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Charles Miller

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What is Missing?

by Charles Miller

October 6th 2018




The Essentials


     "The American experience in the ideal of liberty for every man -- protected by those claiming their own liberty -- has reached a choice point in the last few YEARS." The situational ignorance, represented in the recent Senate Confirmation Hearings and the confrontation between simple-people and government-agents, demands an explanation and resolve in the seeking of a solution to the conflict by defining the problem in a clear and precise manner.


     "Events in the news of all sorts, are the results of the ultimate conflict not defined or addressed by either side." The essential question to be decided here is whether the rule of men or the rule of law will control the present and future American experience.


  • "Every American must make that choice to either live within the Law and forum that constructed the American experience, or enslave your neighbor for your own benefit."



     Senators, and other federal agents, are placed in the position to either keep their paychecks and follow illegal activities, or stand up as free Americans, and starve their families, in stark contrast to simple Americans on the other side making the concious choice to do the right thing by refusing to allow breach-of-the-peace and trespass upon another American; being that of the minority. Nonetheless it is apparent that those honorable men and women are not able to demonstrably articulate the understanding of their true power and exercise of the-force-of-law, that every American holds within his own personal authorities.


  • "This monograph addresses both sides with clear principles, simple facts, and reference to the Law through time-honored procedures to settle disputes."



     "The conflict between the American people, and those operating in the name of the governments we created, has been responsible for a great friction between those people engaged in a common law contract to construct governments "vs" those who were and are servants to our government that have altered the very nature of the execution of our powers with a not insignificant aspect of that alteration being carried out over a long period of time. Essentially the servants usurped the position of the master by legislatively creating "statutory commercial enforcement systems" for the management of human capital, property and property rights as can be viewed in the current government operations of today.


  • "The essential fact to be exposed with this understanding is verifiable by reference to the very documents creating state and federal governments."



     THERE IS NO AUTHORITY GRANTED IN THE FOUNDATIONAL DOCUMENTS ISSUED BY THE CREATORS  OF GOVERNMENTS IN, ON, OR OF AMERICA, THE ONE PEOPLE, FOR GOVERNMENT OF ANY SORT TO LEGISLATE OR CONTROL THE PEOPLE. Read the Declaration of Independence, the original state constitutions, the articles of Confederation, and the Northwest ordinance. If anyone can refute the statements please do so!


  • "The reason this statement is irrefutable is very simple and logical."



     When you as an American -- a grantor to all governmental power -- do not hold the power to legislate over or control your neighbors, then you could not assign that power or authority to a government.

"Exercise of self granted authority over your neighbors is in fact the execution of slavery, and it matters not if this is an individual issue or a systemic issue."




  • "The exercise of these powers to control or legislate over individual Americans is essentially a breach-of-the-peace and a trespass upon the grantors, the Masters, the one people."



     The American experience operates under a system of law, where each individual pledges to respect life, liberty, property and property rights, and it is within that context that we operate by consensus. "In other words, a republic with the foundation of Law and control over our servants, as a matter of personal responsibility, and responsibility to our neighbors."  "At that point we may individually agree that certain proposed regulations are for our own individual benefit and for the mutual benefit of our neighbors."


  • "No consent is a valid response to any government exercise."



     As individuals we have the choice to rely upon all the rights and statements reserved in the state and federal constitutions; being ever mindful that the exercise of those rights are based upon the understanding and agreement that we do not trespass, breach another's peace, or affect their property or property rights by our own actions.


     Accessing the reservation of the right to not consent requires personal responsibility and liability, absent any excuse to those we might harm; knowing that our own actions are the trigger point for that responsibility coming to the foreground.


  • "Currently the private agendas of confusion which refuse to identify the core essential issues of their agendas, are trespassing upon the very original American experience."



     One of the quintessential examples current in the American experience, is the issue over gun ownership. "Gun ownership is a property right."  Private property may never be taken without due process at the common-law. "Supporting the taking of private property -- a gun -- is not only anti-American, but is operating under a premise that is false to the point of silliness."


     What kind of intelligent, responsible individual human, could assign an intent to harm, injure, or kill, to a lump of inanimate metal? "Yet this is the whole premise of the gun confiscators manifesto."  Rather than deal with individuals on a direct basis, they choose to make their argument over a piece of inanimate metal. "In other words a supremely irresponsible position, selfish at its very nature." One man in a room of 20 people -- standing on his rights under American law -- has to protect his property, a gun, from confiscation by the other 19! " Simply asking the takers if they believe in the democratic process settles the issue, believing that 51of them can tell 49 of us what to do. The lone Freeman then responds, "then how will you like it if I go get 40 of my friends and we enforce upon you the demand to own a gun".


     THE PRINCIPLE: In order for any American to exercise personal liberty, he must ensure that his neighbors have the same liberty; read the Declaration of Independence as a contract between the people executed by representatives under the authority of the people identified therein.


     " This open-ended contract has never been altered, and any man may sign on to the principles as stated." This statement is true because the contract itself has no limits upon who can issue the statement or a timeline barring accessing the principles. Signing onto the principals at this point is a recognition of equal standing in capacity with the original signers representing the original people authorizing the document. "Principles don't change!"


     Put simply, the Declaration of Independence is a statement of intent by the people on the soil to construct a political body to exercise legal and lethal force for a single exclusive purpose. THAT PURPOSE BEING TO PROTECT EVERY MAN'S LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. "This is the only legitimate exercise of any governmental power claiming the authorities of the American form of government from the beginning."


     Essentially the logic leads to this conclusion: BREACH OF PEACE, FAILING TO ACT WITHIN COMPLIANCE OF OUR LAW AS SET OUT -- protection of the grantors of all governmental powers -- RESULTS IN TRESPASS UPON ANY INDIVIDUAL EXERCISING THEIR LIBERTY AS A FAILURE TO PROTECT!


     Failure to protect any individual American in their exercise of liberty -- as long as they are not harming nor trespassing upon another -- is in fact treason to the principles set out in founding the whole American experience. When this failure to protect attaches to an individual -- or group of Americans by those who claim governmental authority -- the result is " terrorism executed at the end of a gun"!

The currently executed sham legal process operating through threat, fear of threat, coercion, or fear of coercion, or intimidation, is ultimately a terrorist act in support of those attempting to exercise slavery to a false law and process; hidden behind the disguise of government powers!


  • "The Kavanaugh hearings were intentionally misleading because the substance of Kavanaugh‘s Record was, and still is, the real subject matter of the hearings."



  • "The record of Kavanaugh acts or omissions is public record owned by the People."

     The question that should have been ask and answered is very simple and direct:


     Mr. Kavanaugh, have you at all times in your professional life, first an attorney, then judge, acted in strict compliance with the law of the Peoples Constitution as Amended and controlled by the Bill of Rights? Answer of either yes or no requires the Advise and Consent parties, the Senators, to demand proof from public record to support the answer.


  • "At that point Kavanaugh is DONE, because his statements on the fourth, fifth and first Amendments DISQUALIFY him as not only a Supreme Court Justice -- more to the point -- as a judge’s position of any sort when taking into account his work in crafting the Patriot act."



Kavanaugh has displayed DIVIDED LOYALTY in the highest form and in the highest forums possible. His loyalty to the operations of corrupted government over the Law of the People is abundantly clear.


  • Now, how much of the dog and pony theater poop will be spread across the land intended to choke individual Liberty of the People?





Charles Miller -