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Defund the Police Push Causes Republican Vets to Flip Oklahoma City Council

Sally Kent

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July 17, 2021

As the defund the police movement has continued to threaten the country two Republican combat veterans finally had enough and decided to get right into the fight and run for city council. Two Republican combat veterans flipped the left-leaning city council in Norman, Oklahoma after the council announced it was proposing major budget cuts to the police department.

Kelly Lynn and Rarchar Tortorello felt they each had no choice but to run for council to help protect their communities from the aftermath that comes from defunding the police.

Fox News reports:


“The last straw for us was the defunding of the police,” Tortorello told Ainsley Earhardt. “A lot of folks that we know were planning to leave the city and they just wanted to flee what the city was turning into, a socialist-type environment.”

“I was about to move out of the city I love because it got so crazy politically,” Lynn said.  “These are supposed to be nonpartisan offices and it became very partisan with the acts of defunding the police.”

The Norman City Council voted in June 2020 to reallocate $865,000 from the requested increase to the NPD’s budget to other community projects after hundreds of residents and activists stormed the municipal building demanding police cuts.

“Imagine going to work and your bosses are trying to get rid of your job, they’re trying to question your budget, the need for equipment, gear,” he said. “This is not a good thing for our police departments, for public safety as a whole.”

Defund the police has proven to be a detrimental message for Democrats often causing voters to steer away from the party and those who endorse the dangerous message.