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Rome Still Rules Canada

Eldon Warman

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From: Eldon Warman
To: Patrick Bellringer
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 5:13 PM
Subject: Rome Still Rules Canada

The following article shows that the Rules of the Roman Empire

are still very much with us as current day 'subjects' of the Pontiff

of Rome and his Holy Roman Empire, which sees North America

as a Province of his empire.


As the blogger Adam Ash explains, the term “enemy combatant"

(disobedient slave) means a legal non-person. The Italian philosopher

Giorgio Agamben likens them to the first humans to be so designated,

under Roman law a few millennia ago. They didn't call them

“enemy combatants” then, they called them “homo sacer”.

This was a human who could be killed by anyone, without

the killer ever being guilty of homicide.

In fact, the idea of “homo sacer” was contrived as an excuse to

impose justitium, or a state of exception, that is to say a suspension

of civil liberties and the imposition of martial law. Agamben argues:

"The so-called sacred and unalienable rights of man prove to be

completely unprotected at the very moment it is no longer possible

to characterize them as rights of the citizens of a state." Unquote


From a Vancouver, BC, newspaper article:


A first: Man being "disassociated" from Canada by the Supreme Court of B.C., - not a 'terrorist', still a free man, just no longer allowed to "legally" defend himself in their courts, have access to due process or make claim for damages in commerce for himself or anyone else. [The Supreme Court of B.C. is the Superior Court of the Province]


A man who goes by the name Robert-Arthur: Menard, creator of ThinkFree and a strong freedom and human rights supporter, who the Supreme Court of British Columbia refers to as "Robert Arthur Menard of North Vancouver", has been prohibited from appearing in their courts and having due process, in addition to preparing documents for others present in court and even operating normally in everyday commercial transactions.

This occurred as he has fallen out of "good standing" with the Law Society of British Columbia after previously successfully challenging their assumed lawful authority.

They have decided, without due process, that he is prohibited from...

(a) appearing as counsel or advocate;

(b) drawing, revising or settling a document for use in a proceeding judicial

or extra-judicial;

(c) drawing, revising or settling a will, deed of settlement, trust deed, ...;

(d) drawing, revising or settling a document relating in any way to proceedings

under a statute of Canada or British Columbia;

(e) doing any act or negotiation in any way for the settlement of, or settling,

a claim or demand for damages; etc.


...effectively barring him from operation in society, including the proper use of commerce;

the right to a claim or demand for damages regarding the use of commercial instruments,

legal tender and accounts, and with utility companies and other businesses for simple

services in everyday commerce.


This move is a first by the Supreme Court and the Law Society for any man in Canada and has surprised other supporters of freedom and human rights who have questioned how the Law Society can make such claims to disassociate a man from society.

He is barred from challenging it, even though he has only just found out about the order,

and he is barred from preparing the documents for my his own challenge.


He has not found to have done any thing unlawful, only to have fallen out of "good standing".


The Order stands "until such time as he becomes a member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia".



Origins of dispute

The source of the contention can be traced back to 2000 when a child under his care was tried to be seized by the de-facto "authority" supported by the Law Society. Robert-Arthur: Menard made counterclaim at law and finally received justice but the Law Society continued to pursue matters against Robert-Arthur after he taught others how to receive justice in courts of record.

Robert-Arthur wrote in Nov. 2004...

I have spent many hours in the last four years in extensive study of the Law and I am now using that information to benefit my fellow man and help create a freer and more just society. Those of you who know me already are likely aware that I am motivated by my love for one Elizabeth Anne Elaine who four years ago was abducted under the colour of Law and by the MCFCD. I am also guided for my compassion for my fellow man and realise that I have a duty to treat all with dignity and respect. I love this Nation and the concepts upon which it is founded and believe that with my actions I am strengthening the best parts of it, while pruning the worst.

Robert-Arthur: Menard has created the thinkfreeforums in order to support others in upholding their freedoms and human rights, and more recently is creating the World Freeman Society in better protecting those rights for its members.

He also has two seminars on your rights; Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception and The Magnificent Deception.