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Hours After Clinton Judge Blocks Flynn Dismissal – Judge Faces Ethics Complaint Over Possible Violation

Adam Casalino|

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Hours After Clinton Judge Blocks Flynn Dismissal – Judge Faces Ethics Complaint Over Possible Violation

It looked like Michael Flynn was cleared of charges, but not so fast! Democrats are trying to pull one last stunt to doom the man.

And it involves a Clinton-appointed judge.


Emmet Sullivan slammed the breaks on the attorney general’s decision. And he’s making a very bizarre decision.

From The Hill:

On Tuesday evening, Sullivan pulled a surprise, announcing in a court filing that he would allow interested parties to weigh in on the case with amicus briefs, an unusual move for a criminal prosecution, and enter a scheduling order “at the appropriate time.”

Huh? This Democrat-appointed judge is halting the AG’s dropping of the charges in order to hear from third parties.

This is not supposed to happen for a criminal case. Either a person is innocent or guilty. That’s it.

If the prosecutors drop the charges, the case should be closed. For this judge to bring in “interested parties” to weigh in on the case appears partisan.

Why should other people chime in on this situation?

It seems they think they can bend the rule of law by welcoming outside voices—to pollute the cause of justice.

But now, someone is calling him on the carpet and taking action.

From Twitter:

Judge Sullivan, who denied leave to file amicus briefs when he knew third parties would have spoken favorably of Flynn, now solicits briefs critical of Flynn. This is a violation of the judicial oath and applicable ethical rules. We will be filing a complaint against Sullivan.

Uh-oh! It looks like Judge Sullivan may have deliberately prevented third parties from speaking, when they would have said something favorable of Flynn.

But when groups show up ready to bash the man, Sullivan is all for it. Even as the DOJ drops the entire case.

Hmm… sound like a conflict of interest to you? According to Mike Cernovich, this is a violation of Sullivan’s judicial oath and ethical rules.

He’s not sitting on the sidelines either. Cernovich announced he is filing a complaint against Sullivan. And he might not be the only one.