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FBI earning its pay

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he Lavoy Finicum Syndrome.

Dale Williams wrote:

The Dayton shooter was an ANTIFA affiliate. A practioner of all kinds of luciferian entertainments and customs. No reportage on this in all of MSM as far as I know.

The El Paso shooter is even more interesting. People are attesting to the fact that he is autistic. And, his politics are hard-left, not right wing race-warrior, as the MSM are trumpeting. Rense is reporting that his social media identity was entirely remanufactured preliminary to the shooting. He is a known, hardcore lefty.

When I read "his" manifesto, I was incredulous at the idea that any remotely ordinary 21 yr. old could have written it. An Ivy League bound kid, maybe. But I would guess that only 3 or 4 out of a thousand publicly schooled people his age could have composed a piece with the methodical metre and general refinement/coherence displayed in that manifesto. Now, we find out that he may be autistic.

His pants change color in video stills claiming to be from the same incident.

He brings high tech ear protection on a suicide mission.

He has no satchel, no load bearing equipment and no obvious bulges in the cargo pockets of his pants, yet managed to nail apx. 60 madly fleeing humans.

The witnesses to other male, black-clad shooters wreaking havoc in the Wal-Mart that day are multiple & solid. Also of no interest to MSM, of course.

The manifesto, itself, was reportedly posted on 8Chan, a site the "shooter" had no association with prior to the shooting. It was in the hands of MSM, and disseminated by them, almost instantly, in much the same way 911 was hung on Bin Laden within minutes of the planes hitting the WTC.

The FBI, obviously, is the fabric that binds this whole tale together, legitimizing it. They are an abomination, as forecast by our greatest Founding Father:

    “The Federal Sheriff may commit what oppression, make what distresses he pleases, and ruin you with impunity: For how are you to tie his hands?"  -Patrick Henry