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WATCH: Cop Violently Assaults Twin Sisters as School Principal Tries to Stop Hi

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10 -14-17

Orange, NJ — A disturbing video of a large cop manhandling two twin sisters outside of a restaurant just after school had let out has provoked protests and the suspension of an Orange police officer.

On Thursday, two sisters were outside of the restaurant when the Orange police officer approached them. While the nature of the stop was unclear, the officer’s actions seem entirely apparent. As the sisters talked he grabbed them both by the hair, threw them to the ground, pushed, kneed, and held them down for seemingly no reason.

In a statement released just after midnight Friday, the Orange Police Department and Mayor Dwayne Warren said the officer in the videos, Hanifah Davis, “has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of an investigation.” Protests almost immediately ensued as a result of the officer’s actions.