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Dutch police to ‘undress’ youths wearing clothes deemed too expensive for them - Asset forfeiture on steroids

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Asset forfeiture on steroids

Dutch police now confiscating clothes from kids who appear to be "dressed above their level"

This is just like African countries, where the police take anything they want. Plain fabric clothes are then given to people so at least they are not naked. If this persists, it will evolve to one thing: If you are not in the elite class, you'll be stripped by police.

"Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam have launched a new pilot program which will see them confiscating expensive clothing and jewellery from young people if they look too poor to own them.

Officers say the scheme will see them target younger men in designer clothes they seem unlikely to be able to afford legally - if it is not clear how the person paid for it, it will be confiscated.

My comment: This is a slippery slope if I ever saw one. Just like asset forfeiture in the U.S., the police will develop a taste for what they take, and will escalate this to full blown stealing. It will not stop with "kids", it will eventually evolve to taking things from anyone, just like the police do in African countries. Who carries receipts with them to prove they own everything they have on or are carrying?

A comment on this topic, that sums it up nicely:

" Who carries around receipts for their clothes or even keeps the receipts once the return policy window is over and what about people who are gifted clothing for Christmas or their birthday. Who decides who is poor and on what criteria since they are just going off of someone's looks which leads to a lot of misconceptions and unfounded biases about one's morality, intelligence and worth as a human being. Europe is slowly descending into an authoritarian hellhole. "