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The facts and law herein are irrefutable and conclusive as found in Public Record.

This Public Service provides any American the foundation from which to begin exercising their true powers.

The delivery of these findings (and much more) are now in process to the appropriate offices both nationally and internationally.


Please review the public records exposing the guarantor position behind every corporate decision. ALL acts of corporations, or management structures such as SES, SEC, DOJ, NSA, FBI, ENTRUST, FCC, etc., etc., are signed off prior to action by one class of controllers. ATTORNEYS!


ATTORNEYS while protecting their clients interest from attacks know the private protection system known as courts are controlled by their BAR cohorts.


The single settlement office for all disputes among individual Americans, People and corporations, People and government actors, competing business interests, property disputes, real, chattel, intellectual properties, are governed and ruled over by COURTS.


The key understanding here is the recognition that the controllers of corruption world wide, need transfer agents into various and numerous Sovereign jurisdictions. Transfer agents are easily identified by two words. DIVIDED LOYALTY! Wittiness Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, SES, the BAR, the private Banks, central banks, distributing privately owned money, DOJ, FBI, NSA actors.




SERVED September 12th 2018.

“ Below, the recitation of facts, formal requests for action, and of course actual performance, on the part of the office and subject officer Plenipotentiary acting for the Queen exposes liabilities having extreme international consequences.


    The Queen in various capacities and franchise grantor positions is both a direct and indirect beneficiary of the operations of the Federal Reserve Central Bank operating the private money, a private property, distribution and control system in the United States.


a. The Queen as Sovereign is the franchiser to and for all corporations operating in Britain or registered or chartered under the Crown as fully liable principal.

b. The Queen as Sovereign is the master, owner, of all British subjects fully liable for the subjects actions.

c. The Queen as Sovereign ultimately controls completely all corporations, subjects, visitors to the realm as Sovereign and principal guarantor for all franchised, licensed or chartered acts by all regulated actors.

d. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second is a direct and indirect beneficiary of the Federal Reserve operations World Wide, currency of reserve ownership position.


    The Queen in various capacities and franchise grantor positions is both a direct and indirect beneficiary of the operations of the controlling BAR Associations operating the law administration distribution and control systems in the United State and individual States, a private exclusive association, having ties and obligations to the Queen directly through the Queens Inns of Court.


a. This position apparently gained through secret operations culminating in the 1803 United States Act taking in British Common Law and Equity Law as the foundation for federal United States law operations.

b. The Queens ownership over British Common Law and Equity jurisdictions as private Crown property is not in question.

c. The use of Crown properties requires quid pro quo terms. Said terms are not public record thereby setting up a stealth invasion by British agents usurping Sovereign powers of the United States in direct intentional violation of Treaty obligations under the 1783 Treaty.


  1. The Queens direct and indirect franchised agents, individual subjects all, under personal acceptance, both BAR actors and all corporate bank actors, operate under surety of the Queen as guarantor for their individual and collective acts, both individually and systemically.
  2. The Queens agents and entities operate on the soil, with in the jurisdictions set out by the People recognized as Sovereign under the 1783 Treaty.
  3. The Queens agents and entities nor the Crown itself ever sought in any manner to obtain the Peoples nor the United States permission for operations benefiting the English Crown, as carried out by the Queens agents.
  4. The Queens agents, BAR and Federal Reserve actors, operating in the United States never openly disclosed their ties or loyalties to the English Crown Royalty, the Queen.
  5. The English Crown gave no notice that its agents and entities intentions, or instructions, for their operations in the United States was to usurp legitimate authorities and powers in a deceptive manner causing massive confusion, confusion at the very least, for the Crowns benefit.
  6. As  the English Crown well knows trespass, of any nature or kind, into or on to another Sovereigns jurisdiction or land is a BREACH OF THE PEACE, the highest crime internationally, as a prelude to open warlike hostilities.
  7. Trespass through direct or indirect means, ownership in private money, operating private law administrations, spreading confusion and deceptively influencing legitimate United States government officers and operations is a classic trespass under the Queens own Common Law and Equity jurisdictions. It matters not how many layers of cover are in place, the facts expose the trespass.
  8. The public records available in The United States Of America exhibit conclusive proof of fact attaching responsibility to the Crown for BREACH of the 1783 Treaty of Peace.
  9. The BREACH takes the form of one Sovereignty, the English Crown, attempting through deception, as appears to be intended—(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or ( iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, a Crown recognized foreign SOVEREIGN authority. ( see international World Wide Web Notice Concerning the BRITISH PETROLEUM invasion of the Union States bordering the Gulf Of Mexico.)
  10. King George in the 1783 Treaty of Peace recognizes the good People as Sovereign in the release of proprietary chattel properties stated as International Law at Article 1 of said Treaty. This recognition is from one Sovereign to former subjects accepting the subjects ascension to Sovereignty, now binding on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. This recognition is under the Seal of the British Crown, good today as it was then.
  11. The Crowns beneficial interest in lands, corporate entities, trust entities, governments, owners of the private money Currency of Reserve operation and individual actors employed therein, along with BAR controls in context of the Crowns close associations to the NEW WORLD ORDER, all testify to the necessity of this Letter of Wishes for Recognition and enforcement of Treaty obligations.
  12. The Queens beneficiary position, asset and leverage accruals, from positions in both the BAR and Federal Reserve operations exposes the intent to subjugate the American People to Crown Rule once again, in direct violation of the forever binding obligations under the 1783 Treaty of Peace.


a. The United States as currently operating is managed by a corporate structure. Situs of the corporation is in question as is the identity of stakeholders and management. This alteration from the Peoples original intent is never authorized by the Grantors of all government powers, the People.

b. The original structure set up by the People, a Public Service Trust, has never been abandoned nor invalidated in any manner whatsoever. The Public Trust documents still control the operations of both the Union States and the United States.

c. However, the current, and past, administrations of government services is controlled by BAR agents owing direct allegiance or divided allegiance to the Queen.

d. The United States some how, under direction of BAR members, altered the Public Trust forum administering government services to the form of corporate government structure.

e. United States laws require ALL corporations to be managed, guided and supervised by BAR Attorneys.

f. This structure sets up divided loyalty to a foreign Sovereign owning the BAR, and breach of contracted duties publicly proclaimed by government actors to serve the People and their original form of government exclusively. DIVIDED LOYALTY.

g. The duties pledged and contracted for are execution of the law governing public officers and employees, which, the Queen is required to recognize and respect according to her own Treaty obligations from 1783 to the present.

h. The breach of duty to the People, the source and authority for ALL government operating in or on the Union States, rises to TREASON when the government agents have divided loyalty to another Sovereign.


NOTE: Our Constitution for the United States Of America defines TREASON as, “ Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.” ( underline added )


i. The Queens positions and activities related to BAR and Federal Reserve operations causing divided loyalty denies the People honest government, while giving aid and comfort to a foreign Sovereign.

j. Dishonest government operations, deception, in the form of lack of disclosure of loyalties, administered through corporations, have operated in a manner circumventing our fundamental laws, while giving aid and comfort, benefits accrued, to a foreign Sovereign.

k. This fact is particularly evident in public record exposed by actions at the Supreme Court of the United States, allegedly, direct undivided loyalty agents of the People, in their interpreting our Bill of Rights.

l. Sovereign agents or actors in both the United States of America and the Common Wealth under the Queens Sovereignty, are NEVER authorized to:


1. Operate under divided loyalty;

2. Interpret the Sovereigns Laws when not openly delegated that privilege directly;

3. Circumvent Sovereign intent, particularly when the intent is stated in a writing, by the Sovereign;

4. Deny any one of the American People, nor any other people, access to their fundamental laws;

5. Deny any one of the American People, nor any other people, access to the choice of political forum within which to live;

6. Deceive or mislead the American People, nor any other People, in to involuntary servitude, the management of human capital, for the benefit of their Sovereign.


Divided loyalty acted out by the Queens subjects or contracted agents, operating for the Federal Reserve and the BAR, particularly when the Crown reaps profit and benefits from the ownership or franchisor position, is giving aid and comfort to a Sovereign other than the one American officials and employees pledged loyalty to.


Please recall that the Sovereignty of the English Crown and the Crown Temple are both franchises issued from the Holy See, the Vatican, now under current CEO guarantors position.


The question below identifies the fundamental principles that applies to any and all government actors, and franchised government licensed activities.


When a federal judge, any judge anywhere, belongs to a private association franchised by a foreign power, and is paid in private money owned in part by that same foreign power, who does that judge work for, the People or the foreign power? “


NOW, We the People have a choice to make.


Root out all divided loyalty actors or perish as a Republic!


Our future is in our individual hands!


When We the People act in concert, with a single point focus, the World shakes as it did in 1776!


Under what part of “ consent of the governed “ did We the American People grant DIVIDED LOYALTY individuals the right to rule over us?


Solutions, simple procedures attaching liability to individual wrong doers, the systems under which they operate, and those covering up crimes will be presented in the next few weeks, for review and application by the People.


What President, other than Donald John Trump, promised to be servant to the People and to actively assist 'We the People' in exercising ownership and control over our country that 'We the People' created beginning in 1776?


Exposed here is the fundamental link tying a very large portion of the corruption now being exposed across the land. The corruption currently in the infancy stage of exposure, are results from an original cause. No resolution to any corrupt practice is possible until the cause is acknowledged and then openly exposed to the rule of law.


We the authors of this Public Service Notice are given to believe, from previously credible sources, that our documents are being tampered with, delaying delivery, as guaranteed by United States Post. Please recall Registered Mail tampering is investigated by the U.S. Navy as enforceable world wide by Treaties.






Charles Miller -