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The latest van attack in Barcelona by Jim Stone

Jim Stone

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The latest van attack in Barcelona by Jim Stone

I am not going to get into this much. It happened in front of a Kosher restaraunt, which makes Jews the "victim" and I'd bet no Jews got hit. Because the restaraunt knew. Ahead of time. And Muslims are framed. Muslims, and American "Nazis". And whoever else needs to be black balled. Actually, that means no one, because I can see the agenda - to ban cars that are not self driving.

Yes, they scored points against Islam. They scored points against "whites" who have a will to survive. But what they are really scoring points against with all of this is cars that can be driven at will by an individual.

All they have to do is stage enough killings with cars and they will then have a platform to convince people that they can make everyone safer by having the cars drive themselves. And when that happens, you won't be able to buy so much as a carrot without them knowing where you went. And they will kill you at will, which won't ever make the news. And they can keep you at home when they want, by parking your car, to enforce "shelter in place". And if they calculate you are guilty of any infractions, you'll get in, to go to Wal-mart and instead be driven straight to jail.

Yes, in a communist system, which we now know is at the root of the problem, self driving cars are a 12 topping pizza with a premium crust. They don't even have to send the storm troopers to get you, your car will do that job.

So we will continue to see car attacks increase in number. They will keep increasing, and keep increasing, until people accept a self driven car ban. We had better not allow it.