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Day 13- Update on Bundy CAse

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Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 9:17 PM

Subject: Day 13- Update

Dave Hodges has reported a mistrial and that the men are released. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

This report  is according to John Lamb and Shaylor who did the livestream tonight in case you'd like the Readers Digest version.

Clancy's video was watched for the first time by the Defense last night. Ryan Norwood made a motion not to admit it because it has some comments that would be prejudicial against the Defense. For those of you who don't know Clancy- he's a straight talking cowboy. Naturally, the government now wants that video admitted. And our friend Gloria Navarro is allowing it. I bet that feels wrong to you too!

The BLM have been careful about what they record and don't record. As you recall from the videos in the last trial when they're saying damning stuff- they are reminded to turn off their vest cams.

About Clancy Cox's being asked to turn on the Bundys: "She made it clear that recruiting informants with money or other consideration is legal but Bribery is not."  "I think I read that in the Bolshevik Handbook somewhere too." Whipple wanted to put Clancy on the stand today. He was standing by. But Navarro denied the request saying he could be called later.

Shelakis had to admit that his buddy Mike Johnson lied to Ryan Bundy. Ryan had asked Johnson if the phone call we heard yesterday had been recorded. Johnson told him No. Shelakis then waffled around the issue when cross examined by Ryan. He said that it wasn't part of the BLM's policy to lie. Shelakis is a professional witness- he's had government training on testifying in court. So when the questions get uncomfortable like today, he'll say that he doesn't understand the question, can you reword it? Or that he doesn't recall.

Whipple caught Shelakis in a few. Apparently Clancy has a good memory. Whipple asked about the conversation and Shelakis said he'd never talked to Clancy beyond what was already admitted. So when Whipple asked if he ever talked to Clancy about growing up on a ranch in Colorado- Shelakis turned another color. Then he asked "Did you ever tell anyone you were a Bundy supporter?" That brought on a stream of I don't recall"s and it's been 3 years so I can't recall.

Tomorrow is a big half day. The Motions to Dismiss will be heard. Navarro announced it for 8 am- but I'll bet you 50 cents, nah, I'll go a buck, she doesn't start til 8:30 or 9 am.

Freedom and Justice,