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NAFTA: Comments by Rocky Montana

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NAFTA:  Comments by Rocky Montana - 5-17-2016

24 years ago, before NAFTA was made law, a very successful and savvy businessman and true capitalist by the name of Ross Perot warned Americans of this one-sided trade deal - NAFTA.  He warned that Americans would hear the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving this country if NAFTA became law.  Not enough of Americans believed him then or believed that NAFTA would be devastating for our country.  They were too trusting of our leaders in Washington then; they just couldn't believe that their government leaders would lie to them and knowingly ruin our economy with the NAFTA trade deal. 

Well, our government leaders did ruin our country and here it is 23 years later, after the NAFTA Treaty was fast-tracked and signed into law by Presidents' George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, both of whom owe their political careers to, and are controlled by, the Rockefeller dynasty.  They and their families are part of the Washington Establishment.  Americans have witnessed the U.S. economy on life-support having witnessed tens of millions of jobs and careers sucked out of our country, much of the country falling into poverty, and the national debt climbing to a staggering $19 trillion.

So, Americans find themselves in another Presidential election cycle.  What will they do now?  Will they vote for the wife of the man who signed NAFTA into law and wrecked our country, Hillary Clinton, and sheepishly accept her continued socialist agenda, thus more impoverishment of America?  Or, will Americans support and vote for another very successful and savvy businessman and capitalist who is picking up where Ross Perot left off, and who is also speaking-out against NAFTA, and who is offering Americans his business strengths and skills to lead this nation in throwing off the bonds of all devastating trade deals such as NAFTA, and offering to help Make America Great Again - Donald Trump?  May the American people vote wisely this time.



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