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Oceanside Police not so welcoming: Officer Moulder feels I need to leave the area. First Amendment

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Published on Aug 5, 2017

While dropping someone off in Oceanside California I decided to do some recording and came across the Oceanside Police Strip mall complex. After a few minutes Officer Moulder came along and was a bit perturbed and felt I should leave the area. Not soon after a bootlicker decided to make himself a YouTube star and interject himself. Please help us to be able to continue our exercising our rights and assist us in bringing you this view of those sworn to protect us.




I live within a 5 min drive to the Oceanside Police Department.  The department is located within a strip mall, and the local library is attached to the same building structure.  What I noticed in this video is the disconnect between citizens and the police force.  Both sides are distrusting of each other, and I can understand both points of view.  By all means, those officers will question of why they are being filmed, yet this guy gave no explanation.  It is their job to be suspicious, and they freely gave their badge numbers, and ask this guy twice, why are you here?  They did not throw him off the premise, yet he did not provide them with any information.  He recorded the officers, and they returned the favor by recording him.  The point that I wish to make is travesty in this; at that he should have filmed the library, which is virtually bookless.