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Actor/Role Player - General Labor

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FW:  June 23, 2016

Foreign Language Services Simulation - Burlington, VT


In the interest of transparency and to dispel any possible misrepresentations of the event, I feel that it is our duty at FLSS to inform the public that this is a demonstration of sorts or simply an acting role which has no bearing whatsoever in Politics and just happens to be scheduled during the Democratic National Convention.

Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is currently looking for talented individuals to be placed in Role Player Positions in the Colchester and Jericho, VT areas. Role Players/Actors will be responsible for performing various functions during training exercises with the US Military.

Duties (include, but not limited to)

  • Support military in instructional exercises
  • Simulate situations to train military with realistic training mission
  • Applicants must live within 50 miles of the training locations and have their own transportation. Be able to arrive at assembly areas on time.
  • Role players will be moulaged (made-up) and transported to the appropriate site.
  • Be able to work long hours during various times of the day.
  • Be physically capable of working in extreme weather conditions. Role players/Actors must be sufficiently fit to participate in training.
  • Some role players/Actors Role will get extremely wet, prop clothing will be cut off and they will be scrubbed with brushes and a lot of water (possibly cold water).
  • Be able to walk long distances and stand for extended periods.
  • Be able to follow scripts and specific directions.
  • Be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Role Players/Actors be able to pass various background checks,
  • Must be over 18 years old, all age groups are encouraged to apply.

Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is a leading language services company providing language specialists and training specialists to various government agencies. FLSS dedicates itself to developing and delivering successful staffing solutions.

-Work dates are tentatively July 26th thru 31st.

Job Type: Part-time

Job Location:

  • Burlington, VT

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Not Required: 1 year


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