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Britain’s Government – Entangled in Its Own Corruption

Rob Woodward

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Thatcherism, as it is known, was made of up of principles comprising economic, social and political ideals that described the Conservative Party that undoubtedly shaped Britain for nearly fifty years. The economic policies that came with Thatcherism really amounted to little more than deregulation. It was and still is a total rejection of the ‘post-war consensus’ that drives privatisation, nationalisation and unleashes ‘corporatism’ – the so-called efficiency of the free-market and the fiction sold to everyone as a ‘trickle-down’ effect.

But that wasn’t enough for the corporations who profited more and more as each decade turned into the next.

Take for instance, Britain’s water supply which was nationalised in the early 20th-century because the private water companies profited from delivering a terrible service throughout THE.....