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New Snowden Docs Reveal NSA Spy Tactic

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Published on Dec 5, 2014

It’s been a popular topic in recent years. Now, we’re starting to learn even more. Edward Snowden blew the lid off of the NSA and their secret spy programs when he leaked their documents to the public. The federal government has been reeling ever since, looking for new ways to re-assert their grip on communications. Since Snowden leaked those documents, he’s been forced to seek political asylum in Russia, with threats of jail or imprisonment back here in the States.

But three years later, after much of the story has already faded from most people’s recent memory, his actions are still impacting the NSA. In fact, we’re just now discovering new information from documents Snowden leaked. A new report by The Intercept, exposes a massive program called Operation Aurora-Gold. In the once-classified NSA documents, we learn the US government tried to hack into email accounts, cell phone networks and computers from providers all over the world. In fact, the special operation even built carefully-crafted Trojan Horse type software programs, and built back door entries into these systems.

We’ve known about many of these controversial tactics for years now. But Operation Aurora-Gold gives us a clearer idea of the big picture. The NSA’s grand scheme. Apparently, they were planning on building a master key that would give them access to every single cell phone network in the entire world.

Even if you trust the NSA with your private information, this tactic raises extra concerns because it would open the door to attacks from other outside hackers. They could find a way to hack through the same Trojan Door loophole the NSA put there. The NSA has not publicly acknowledge the existence of the Aurora-Gold operation.