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Dec. 20, 2011

I am optimistic when Richard Mack who is a former Arizona Sheriff who beat Bill Clinton at the US Supreme Court defeating the Brady bill. This man has been on a crusade to teach county Sheriffs the president cannot tell them what to do. They are the highest executive in the county. In January next year, he will be holding a conference to bring in 150 county Sheriffs from around the nation to teach them to their duties to protect his people from unlawful  Federal intrusion. He has 150 Sheriffs who will attend the conference and more elected peace officers wanting to come. He might be making more space to bring them in.


              Congressmen James Traficant before becoming a member of House of Representatives was a county Sheriff in Ohio. This man threw the IRS out of his county preventing the seizure of people's homes without due process. That is the power of the Sheriff . Even the IRS cannot take on the Sheriff. It is sad many county Sheriffs go along with the IRS seizures that are unconstitutional in the past. Now we're starting to see that change gradually.


              An Indiana Sheriff recently stopped the Department of Justice from prosecuting the Amish people for selling raw milk. In California and the Pacific northwestern states were the EPA has decimated the farming industry. county Sheriffs are now resisting the unlawful Federal overreach in their counties. They are drawing the line in the sand against the Federal goverment and starting to protect their citizens from violations of the their constitutional rights. We can see more county sheriffs start to resist the Federal goverment on a major scale when they come for the people's guns.


            There has been talk in Texas with many county Sheriffs resisting the TSA bringing highway checkpoints in their counties. They will not be any body scanners and groping to be allowed in the shopping malls inside their counties. Many are starting to turn down DHS grant money while some still have their hand out. The year of 2012 could be a very interesting year to see because local government can be the difference between freedom and tyranny. Texas has many rural counties which the Sheriff is known on a first name basis with many people in his county. That is a wait and see if they are courageous or not.


             The County Sheriff represents the grassroots local goverment. These elected peace officers can deputize every gun owner in his county who owns a firearm to be his posse and militia. If this Sheriffs conference is a huge success and more sheriffs are interested in how to defend the rights of the people in their counties, this can be the difference between the military marching into the county and staying free. The county Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The Sheriff has the power to refuse an illegal court order that violates the law. Some Sheriffs refuse to foreclose on people's homes that are illegal, they can form citizen grand juries to root out corruption in the county. I am not talking about the ones the Prosecutor and the judge run. They can form a posse to assist him in search and rescue or extra security in natural distastes when public safety requires it. He has more power then President Obama.


             If one third of the county Sheriffs in this nation stand up to the feds, it is over for the tyrants. That can only happen if the people stand behind him, even if that means being ready to use force to assist the Sheriff keeping the federal goverment out. The Sheriff answers to us. He does not answer to the President or even the governor. He may be the last line of defense making the difference between liberty or despotism. If your sheriff is willing to stand up for his people against tyranny. We need to stand behind him. The year 2012 is when the Sheriff becomes a defender of liberty and not a DHS puppet of the past. Do you agree?