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COMMENT by "S" - House Passes HR 660_Court Security Improvement Act of 2007


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I have just reviewed the John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee, press release dated Dec. 19, 2007, which Fourwinds has posted on Feb. 4.  Thanks to whoever posted this fine piece of Luciferian work, as it goes, once again, down the black hole into their dark underworld of undisclosed and/or misrepresented intentions.

My comments, just sent out awhile ago to a few legal beagles, are below as follows:

This is 'old news' from Dec 19, 2007, which I was not aware of having been passed.  NONE of my research network had caught this.  I have not heard anything about the final Senate version or Shrub signing into law, so status is unknown.  Some in the 'patriot community' have erroneously thought that the House and Senate Judiciary Committees were somewhat a force for some degree of accountability and restraint on rogue Executive authority, which of recent has had to deal with Executive exercising covert surveillance of ‘U.S. citizens’ and “Americans” without any legislative or judicial oversight, which amounts to spying on anyone it so chooses at will.  We can anticipate these conditions becoming worse, not better.

We are not even close to that ‘accountability and restraint’ in any aspect of the BEAST machine of the ‘UNITED STATES’, and those of us who keep looking to Congress or the Courts to protect us against unrestrained POWER had better wake up before you ‘get it’ too late and are ‘road kill’.  This Act is all about protecting the 'judicial' aspect of the Unitary Executive authority in control of the UNITED STATES admiralty ship at sea.  By design and intent, it provides another form and layer of immunity by ‘statute’ which can easily be equated to be ‘official suppression’ to ‘chill’ various administrative and/or judicial acts by the people against any/all ‘federal judge’ and/or ‘federal officer’.  This would include ‘State’ judges and ‘officers’ as well, because all State judges and anyone allegedly ‘holding’ or occupying a ‘public office’ are all ‘officers’ and ‘agents’ of federal ‘instrumentalities’ thereof. 

A few key pieces of US ‘law’ [legislation and Executive Orders] come into play to support this conclusion:

HJR-192, June 5, 1933;  Executive Order 6166, June 10, 1933; Senate Document 43, June 11, 1933; The Administrative Procedures Act of 1934, now codified at “Title 5”.  See: 5 USC 552 a(a)(13); the Federal Foreign Trade Zone Act of 1934; the Social Security Act of 1935?; 28 USC §535 [establishes and limits FBI investigative authority to ‘federal employees and officers’… this now includes virtually everyone ‘in Amerika’, because most everyone is deemed at law to be a “U.S. citizen”, under 14th Amendment status, as well as a ‘resident’ or ‘resident alien’ **‘person’ domiciled ‘within the DoC’, which at 26 USC §§7701 (a)(9) and (a)(10), the “INTERNAL REVENUE CODE” defines “UNITED STATES” as meaning only “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA”.; and 28 USC §3302 (15)(A-C), defines “UNITED STATES” as being: (1) a federal corporation, (2) instrumentality thereof, and (3) agency thereof.  All of the incorporated federal ‘States of…’ are federal instrumentalities, and all State judges, law enforcement officers, etc. have federal character and pay federal taxes under regime of Title 26.  This is also true of all federal judges, which are deemed domiciled in “U.S. territory”, subject exclusively to ‘U.S. law’, jurisdiction and authority, and enjoy those ‘privileges’ and ‘immunities’ thereof.

In short, this new Act chills anyone who would otherwise intend on filing administrative and/or judicial complaints against such ‘persons’ in either their private or public capacities, and justify the use of the legislatively promulgated investigative authority of the FBI to seek to ‘disrupt’, ‘dismantle’, or ‘indict’ as needed anyone deemed to be operating in any manner consistent with the language of this Act, even where no ‘violent act’ or actions are contemplated or in evidence.  This Act also includes all ‘federal officers’ of the CORPORATION, which includes the entire inter-locking down-line from the BURNING BUSH and his ‘cabinet’ of whores, etc. etc. 

The legal meaning of words is at all times important in all matters of 'law', including federal legislation.  If one deconstructs the below sentence structures word by word for legal meaning, that will tell us something important as to 'intent' and real meaning.  If no meaning can be found as defined in statutes, it leaves the Act and implementing regs to be interpreted by judicial authority [US 'judges'] which also operate under superior but presumed authority of the Unitary Executive.

Of major significance to private men on the land in re: ultra vires acts by U.S. judges and other 'federal officers' are two provisions summarized by Conyers on the House floor on Dec 19, 2007 as follows:

"It prohibits publishing of personal information about a judge, law enforcement officer, or witness with the intent to cause harassment, intimidation, or a crime of violence."

"And it enhances prison terms for assaults and other violent acts with intent to intimidate or interfere with judges and other federal officers in performance of their official duties."

What constitutes “harassment and intimidation”?  What constitutes publishing “personal information” about a judge, law enforcement officer?  What is an “assault”?  Does that include verbal or written rants or use of written statutes, regulations, and codes, which are on the books?  Does that include the filing of administrative and/or judicial [civil or criminal] complaints against ‘judges’ and ‘federal officers’, even where reasonable or probable cause is in good faith intended?

If this has already passed full muster, or if it is yet pending, for "U.S. citizens" which aspire to holding the judiciary accountable to them under Constitutional and/or statutory authorities, judicial cannons, etc., GOOD LUCK trying to file any administrative or judicial claim for cause(s) against federal judges and federal 'officers' in either their private or public capacities.  The above highlighted words can and likely will be used to give rise to formal 'investigation' and resultant Grand Jury proceeding for alleged violations simply based on alleged 'harassment' and/or 'intimidation' suits by the party having an issue to be ‘remedied’.  NOT GOOD. 

If this Act doesn't officially suppress and 'chill' such contemplations, nothing will.  Title 28 of the U.S. Code is the repository vessel for all admiralty rules of procedure for the ‘U.S. judiciary’ to operate in International [private commercial contract municipal] Law, and bears on all ‘U.S. citizens’, “officers”, and “employees”.  As Title 28 has not been published in the Federal Register, it should not be applicable to or on ‘non resident alien’ ‘Citizens’ or ‘state nationals’ of the American republic Union of several ‘states’ of the united States of America.  Thing is, there are few remaining people of the American republic ‘states’ United, or ‘re-instated’ by having cancelled, rescinded, or voided all documents of title and record having been given to the UNITED STATES under various compelled or induced means; thereby giving erroneous or false impression of having conveyed or waived their vested de jure, sui juris ‘in personam’ rights, title, and interests to the federal “UNITED STATES”, ‘a federal corporation’.

“The only absolute right of any U.S. citizen is to ‘residency within the United States’”.  So, who does this Act, or that of any other legislative Act of Congress apply to if it is not published in the Federal Register?  And, if it is?  Where does the “United States”, and any of its ‘agencies’ presume to base its legal jurisdiction and authority to operate “outside the District of Columbia”?  Title 4 of the U.S. Code specifically limits authority of the UNITED STATES to operate beyond the ten square mile limit of the DISTRICT.  How did IT get into your and my backyard out here on state lands?  Better find out, cause this is what ‘occupation’, ‘conversion’, ‘usurpation’, ‘obfuscation’, ‘misrepresentation’, ‘inducement’ ‘constructive fraud’, ‘extortion’ etc. is/are all about.

This Act is ALL Luciferian word art and double-speak ‘code talk’.  Virtually every ‘law’ making device inside of the DISTRICT is of that nature, regardless of whether it appears to arise on face of some ‘executive order’, ‘presidential directive’, ‘national security directive’, ‘legislative act’, ‘judicial determination’ of any U.S. court, it is driven by the Law of Babylon SS-Y-TEM, which is ‘commercial-admiralty-maritime-contract’ private ‘law’ [between parties to contract].  This ‘law’ is intended to protect the legislative officers of the UNITED STATES, as well as all other executive and judicial.  It is designed to protect executive agency officers and agents as well, ie. FBI, NSA, CIA, etc., because all executive agencies fall under its authority.  Do you see where this is going?  If the ‘judges’ of the U.S. courts are ‘protected’, and the executive and legislative officers are protected, from what is termed ‘harassment’ or ‘intimidation’, it renders the body politic ‘moot’, or ‘mute’……silent and ineffective to bring any action for ‘cause’, as all such actions can be argued to fall within the provisions set forth as harassment or intimidation in ‘interference in the performance of their duties’. 

What is their duty?  To whom do they have a duty to perform?  Clue:  It is not to US!

Ask yourselves the question:  “Who knows more about Lucifer than those who allege to be aligned against Lucifer?; those who are the “priests” which proscribe everyone’s absolute adherence to “church” “law” ‘authority’?; which “law authority” has been rendered and reduced to ‘statutes’ under Roman civil Law [Lex Romana], ‘cannons’ and dogma under Rome’s ‘ecclesiastical’ authority?; which is projected as a form of ‘compelled submission’ and ‘acceptance’ of said authority, as well as allegiance to alleged projected ‘divine right’ and status of the Chief Priest, who’s authority ‘marks’ or makes the statutes [‘statues’, ‘icons’] of projecting the POWER of “EMPIRE” as the sole and exclusive Intervener and Intercessor for the ‘fallen’ masses of mankind?  Who knows more about the ancient “commercial code’ or Lex Mercatoria than the maritime traders of the ancient East?  Are the blood lines of the “Caesars of Rome” the same as the “Khazars” and the AshkaNAZI’s, which are now understood and known to be sitting on the ‘throne’ in Rome?  What persons having lesser status in that hierarchy are now major players holding or occupying other primary offices of various national ‘governments’ and intelligence operations now alleged to be ‘under’ City of London and City of Rome authority?  Is the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, the City of Washington, under Rome’s taint and cloud?  Who helped to fund and build the Temple of Persephone, now called the Capital Building?  Was our beloved George Washington ever ‘deified’ by the Roman Church?  Was Washington a Mason?  YOU BETCHA.  Does that mean anything today?  Well, perhaps.  But, not conclusively.  Depends on the fact-events and conditions which we know nothing or little about.  Our idea of ‘America’ and the ‘illusion’ of it, are beginning to fracture under the weight of TRUTH.  As more of the TRUTH comes out, it will displace what has been wrongly or erroneously seated in our individual and collective consciousness as fact, presumption, assumption, lies, deceptions, half-truths, and closed-loop self-referential mechanisms which are designed like a Chinese knot to confuse, confound, and render dysfunctional.

We need some ‘BIG HELP’, folks.  So, please, call in the BIG LIGHT OF SOURCE, and qualify it so that one is aware of what quality of the LIGHT one is invoking.  We need the BIG JUICE, and it needs to come from within each and every”one” of “US”… from the wellspring of “ALL THAT IS”.



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