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Tony Blair FINALLY Admits - The Iraq Conflict Contributed To The Rise Of ISIS

Simon Walters, Glen Owen, Martin Beckford and Daniel Bates

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Former PM makes the confession after 12 years of refusing to apologise

Blair says he is sorry for his conduct which has now led to 'hell' in Iraq

Says there is an element of truth that the war caused the rise of ISIS

Comes after Lord Blunkett revealed he had challenged Blair about the war


October 25, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "Daily Mail" - Tony Blair has finally said sorry for the Iraq War – and admitted he could be partly to blame for the rise of Islamic State.

The extraordinary confession by the former Prime Minister comes after 12 years in which he refused to apologise for the conflict.

Blair makes his dramatic 'mea culpa' during a TV interview about the 'hell' caused by his and George Bush's decision to oust Saddam Hussein.