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COMMENT: Fouirwinds Post Jan. 22, 2008


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 Dear Patrick and Fourwinds Group:

I have reviewed the January 22 article posted re: the necessity of the Bush-Clinton crime family to maintain control of the DoJ in order to try to avoid further investigatory and/or prosecutorial action.  This is an irrevocable and absolute condition, right out of the box.  In fact, it is precisely the point of making changes in the law form of ‘government’ going back to Lincoln and his succressor, Andrew Johnson in the 1860’s.  Control of the DoJ is how they control and manipulate the “investigative” functions of the UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporations, which goes to Titles 18 and 26 of the United States Code. All claims that are prosecuted by and through the U.S. Department of Justice for the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE are brought in the name of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the UNITED STATES.  This may be inclusive of Title 18 alleged violations, but mostly only Title 26 allegations.  All other criminal allegations are brought by and through the U.S. Attorney Offices in the various ‘federal districts’ of the ‘federal States’ or ‘territories’, for the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA under Title 18 and other federal ‘Titles’.  The Office of U.S. Attorney is a inherent function and capacity of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, and it’s chief executive officer is the ‘ATTORNEY GENERAL’.   The DoJ also includes other ‘Divisions’, including the FBI, which has limited authority under 28 USC 535, but which characteristically operates “ultra vires” or ‘outside the law’ as a matter of daily ‘public policy’.

**The control of DoJ issue could or should be put into a more clear light by demanding that the present ATTORNEY GENERAL be compelled to make a full disclosure as to his/her allegiance and affiliation by ‘oath’ or ‘contract’ to any ‘foreign principal’.  This brings into play the Foreign Agent Registration Act, and the legal premise or issue as to whether the ‘international purposes of INTERPOL’ and its Constitution supercede the allegiance sworn by the AG when taking up ‘office’ of the UNITED STATES at the time of ‘commission’ or ‘appointment’. 

We can show the actual U.S. laws which provide for the US AG to become a “permanent member” of INTERPOL and the US Treasury Secretary as “alternative member”.  To be a ‘member’ of INTERPOL, one has to disclaim or disavow the sovereign authority of the nation-state from which one derives in order to serve the Constitution of INTERPOL.  Article 30 is where this is especially found.  So, who is the US AG, as ‘chief executive officer’ and ‘chief law enforcement and investigative authority [officer] of the United States’ really serving?   AG cannot disclaim and disavow the UNITED STATES and IT’s FRANCHISE TRUST CORPORATE ‘citizens’, while also being ‘’purposed’ toward the objectives of an INTERNATIONAL Quasi-sovereign Quasi-governmental ORGANIZATION.  It is a DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST and  LEGAL IMPOSSIBILITY to serve two masters, one being ‘sovereign’ and one being ‘international’ and having no inherent duty or capacity to recognize that which is ‘sovereign’.    This is not much different than the issue that CHRISTOPHER STORY points out about the British Prime Minister signing the Portugal Treaty which supercedes and usurps national interest and sovereignty of Britain and the Monarchy.  Brown operated ultra vires by any definition of how he presumed to have authority to execute such a Treaty.  All treaty ‘law’ is by and between ‘sovereigns’, which act through their agents and ‘officers’, and it is all ‘private international commercial admiralty [contract] law’.

Somebody needs to take a hard look at the nature and character of the US DoJ, its executive corporate capacity and standing to contract, and the duties and obligations of its CEO in relation to the CEO of the UNITED STATES and his duties and obligations, including the limitations on Executive Authority in general, as defined by the Constitution.  Please remember, the U.S. corporate Constitution in DoC and the DoC Code, is not and can never be the organic Constitution for the united States of America and the Republic Union of several republic country-states.

I will dig out the ‘law’ referenced above regarding the DoJ Attorney General’s relationship by oath and allegiance to ‘foreign principal’, INTERPOL.