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The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments over whether Congress has the ability to subpoena President Trump's financial records.


According to The Daily Wire:

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on Tuesday regarding whether congress can subpoena eight years of President Donald Trump’s personal financial records, including tax returns.


The New York Post reported that the court “will hear two cases which deal with Democrat-led committees subpoenaing the sitting president’s records, including tax returns from Trump’s banks and records from the Trump Organization.” Trump requested the Supreme Court take the case after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals – which covers six districts in liberal New York, Connecticut, and Vermont – declared congress does have a right to subpoena the president’s personal financial records.


Trump obviously wants to keep these records away from House Democrats, who want to use them to find dirt on the president. Democrats used a claim from proven liar Michael Cohen – Trump’s former “fixer” – that the president lied on his tax returns as the basis for one subpoena.


“The House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees also subpoenaed two banks used by Trump and his business over allegations that he had accepted money from Russia,” the Post reported. “Lawyers for Trump argue that state courts should not be allowed to investigate a sitting president, while Trump himself has accused the committees of trying to expose his personal information.”

Even Chief Justice John Roberts was a vocal opponent of House Counsel's argument that the House can subpoena anything related to potential legislation.