columbus noticed two things about the Tainos:

    1. They wore gold jewellery.
    2. Their most advanced weapon was the spear.


With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

Columbus made La Taina, the land of the Tainos, into a living hell. It went way beyond simply killing those who fought Spanish rule. The Spanish had the Tainos:

    • grilled,
    • cut up into pieces like sheep,
    • run down by hunting dogs and torn to pieces,
    • strung up and burned alive 13 at a time – in memory of Jesus and his 12 Apostles.

columbus hispaniola b 43

They killed even women and children. Even babies: the Spanish threw babies against rocks and into rivers – and laughed. They cut off pieces of Tainos for entertainment. They cut off their heads for practice. They raped women and girls – and brought back syphilis to Europe. They even raped the wife of a king.

The Spanish were kinder to their animals than to the Tainos.

If a Taino killed a Spaniard, the Spanish killed 100 Tainos in return.

They killed Tainos by the thousands, even those who brought them food and gifts. They killed half the people of the kingdom of Maguana outright.

copia de cacicazgos de la hispaniola

After the killing fields, the Spanish divided the remaining Tainos among themselves to teach them the Christian faith:

    • For Taino men that meant working in the mines, often being worked to death. As many as 90% died within in three months.
    • For Taino women that meant working the land, even the heavy work that men used to do.

There was so little food that babies died for lack of milk. Children died of hunger by the thousands. Men were worked so hard in the mines that few children were born.

Columbus demanded a certain amount gold or cotton from each Taino over the age of 13. Those who failed to meet his demands had their hands cut off.

columbus hispaniola b 43

All this was shocking behaviour by Western standards of the time.

When there were no longer enough Taino workers left, the Spanish brought in African slaves to take their place.

It was such a hell on earth that:

    • Mothers killed their babies.
    • Mass suicides were common.

Many fled to the mountains, blacks too, fighting the Spanish from there.

Hatuey, one of the Taino kings of Cuba, told his people to throw their gold into the river: the Christians worshipped gold as their god and would kill them for it.


In 1512 when Hatuey was about to be burned at the stake (pictured), a Franciscan brother told him him about the Christian faith to save his soul. When Hatuey found out that most good Christians were going to Heaven, he chose Hell.

Source: Mainly “A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies” (1542) by Bartolome de Las Casas.

It’s difficult to tell, from the information provided, to what extent the Spanish troops were actually enjoying what they did. How much of it was just fulfilling orders and how much of it did they do out of the goodness of their heart? One thing seems pretty obvious though. They believed what they were doing was justified. They believed that they were doing the natives a favour by forcing them to become Christians, and killing them – in whatever cruel manner – was justified if they refused.

Similarities with the behaviour of the likes of Al-Qaeda and ISIS are not coincidental. They are all infested with the same genocidal Hebrew mind-virus via their religion and they all work for the Jews.

In the case of the genocide on the natives of Hispaniola, it was as obvious as it could possibly be. Christopher Columbus was a Jew from Genova, who wanted to restore the Jewish monopoly in the highly profitable trade with Indian spices. That sweat deal monopoly between the Jewish “black nobility” of Northern Italy and Arab middle-men, got disrupted by the Spanish Reconquista, so the Jews were seeking direct access to the source.

When Christopher Columbus’ search for a direct trade route to India failed because the Americas were getting in his way, he quick smart realised another way of making lots of money, by robbing the gold of the natives and turning them into slaves.

The natives though were less than cooperative. They didn’t like the idea of being robbed and enslaved. When given the choice between death and slavery, they rather died as free men. Good on them.

verden saxon nobles massacred charlemagne

When considering the living conditions of the natives of the Americas ever since the arrival of Columbus, it’s pretty clear that choosing death over slavery was the right choice. The same is true in the case of the 3000 Saxon noblemen who would rather be beheaded in the infamous “Saxon massacre” in Verden, Germany, than allowing Charlemagne turn their countrymen into serfs in the name of a dead Jew on a stick.

If you compare their situation with the situation White man is facing today, the merit of the decision of Hispaniola’s natives is even clearer than it ever was. The lesson to take home from Columbus Day is that the only right decision – when made to choose between death and slavery - is, and has proven to be over and over again, victory or death, victory or death, victory or death.

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