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Not yet another mere request for a donation,

but rather a thoughtful explanation of

how you and your friends and family will benefit from it

and how you will benefit We the People





Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England

M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School

D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris

Judicial Discipline Reform

New York City



You may share and post this article in its entirety,

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A. Your donation will benefit you by helping to expose how unaccountable judges abuse you and everybody else


1. Abuse is a word that we hear very often these days in the context of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, Larry Nassar, and other VIP sexual abusers, and all those who have covered up for them. However, there is a positive ring to what we hear: Those abused no longer suffer in silence, for they have found the strength for coming out and joining forces to expose their abusers. Far more people are abused by judges, including you even if you have not appeared before a judge.


2. This is a fundraising campaign in the public interest to expose how judges abuse for their own gain or convenience their enormous power over people’s property, liberty, and all the rights and duties that frame their lives. They do so because there are unaccountable and can get away with it. Accordingly, exposing their abuse will benefit you, your friends and family, and the rest of us: We the People.


3. More than 50 million cases are filed every year in the state and federal courts. There are at least two parties to each case. That number does not begin to count the scores of millions of cases that are pending or deemed to have been decided wrongly or wrongfully; or all the millions of people who like you may be the parties’ friends and family, employees, clients, neighbors, suppliers, consumers, patrons, etc.


4. Even if you are not a party to a case, judges’ decisions affect you, as shown by their decisions on abortion, same sex marriage, healthcare, gun ownership, voting rights, political campaign contributions, electoral districting, class actions, etc.


5. The vast extent of their power is illustrated by a fact that is indisputable regardless of what you are in favor or against: A single federal judge suspended nationwide a travel ban order of the President of the United States, who as a candidate ran on the promise of issuing it and who was elected by more than 62.5 million voters; and three federal circuit judges confirmed that suspension nationwide.


          1. Judges hold themselves unaccountable: we are at their mercy


6. The fact is that every dispute in our country ends up in front of judges. They are the ones who wield the real, ultimate power in the U.S. Yet they do not end up in front of anybody to be held accountable for their performance and liable to compensate the victims of their malpractice. Far from it, judges hold themselves unaccountable:


          a. Federal judges dismiss 99.83% of complaints against them. How impotent do you feel knowing from the outset that complaining against a judge is useless? They have abused their power to put themselves beyond your reach:


          b. In the last 229 since the creation in 1789 of the Federal Judiciary, the number of federal judges impeached and removed is 8! This is significant given that on September 30, 2015, there were 2,293 judicial officers on the federal bench.


          c. Judges abused their power to make for their own benefit the doctrine of absolute judicial immunity. Not only does it lack any basis in the Constitution, but is also contrary to its Article 2, Section 4, which sets forth the principle that all public servants are accountable.


7. If you appeal from a decision of a trial judge, and the appellate judges, who are his or her former peers, colleagues, and friends, accept your appeal at all, and if they find that the trial judge made a mistake, you are not compensated in any way. If the case is remanded for a new trial, tough luck! You pay again for it from your own pocket.


8. By contrast, judges hold accountable and liable doctors and their hospitals, lawyers and their law firms, priest and their churches, police officers and their departments, corporate officers and their companies, sexual abusers and their employers, etc. Judges do not hold themselves equal to the rest of us: They have turned themselves into Judges Above the Law.


9. Still worse, judges do not hold you equal to parties who are represented by lawyers. If you cannot afford a lawyer and must appear in court for yourself, that is, pro se, the moment you check the box “pro se” in the Case Information Sheet of a federal court, your case is officially counted as a third of a case, no matter the nature or gravity of your case.


10. As a result, the judges are entitled and expected to give your case a third of the normal attention and time, but you still have to pay the full case filing fee and comply with all the burdensome briefing requirements. That is how circuit judges treat more than 50% of all appeals to the federal circuit courts, which are filed by pro ses.


11. What is more, federal circuit judges dispose of 93% of all appeals in decisions “on procedural grounds [e.g., the pretext of “lack of jurisdiction”], unsigned, unpublished, by consolidation, or without comment”.


          a. In addition, those judges stamp the majority of their decisions “not precedential”. Thereby they dispose of your appeal however they want without regard for the law or past or future cases.


          b. These judges know that their decisions are in practice unappealable to the Supreme Court, which only chooses 1 in every 89 petitions for review and hardly ever a petition by a pro se. So you are stuck with the circuit judges’ reasonless, meaningless decision, borne of arbitrariness and intended to cheat you out of your day in court.


          c. You may not be treated equal to the 7% of parties whose appeals are disposed of in decisions with an opinion, but again you had to pay the same filing fees and meet the same burdensome briefing requirements.


          d. Do you consider this “Equal Justice Under Law”?



          2. Politicians hold judges unaccountable to avoid their retaliation: they look after themselves, not you


12. Do not even think of asking your representative in Congress or state legislature to help you expose an abusive or wrongdoing judge: Politicians are the very ones who recommended, endorsed, nominated, and confirmed or appointed them to the bench. They cannot turn around to indict ‘their men and women on the bench’ without indicting their own vetting of them and being suspected of complicity.


13. Also, judges have the power to retaliate against politicians by suspending their executive orders, holding their laws and even their legislative agenda unconstitutional, and making “enemy” politicians pay a heavy price when they appear in court. Politicians hear judges’ warning loud and clear: “Don’t you ever mess with us!”


14. Given such connivance and retaliatory threat, politicians condone the abuse and wrongdoing of “their judges”.


15. This explains how judges have institutionalized abuse and wrongdoing as their means of doing business from the safe haven of their judiciaries.


16. Since judges close ranks to protect their own from any complaint, and politicians look after themselves to survive, what chances do you stand of forcing a judge to afford you the due process and equal protection of the law that you are entitled to and paid for? You either fend for yourself or join forces with the exposers of judges’ abuse.



B. The campaign’s foundation: already available for your benefit


17. The more you learn about unaccountable judges and their riskless abuse of We the People, the more you will be outraged.


18. But you will also be empowered, for KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. With that knowledge, you will know what to expect from, and how to deal with, judges; and why you should join forces with Judicial Discipline Reform and donate to its effort to expose judges’ abuse.


19. You can start gaining that knowledge now by reading the study dealing with judges and their judiciaries that provides this GoFundMe campaign with an already existing, verifiable, and reliable foundation. The product of professional law research and writing, the study consists of more than 1,150 pages and is titled and downloadable thus:


Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and

Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:

Pioneering the news and publishing field

of judicial unaccountability reporting* †


* Volume 1: >all prefixes:page number up to OL:393


† Volume 2: >from OL2:394


20. To learn more about the statistics presented above and check their official sources, go to †>OL2:645, 608, 546.



C. How the funds will be used for your and the People’s benefit


21. The purpose of the funds is to implement the out-of-court inform and outrage strategy to expose judges’ abuse. It aims inform the public about judges’ abuse and so to outrage the public at judges as to stir it up to:


          a. make the issue of judges’ abuse a decisive one of the fast approaching mid-term campaigning,


          b. force politicians to take a stand on judges’ abuse in their platforms and at every rally and townhall meeting; and


          c. cause the holding of nationally and statewide televised public hearings on judges’ abuse, which will render unavoidable judicial reform that today appears inconceivable.


22. To implement that strategy, there is a full program(†>OL2:648, 665) of concrete, realistic, and feasible means, including:


          a. the continued research and writing of articles exposing judges’ abuse and promoting the joining of forces of all exposers of abusers of any kind(OL2:648);


          b. their distribution through mass emailing, mailing, and social media campaigns;


          c. the development of alliances with other exposers of abusers, such as the MeToo!(OL2:622, 639 ), Time’s Up, and Women’s March(OL2:529, 530) movements;


          d. presentations(OL2:623) to journalists(OL2:612, 620,621, 630); at law(OL2:641) journalism(OL2:644), business, and Information Technology schools; and professional associations( OL:197§G ), such as bar associations, think tanks, and public defender entities;


          e. the enhancement of the website at , which has already attracted 23,817 subscribers, to turn it into a clearinghouse for complaints against judges loaded by, and a research center for, the public;


          f. the formation of a coalition of talkshow hosts to expose judges’ abuse(*>jur:2fn1; †>OL2: 571¶23d);


          g. the making of the documentary Black Robed Predators(jur:85; OL2:464) on judges’ abuse;


          h. the hiring of Information Technology and other experts to investigate the existing reasonable cause to believe that judges are intercepting the email, mail, and telephone communications among the exposers of their abuse and interfering with their criticism reaching the rest of the public(OL2:582§C, 583¶3, 581).


                    1) A showing of the judges’ contents-targeted interception in their personal, wrongful interest of covering up their abuse will expose judges as the abusers of the most cherished rights of the People: those guaranteed by the First Amendment to “freedom of speech, of the press, [and] peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”(*>jur:22fn12b).


                    2) The outrage will be so intense as to provoke a constitutional and transformative crisis: abusive judges and condoning politicians against the People. It will support the emergence of a civic movement that demands a new People-government relation: the People’s Sunrise(*>jur:164§9; *>OL:201§K); etc.


Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5).and you may enter it.




D. Funds needed for timely action to influence the primaries


23. For thousands of years, women were manhandled: abusive men handled them as objects for their sexual gratification and exhibition of their power. That situation has changed at a speed that no reasonable person would have imagined last October 5, when the article on Harvey Weinstein by Reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey was published in The New York Times.


24. That is the current, well-known, and reliable precedent for a repeatable event: an exposure(cf. ¶22 above) that so outrages scores of millions of abused parties to cases, in particular, and voters, in general, that they shout self-assertively throughout the primaries and the mid-term election campaigning and thereafter:


Enough is enough!

We won’t take judges’ abuse or anybody else’s anymore.


25. Time is of the essence. So is the generous donation of yourself and your friends and family to expose those who abuse you, them, and the rest of We the People, and do so most harmfully: Judges Above the Law.


26. I offer to make a paid presentation in person or at a video conference on exposing abusive judges and impacting their conniving enablers, the politicians in office or running for it in the 2018 elections.


So I thank you in advance for your donation for your own and the People’s benefit; and look forward to hearing from you.


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Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq. 



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