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Bundy Ranch Tier 3 Verdict

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August 22, 2017. The jury foreman sent the judge a note saying "we the jurors" and complained about 2 jurors. Juror 6 was brought in because she hadn't disclosed on her juror questionaire that she'd had a gun to her head as a child. The Defense wanted her replace. Navarro refused. The jury then came back and found Steve Stewart and Ricky Lovelien Not Guilty on all counts. The vote for Eric Parker and Scott Drexler was 11-1 to acquit- with Juror 6 being a hold out. On Aug 23, Eric and Scott have a pre-trial release hearing in case the government wants to retry them- the definition of insanity- continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. This video takes place outside the Henderson Detention where the men were held during trial.