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FW:  April 9, 2016

The take-down of the united States of America has been ramped-up, according to a report since 1946, which systematically has facilitated "laws" that are unconstitutional -- which have gradually eroded the rights and liberties we have rightful access to, but now are inhibited from exercising.

It's out of fear that some of us may get persecuted by private sector corporate agents (aka "mall cops") who pursue "policy" in denying that Americans have the unalienable right under the Unanimous Declaration to engage in activities that are perfectly lawful.

A notable example is the unalienable right of travel using one's private automobile (without driver license or display of registration plates), as a liberty that's been egregiously suppressed, under color of law and process -- with lying attorneys and magistrates declaring that every motorist needs a license and registration, which is nothing farther from the truth.  This is not mere opinion.  I practice law, and this is lawful advice, which can be proven correct even from the state's vehicle code.

The bar associations and the private sector, corporate, commercial, for-profit courts across the nation, with their bar attorney magistrates, are waging war upon all Americans, whom they rape economically every day, under color of law and color of process.  Did you know that no LEO* can lawfully arrest (i.e. pull over) a motorist, unless the motorist is witnessed as having committed a crime that rises to the level of a misdemeanor?

The police break this law all the time, and they make unlawful arrests.  Because police typically lack "probable cause" for an arrest of a motorist, they expose their lack of jurisdiction -- which paves the way for motorists to arrest the police (by declaration) and impose a hefty fee schedule upon the police, unless a motorist is made free to leave his or her arrest scene immediately.  * LEO means "law enforcement officer".

The subject line of "'Time to take back America, via the CLGJ" means that common law grand juries as impaneled constitute the people's access to remedy.  When properly understood and set up, a CLGJ permits control of corporate "government" (in name only) by we the people -- whom are the ultimate authorities, as sovereignty possessing cotenants on the land.

For a brief video overview of why and how a local common law grand jury operates, and how a CLGJ should seriously be considered by all American patriots for lawfully establishing, please access the link below to hear Rodger Dowdell (from Florida) provide practical concepts about the CLGJ, and some of its actionable options.  You will not be disappointed.