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Brother Nathanael Kapner

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GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 foresaw a society in which citizens would have little recourse against government power. In Orwell’s vision domestic surveillance would be the norm and civil liberties would be nonexistent.

It is now obvious that Zionists will be our “Big Brothers” who will be “Watching Us.” Already set in place is the all pervasive US Department of Homeland Security which is run by Zionist Jews Michael Chertoff & Senator Joseph Lieberman. Also set in place is the training of Police Departments throughout the US by the insidious Zionist Anti Defamation League (ADL) Here & Here.

The Zionist engineered War on Terror is the chosen pretext for the erecting of a high tech surveillance society relentlessly pursued by US Homeland Security. In other words: “Big Brother Jew Will Be Watching You.”


Once the technological apparatus of totalitarianism is fully established the prospect of a planetary dictatorship will be in place. Human existence will then be micro-managed by a tiny Zionist ruling elite setting the stage for the Anti Christ who will be a Jew.

Here’s What The Zionist Elite Will Use To Watch Us:

1) Implantable Microchips: In 2002 Applied Digital Solutions worked to get its “VeriChip” - a biochip the size of a grain of rice containing personal data - classified as a non-regulated device. The company’s wish was granted by the FDA.

Paroled prisoners, Alzheimer’s sufferers, and convicted shoplifters have all demo-ed the “VeriChip” so that authorities could keep tabs on their whereabouts.

2) Global Positioning Satellite Systems: Under current proposals US Homeland Security will be able to track cars by satellite & disable them by remote control.

3) PC Police: A computer device designed to spy on citizens using personal computers. Digital Future Co advertises its PC Police device as a “stealth monitoring application” that will record all keystrokes on a computer. US Homeland Security & the ADL have already targeted the Internet as a “terrorist” center Here & Here.

Wake Up America!

The Zionist Big Brothers Are At The Door…