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New Federal Laws, Equipment, for Traffic Law Enforcement Beginning June, 2008

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cense, ‘tag’,  ‘inspection’, and insurance  check was just  the beginning of it.  Also, it was last  year when state troopers were sitting around in cars all over the place with new ‘radar guns’.  When friend asked his ‘friendly’ trooper why all the ‘revenue’ guns [that’s what we call them here] of recent, trooper said that they were just ‘testing’ new scanning equipment and that it was not limited to speed check.  He said that they could scan passing cars for the value of cash and credit cards in car by radio frequency implants in cash and cards.  These frequencies also allow for ready access to NCIC data base of anyone in car who’s driver license or other digital ‘property’ of the government is onboard.   So, all county and state law enforcement are going to be on alert, operating on new HLS regime of some nature, and will be presumed to be scanning while they ask you to produce your mandatory papers.  I would not be surprised if there were K9 at some points, and that this is ‘multi-jurisdictional’ not limited to only state and county.  If any ‘patriot’ type is stopped driving [not ‘traveling’] w/o papers, they are likely toast.  Under EO’s and all manner of ‘territorial’ and ‘extra-territorial’ ‘laws’ of the ‘national security ‘state’’, anyone who cannot identify him/her self with mandated papers, is a statutorily defined ‘non person’, who may be detained without rights indefinitely, and not even right to a phone call, legal counsel, etc.


We had better be sure we know what’s going on, friends.  ….realy.  The local Sheriff has had his selected ‘deputies’ at the ‘range’ for weeks training up on their new ‘sharp shooter’ and ‘assault’ class weapons. THAT is also a fact known to us, because one of the guys that is brother of my mechanic is one who was specially chosen due to his skill with finding target in cross hairs at a great distance.  He didn’t even ask for the training.  The Sheriff called him in and told him he was being ordered to take the training, and HLS was instructing.  Something is going on.???