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156 Year Old Company To Layoff 10,000 Workers By Thanksgiving

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FW:  Oct. 8, 2015

The numbers keep increasing. A&P a 156 year old  iconic company has doubled their layoff projections to 10,000. Making this another tough holiday for many jobless Americans as the NY Post reports:

As many as 10,000 A&P workers will lose their jobs by Thanksgiving Day as the 156-year-old grocer heads toward liquidation, The Post has learned.

Fewer stores than expected were bought by rival grocers, leaving nearly one-third of A&P’s 28,500 workers — some who have been at the chain for decades — literally out in the cold.

Many A&P locations that did receive bids saw the interest come from businesses that do not intend to keep the stores’ employees, according to court documents and sources who attended the first auction of A&P stores on Oct. 1 and 2.

“Based on what we saw last week, it’s not a pretty picture,” said John Durso, president of Local 338, who expects to lose “a few thousand” union members to store closures.