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Kelly Walsh

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U.S. Military Migrant Caravan

Thousands of migrants are forming another caravan in a second attempt to invade the United States of America.

The situation on the Southern border is spiraling out of control.

But the U.S. military just delivered some really bad news that has the migrants questioning their decision.

Donald Trump is currently locked in a stalemate with the Democrats over funding for a wall along the Southern border.

But, while Democrats obstruct construction for a physical barrier that would cut down on the number of illegal aliens streaming into the country, a new threat is forming.

President Trump wrote on social media that there is no time to waste in securing the Southern border as a second wave of migrants are attempting to invade the country.

“A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras. Tell Nancy and Chuck that a drone flying around will not stop them. Only a Wall will work. Only a Wall, or Steel Barrier, will keep our Country safe! Stop playing political games and end the Shutdown!” Trump tweeted.

But Trump did not use just social media to ratchet up pressure on the Democrats.

The Pentagon also announced that the U.S. troops deployed at the Southern border would remain in place until next September.

“DOD is transitioning its support at the southwestern border from hardening ports of entry to mobile surveillance and detection, as well as concertina wire emplacement between ports of entry,” the Pentagon declared in a written statement.

Under former Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis, it was previously announced that the troops deployment would last only until January.

It was expected that U.S. forces would begin to draw down by then.

That was due to Mattis never really supporting the mission in the first place.

Mattis rejected a Department of Homeland Security request for troops to play a law enforcement role and assist Border Patrol in detaining illegal aliens caught crossing the Southern border.

Trump supporters are cheering Trump’s latest order.

Not only does it prove the President is firm in his commitment to secure the Southern border, but it proves the fake news liars once again.

When Trump initially ordered troops to the border last fall, so-called “journalists” mocked the decision.

They claimed it was an election-year stunt and that the caravan would never make it to America anyways.

As usual, fake news “reporters” were wrong on both counts.

Thousands of migrants marched on the border creating an urgent humanitarian and national security crisis.

Additionally, if Trump was only using the military as a political prop, he would have gone along with Mattis’ original plans to have the troops home by Christmas.

Instead, the President signaled that their mission is vital to defending America’s sovereignty by stationing U.S. forces at the border until September.