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Sheriff Joe

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I never thought I would write these words: I am facing criminal charges and I could be sent to jail.


For over two decades, I fought on the side of law and order to uphold the Constitution and our values. . .


Now, because of a lawsuit brought by the ultra-liberal ACLU, I face criminal contempt of court charges and could be sent to jail.



Stand with Sheriff Joe >> $100



My first court date is in just a couple of weeks, and my legal team has told me to prepare for every outcome. The national Liberal machine has been after me for years, on a mission to distort my record and drag my personal character through the mud. . . that's exactly how they defeated me in my battle for re-election last November.

Now, they are coming after me again, but this time my freedom is on the line.


 I am not personally wealthy – I am retired public servant who spent his entire career in law enforcement.


But, the reality is as a retired public servant I simply do not have the funds necessary to finance the kind of legal defense I need to ensure I am not bulldozed over in court.


That's why I am prayerfully asking for your financial help today. With my court date rapidly approaching, I need your help paying down my legal bills. Please make a contribution of ANY AMOUNT you can afford today:



Stand with Sheriff Joe >> $150


Stand with Sheriff Joe >> $100

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I have dedicated my life to defending our Constitution and the values that you and I hold so dear. I have never regretted that decision and I have always been proud to have patriotic Americans like you standing with me.


I hope I can count on you to stand with me again today, because I need it now more than ever before.


Thank you, Patrick.




- Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, Arizona


P.S. Remember, your contribution today will go directly toward financing my legal defense. My lawyers are good, hard-working people like you and I and I don't expect anything for free. That's why I am humbly asking you to help me now with a contribution of any amount you can afford.