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Trump Campaign Files Libel Lawsuit Against New York Times


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The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit against the New York Times alleging the paper committed libel when the paper knowingly published false information about the President in an op-ed in 2019.

According to The Hill:

President Trump's reelection campaign is suing The New York Times for libel, claiming that the newspaper knowingly published false information about the president in an op-ed last year.

The lawsuit, filed in New York State Supreme Court on Wednesday, accuses the Times of intentionally defaming Trump with an op-ed claiming that his 2016 campaign had an "overarching deal" with Russia.

"The statements were and are 100 percent false and defamatory," Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for the campaign, said in a statement.

"The complaint alleges The Times was aware of the falsity at the time it published them, but did so for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign, while misleading its own readers in the process,” Ellis added.

The ability to sue media organizations for libel or defamation is difficult for public officials and Trump will have to prove the statements were made with "actual malice