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Trump is Right: Sadiq Khan is a Stone Cold Loser.

Raheem Kassam

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Violent crime in London is at all time highs. Traffic and congestion in the capital is horrendous. The Tube is creaking. Massive public projects like Crossrail are delayed and over budget. Homelessness is rife.

President Trump buzzed into London while firing off a volley of tweets at Mayor Sadiq Khan’s expense. I’m glad he did.

Khan’s approval ratings have been sinking, and rightly so given his terrible tenure in London.

Unfortunately, due to London’s voter demographics as well as the poor offerings from the Conservative Party, he is likely to be re-elected in 2020.

And that’s exactly how Khan probably feels about Trump too.

No wonder the two men hate each other so much. They’re actually in pretty similar positions: benefitting from poor opposition, and determined to stamp their marks on history.